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Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife (Web Novel)


In her past life Gu Wei Wei’s heart was dug out by the man she loved, and transplanted into her best friend’s body. However, after rebirth she become Hua country’s number one conglomerate, Fu Han Zheng’s little girlfriend. She is being careful trying to take revenge against the people that hurt her. He protects her everywhere, pamper her to the extreme. Everyone said that Fu Han Zheng is cold and without emotion. That perfect husband that everyday tease her until she blushes and her heart beat, pamper her regardless anything, is it a fake husband?

“Sir, there are rumors between madam and the current popular male actor, CP ¹ was already formed.”

“Kill that male actor ! ”

“That’s your brother.”

“…..Then just beat him to death.”

CP: is the internet slang to describe couples in movies or TVs or real life couple. Normally it’s a fans made couple of two actors that they wish could be together in real life.

539 • 2020-11-21 22:56:20


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 398: Husband2020-12-02
Chapter 397: Better than You (Extra)2020-12-02
Chapter 396: In Bed2020-12-01
Chapter 395: Breakup?2020-12-01
Chapter 394: Not Blind2020-11-30
Chapter 393: Durian?2020-11-30
Chapter 392: One Night in Mu Weiwei’s Room (Extra)2020-11-29
Chapter 391: Love You 22020-11-29
Chapter 390: Love You2020-11-28
Chapter 389: Not Doing Well?2020-11-28
Chapter 388: Unfaithful2020-11-27
Chapter 387: Behind His Back2020-11-27
Chapter 386: Strong Taste2020-11-26
Chapter 385: Cheers!2020-11-26
Chapter 384: Star and the Moon2020-11-25
Chapter 383: Fu Hanzheng’s Birthday Present 2 (Extra)2020-11-25
Chapter 382: Fu Hanzheng’s Birthday Present2020-11-24
Chapter 381: Someone Else’s Wife2020-11-24
Chapter 380: Man2020-11-23
Chapter 379: Not for Wine but for Men2020-11-23
Chapter 378: Take My Hand, Fu Hanzheng (Extra)2020-11-22
Chapter 377: Just for Fu Hanzheng2020-11-22
Chapter 376: Filling Love2020-11-22
Chapter 375:2020-11-22
Chapter 374: The Gu Family and The Ling Family 22020-11-22
Chapter 373: The Gu Family and The Ling Family2020-11-22
Chapter 372: For Your Look2020-11-22
Chapter 371: The Love 22020-11-22
Chapter 370: The Love2020-11-22
Chapter 369: No Meeting in Bed2020-11-22
Chapter 368: A Doctor2020-11-22
Chapter 367: Deadly Frightened2020-11-22
Chapter 366: Good Treatment (Extra)2020-11-22
Chapter 365: No More Love-Filling2020-11-22
Chapter 364: Fu Hanzheng Splurges2020-11-22
Chapter 363: Jolin Collapsed2020-11-22
Chapter 362: Jolin Collapses2020-11-22
Chapter 361: Threatening My Girlfriend? (Extra)2020-11-22
Chapter 360: Her Matter and Mine2020-11-22
Chapter 359: Meeting with Gu Siting2020-11-22
Chapter 358: Covering Scandal 22020-11-22
Chapter 357: Covering Scandal2020-11-22
Chapter 356: Scandal (Extra)2020-11-22
Chapter 355: My Turn2020-11-22
Chapter 354: The Real Second Voice2020-11-22
Chapter 353: Show Starts2020-11-22
Chapter 352: Trouble2020-11-22
Chapter 351: How to Fight2020-11-22
Chapter 350: Deal with Gu Siting2020-11-22
Chapter 349: The Publication2020-11-22
Chapter 348: Private Talk with Gu Siting2020-11-22
Chapter 347: On the Podium with Ling Yan 4 (Extra)2020-11-22
Chapter 346: On the Podium with Ling Yan 32020-11-22
Chapter 345: On the Podium with Ling Yan 22020-11-22
Chapter 344: On the Podium with Ling Yan2020-11-22
Chapter 343: Proud2020-11-22
Chapter 342: Ling Yan and Gu Siting2020-11-22
Chapter 341: Only Child Missing2020-11-22
Chapter 340: One Sleep2020-11-22
Chapter 339: Ling Yan’s Baby 22020-11-22
Chapter 338: Ling Yan’s Baby2020-11-22
Chapter 337: Be Careful!2020-11-22
Chapter 336: A Nice Present2020-11-22
Chapter 335: Too Lustful?2020-11-22
Chapter 334: The Secretive Meeting with Yuan Meng 22020-11-22
Chapter 333: The Secretive Meeting with Yuan Meng2020-11-22
Chapter 332: Meeting with Yuan Meng2020-11-22
Chapter 331: Another Unknown Man?2020-11-22
Chapter 330: Maybe You2020-11-22
Chapter 329: Long-distance Relationship (Extra)2020-11-22
Chapter 328: Your Intention2020-11-22
Chapter 327: Time Saver2020-11-22
Chapter 326: No Way!2020-11-22
Chapter 325: Gossip 22020-11-22
Chapter 324: Gossip (Extra)2020-11-22
Chapter 323: Baby Zheng Again2020-11-22
Chapter 322: Convincing moves2020-11-22
Chapter 321: A Wonderful Show2020-11-22
Chapter 320: Better at Face Slapping2020-11-22
Chapter 319: Warning 2 (Extra)2020-11-22
Chapter 318: A Warning?2020-11-22
Chapter 317: That Is Fu Hanzheng2020-11-22
Chapter 3162020-11-22
Chapter 315: Brothers2020-11-22
Chapter 314: Real Brother (Extra)2020-11-22
Chapter 313: Traps2020-11-22
Chapter 312: Face2020-11-22
Chapter 311: You Did Well!2020-11-22
Chapter 310: Stay Away2020-11-22
Chapter 309: Obedient2020-11-22
Chapter 308: A Dutiful Boyfriend 22020-11-22
Chapter 307: A Dutiful Boyfriend2020-11-22
Chapter 306: Rejection2020-11-22
Chapter 305: Now 22020-11-22
Chapter 304: Now2020-11-22
Chapter 303: Two Women2020-11-22
Chapter 302: Big Crisis!2020-11-22
Chapter 301: If He Knew2020-11-22
Chapter 300: What to Do2020-11-22
Chapter 299: Proposal (Extra)2020-11-22
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