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Chapter 316

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: Two Children

This sentence said by He Chi, made Fu Shiqin so annoyed that he did not utter a word until a long time later.

[He Chi, you are going to be a dead man!]

Although he himself thought so too, yet when it was spoken of out loud, by someone else, it still hurt a great deal.

He Chi did not reply because Fu Shiyi had just woken up and was fiercely swearing in bed.

“Fu Hanzheng, Fu Shiqin, you two are going to suffer a great deal one day, just wait and see!”

He Chi looked at him with a pitiful look as he tried to persuade him out of kindness.

“Just drop it, alright, don’t make a fuss in front of your brother anymore.”

He himself would not do anything more, unless he was 100 % certain about the success, according to the experience he had got.

“If I can’t bring my eldest brother down, I will make sure that Second Brother suffers!”

Fu Shiyi was very irritated. He was really irritated when he thought of how Fu Shiqin teased him when he was about to jump.

“….” He Chi had no words to counter.

Well, instead of achieving their goal, they started a civil war once again.

He took a seat next to him and asked the group in silence.

[Sister-in-law, when do you guys plan to have children?]

The only way to bring down the devil is to cultivate the devil’s junior so that their revenge could be taken.

Seated in the VIP lounge of the airport, Gu Weiwei could not help but raise her eyebrows at the sight of the message in the group chat.

She could understand why Mrs. Fu urged them to have children but why did He Chi and his friends ask her to have babies soon as well?

[Not planning to.]

[He Chi: Oh no, you two have such great genes, you must pass them down!]

Fu Shiqin was pretty aware of what He Chi was planning, so he showed some support when he saw the message.

[Fu Shiqin: True, Sister-in-law, have two children for us to be uncles to!]

Gu Weiwei replied with a snort.

[They’ll be the ones toying around with you!]

Fu Shiyi joined the chat and urged them to give birth to babies too.

[Yes, get two nephews for us to play with!]

Gu Weiwei asked when she saw those urgent messages.

[So, you guys are planning to bring his children in for the team, when you fail to bring him down by yourselves?]

[Fu Shiqin: Impossible! I am just worried about my mother. She called me yesterday and asked about your children.]

[Fu Shiyi: We are very curious about what your children would look like, when both of you are so good-looking and smart!]

[He Chi: Yes, we are just curious what your children would be like.]


Gu Weiwei exited the group chat. She was not in the mood to chat with them any further.

She had just put away her phone, when a toy rolled to the side of her feet and a two-year-old boy, ran unsteadily towards her.

She picked up the toy and gave it to him.

The boy took it and thanked her under the suggestion of his mother.

“Thank you, sister.”

Gu Weiwei replied with a smile. “You are welcome.”

With the toy in his hands, the boy ran back to his parents on the opposite side.

Seeing the happy family, Gu Weiwei suddenly felt a bit distressed.

She had been enjoying the gentleness and care from Fu Hanzheng but she still could not bring herself to marry him or become the mother of his children.

She was not in the position to consider that step.

However, she would not be able to conceal the secret from him for her entire lifetime, since he was smart.

She was just getting distracted, when the phone rang. She came back to herself and picked it up.

The man’s low and profound voice arose in her ears.

“Leaving soon?”


Fu Hanzheng could tell that she sounded a bit distressed. “In a bad mood?”

“No,” Gu Weiwei chuckled and replied, “Just… I missed you.”

“And you fell into a bad mood?” Fu Hanzheng asked.

Startled, Gu Weiwei replied instantly.

“Yes, but now, I feel better again.”

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