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Chapter 327: Time Saver

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However, after looking at him, it seemed that he had not obeyed her suggestion that he should take a shower.

Hearing that Jolin and Chu Chen were leaving outside the door, Gu Weiwei let out a sigh of relief and took a look at this man who was still properly dressed.

“What are you doing here?”

“So that’s it?!” Fu Hanzheng looked displeased.

Gu Weiwei locked the door and explained as she took hold of his arms.

“Just leave it to Jolin, he won’t just let it go in this way.”

Jolin might be her agent but he was actually a very defensive man.

Whenever there was a male star approaching her, he would come their way and leave no chance for them to create gossip with her.

So when Chu Chen was trying to cook up a story in this way, Jolin would not just leave him be after one moment of lecturing.

“Then what do you plan to do about it?” Fu Hanzheng was still very angry.

Gu Weiwei got him to sit down, kicked off her shoes and leaned against him.

“He will suffer anyways, don’t dwell upon such a small matter, you are a busy man!”

“This is not a minor matter.” Fu Hanzheng stressed.

Gu Weiwei explained helplessly.

“But the cast has been announced. If you want to change the supporting male role, it would be very troublesome and the whole filming process will be slowed down.

What was more, all Chu Chen had done was knock at the door and he had not even stepped over the threshold.

If Fu Hanzheng were to be involved, he would only be satisfied when he gave a prohibition order to Chu Chen, to never show up in the industry again.

Lips tightly closed, Fu Hanzheng said, after a moment of thinking, “Okay, I won’t interfere right now.”

But after the film was released, what happened to that man would have nothing to do with her or the whole cast.

Gu Weiwei nodded in satisfaction, got up and walked into the bathroom with clean clothes.

She was just about to shut the door when she found him following her in too.

“I am showering, what are you doing?”

Fu Hanzheng said, “Let’s do it together.”

“No way, get out now.” Gu Weiwei flushed.

Seeing her shy expression, Fu Hanzheng chuckled.

“It is very late, let’s save some time.”

“Get out of here now.” Gu Weiwei pushed the man out and locked the door.

Although they had had s*x throughout the entire night the other day, but she just couldn’t share a shower with him anymore.

Seeing her objection, Fu Hanzheng did not insist anymore but went to answer a call when the phone rang.

It was very late, so Gu Weiwei just took a simple shower, got changed and went out.

Then she gave him the robe from the hotel.

“I am done, it’s your turn.”

Fu Hanzheng took it and walked into the bathroom.

Gu Weiwei had been working for the whole day, so she fell asleep the moment she went into bed feeling completely exhausted.

When she was sleeping, she suddenly felt that she was not breathing smoothly and the moment she opened her eyes, she found Fu Hanzheng right in front of her, waking her up with his kisses.

She said pitifully, as she stopped the hands that groped under her pajamas, “I have lots of work to do tomorrow and you are tired too, let’s just sleep.”

During the past few days, she had been constantly shooting the film and now it was finally the time to relax her tense mind.

She knew that there would be no end to their s*x, the moment she agreed to do it with him.

“I won’t tire you.”

Having said those words, Fu Hanzheng lowered his head and kissed the cherry lips he had been missing for a long time. It was full of passion and love.

Gu Weiwei just could not sleep now after he kept on stimulating her but she was suddenly reminded of one important thing and she turned her face away.

“No… no, there is no condom here.”

Fu Hanzheng rested his forehead against hers and chuckled.

“I have them with me.”


Missing her? Really? Then why did he have condoms with him when he was visiting her?!

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