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Chapter 302: Big Crisis!

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Three days later, the opening ceremony of the Eyes of the Eagle took place.

Gu Weiwei played the lead role Huo Xiaoshi whilst Song Yu was going to play Xiang Linyuan the lead male role. Shen Qiu, the actress who had been in competition with her for the role of Tang Shaoqi was going to play the supporting female role whilst Chu Chen, whose role of Gu Changfeng had once been stolen by Fu Shiyi, was going to play the supporting male role.

Jolin sighed at the sight of the actor and the actress of the supporting male and female roles.

“What luck have you got? Why are you always in the same cast with your opponents?”

Li Xing’er, for example, was in their last film and this time, Chu Chen and Shen Qiu were not going to get along well with her.

They had bought many bots to leave mean comments online because they had lost their roles because of her but since she did not have any dark history, those bots could basically do nothing.

Gu Weiwei smiled helplessly. Mo Jiao chose them to be in his film, mostly because they were skilled and talented to some degree.

She truly had no idea how to deal with those people when they were in the same cast as her.

What was on her mind was whether Fu Hanzheng had left for business or not and whether her meeting with Yuan Meng taking place a couple of hours later, would go smoothly.

“Third Master’s new album is going to be released today, and many artists are there to show their support. Do you think you, as the second party in the rumored couple, should go and show some support too? We can make it after we finish our opening ceremony.” Jolin reminded her as he checked the time.

The reality show they had made was going to be aired this week and he was also the boss of Shiyi Culture, so they probably needed to show some support.

“I don’t think I will. I have not been feeling well these past two days and I need to go home to rest so that I can be in my best form when making the film.” Gu Weiwei turned down Jolin’s suggestion.

If she showed up, it was probably going to be Fu Shiyi who suffered because if she did not see off Fu Hanzheng at the airport today, due to the opening ceremony, but showed up at Fu Shiyi’s album release party, then all hell would break loose.

Jolin thought for a while and stopped urging her.

“Then go home and rest after the opening ceremony.”

This film was not going to be as easy as the Long Wind, so she did need to show her best form for the filming.

Otherwise Chu Chen and Shen Qiu were going to laugh at her.

As the full cast arrived at the opening ceremony, the media from different channels came around as well.

The host went onto the stage and introduced the main cast of the Eyes of the Eagle. Then Gu Weiwei and the cast went up onto the stage and received questions from the media whilst saying hello to the audience.

“Mu Weiwei, Shen Qiu, I heard that you two once competed for the role of Tang Shaoqi at the Long Wind and now you are together in the same film, the Eyes of the Eagle. What do you have to say to each other here?”

Shen Qiu threw a look at Gu Weiwei and said with a smile, “This is probably what destiny is like. She did a great job as Tang Shaoqi and I hope that we can create a better performance in the Eyes of the Eagle together.”

She had been in the entertainment industry for a long time and she was very capable of answering the media’s provocative questions.

Gu Weiwei smiled instead of saying anything more. What she was supposed to say had already been spoken by Shen Qiu.

The opening ceremony lasted for over an hour and when it finished, it was almost four p.m..

She returned to the apartment from the opening ceremony and got changed, ready to go out to meet Qianqian and Ji Cheng and of course, Yuan Meng.

Ji Cheng and Luo Qianqian were just the shield and excuses for her meeting Yuan Meng, so that Fu Hanzheng’s men would not pay too much attention to her whereabouts but the moment she returned to the apartment, she found that Fu Hanzheng, who was supposed to be on the plane for his business trip, turned out to be at home.

“Aren’t you going on a business trip today?”

“I just got the news that the Yuan Family have been spotted around the capital, so I am going to deal with that matter first before leaving.” Fu Hanzheng said.

Gu Weiwei felt a tight grip clench around her heart. She was supposed to meet Yuan Meng in two hours… And the Yuan Family he meant was none other than Yuan Meng’s.

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