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Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 341: Only Child Missing

Chapter 341: Only Child Missing

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The following morning when she woke up, Yuan Meng had already been long gone.

She had no idea when she left and how she did it.

After a few more intensive days of filming on the set, herself, her agent and her assistant, took the earliest plane back to the capital city for a program.

It was a non-profitable event for Asian filmmakers.

It was a program held every year in different Asian countries and this year, the program happened to be held in Hua Land. So some filmmakers would be there.

The moment Gu Weiwei got off the plane, she went to the company with her agent and got changed. Then she ate some simple food and hurried to the event’s location.

She had thought that she would not run into anybody, so she decided to just show up briefly and later on, leave without anybody noticing her.

But the moment she stepped on site, she noticed Fu Shiyi who was surrounded by a group of women.

Fu Shiyi waved to her when he saw her and drove away the girls surrounding him.

“What are you doing here?”

“Trust me I really don’t want to be here!” Fu Shiyi pointed at the black rings under his eyes and said, “He wants to have a date with you later, so I had to finish my two day’s worth of work within one day’s time! I’m so tired now as his wing-man!”

“Thanks.” Gu Weiwei said with a smile.

The moment she got off the plane, she received a text from him and when Jolin saw it, he desperately wanted to dig around in her phone, to find out who on earth Baby Zheng was.

Therefore, she needed someone to stop Jolin so as to meet up with him.

But Jolin was the agent of Shiyi Culture… No one else would be able to stop him unless the President’s brother of Shiyi Culture showed up to do the work.

“Why don’t you just tell him that you are in a relationship with my brother.” Fu Shiyi suggested with a huge yawn.

Actually, what he wanted was to see how Jolin would react, when he heard that his girl had already slept with the man of his dreams.

But he couldn’t just say that, in case he brought himself trouble after annoying his brother again, who would punish him.

He had been deeply affected by what happened last time, so he decided to stay away from him, gathering up his strength for further combat.

“You just want to see how Jolin tries to compete with me.” Gu Weiwei pointed out what Fu Shiyi was inwardly thinking.

“That’s impossible!” Fu Shiyi gave a very guilty smile and said, “Even if Jolin knows about it, he won’t be a match against you, right?”

Damn, how had she become so smart after getting together with his brother?

“Better not, otherwise…” Gu Weiwei smiled meaningfully.

She did not care about how he tried to annoy his brother but if he wanted to do something to her, she would not retreat.

Fu Shiyi laughed dryly. Well, if she and his brother wanted to stay the victorious party, then they shouldn’t plan to have children.

Because after all, their secret plan about cultivating a little monster was already in motion.

As long as they had a baby… everything was going to work out perfectly.

They were still talking when a sound arose from outside the set. They both looked in the direction that it came from.

Then they saw Ling Yan, wearing a chic embroidered dress, entering the set as she waved to the filmmakers on site.

She was a legendary Movie Queen that everyone knew, just like a Goddess on the earth that received much respect from filmmakers.

Fu Shiyi was never friendly when it came to anyone related to the Gu Family.

“Ling Yan seems to be getting ready for her return. Yaoshi Culture is going to make a Dream of a Long Life sequel, as a tribute to the girl who gave her, her heart.”

Gu Weiwei looked on and sneered… how shameless this woman was, the very one who had dug out her heart and tried to make a movie, to pay her respects to her, so hypocritically.

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