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Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 358: Covering Scandal 2

Chapter 358: Covering Scandal 2

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When Mu Weiwei’s fans, as well as the other netizens, were furiously asking for an explanation from Ling Yan and the program, some media companies suddenly revealed that Ling Yan was sent to the hospital because of too much stimulation and that she was still in the recovery period.

So when Ling Yan’s fans heard the news, they started to counter as well.

[It is just a section of dubbing, Ling Yan is still the lead actress of Dream of a Long Life]

[Ling Yan is still in her recovery period and she did not put her best efforts into dubbing – must someone make a big fuss out of it to guilt her to death?]

[President Gu bought the dubbing for his girlfriend and is totally a role model boyfriend!]

[What a troublesome newbie!]


Gu Weiwei switched off the TV after finishing watching Fu Shiyi’s press conference and she did not check her phone that often either.

Therefore, she did not receive the news that Ling Yan was hospitalized.

But later on, when Fu Shiyi finished the press conference, he came back to show off his support for her.

“Sister-in-law, did you see how excellently I performed in front of the journalists?”

“I did.” Gu Weiwei nodded with a smile – he was a fierce talker indeed!

The journalists did not ask him for their real names but he straightforwardly exposed them.

“You should have become a CrossTalk actor instead.”

Fu Shiqin snorted but it felt so great to have seen the Gu man being countered.

“I just heard that Movie Queen Ling got so furious that she was hospitalized.” Fu Shiyi threw himself onto the sofa and snorted. “They claim that she can’t be stimulated, because she is still recovering, something like that. I am not her father, why should I care if she is stimulated.”

“I know pretty well what they are going to do – they will first send Ling Yan to the hospital and then her fans will be so heart-broken that they will start countering you, by saying that you are making a big fuss.” Fu Shiqin said.

Fu Shiyi took a cookie from Fu Shiqin’s plate and continued on from his brother.

“Also, they are trying to find someone else’s negative situation to use as news to distract everyone. It is the most common PR method to use another scandal to cover this one.”

It was good that they had been fast and secretive about the whole thing, so that Gu Siting lost the opportunity to react but when he did realize that something was going on, it was already too late.

So even if there was PR work being done for Ling Yan, it was still going to be a non-removable scandal on her resume.

After all, it was a firm truth that they were hardly able to find an excuse for.

Gu Weiwei glanced at the two brothers on the sofa. They were almost like two CrossTalk actors.

“It is just a small stain, it wouldn’t really ruin Ling Yan.”

“Unfortunately, they did not send her to He Chi’s hospital, otherwise He Chi could kill her right on the operating table.”

Fu Shiyi gritted his teeth and sighed pitifully.

Fu Shiqin glanced at Gu Weiwei. “But you are the victim, why are you doing nothing?”

If Fu Shiyi got involved, she would not have to do anything.

Gu Weiwei smiled sinisterly, just like a cunning fox.

“Well, Third Master is better for this job.”

If she went to counter Ling Yan at this moment as a newbie, she would draw herself haters.

She would also offend many people in the film industry.

Maybe Gu Siting would even give her trouble and then she would have to reveal her relationship with Fu Hanzheng to keep herself safe.

But if Fu Shiyi did the work, no one would dare to do anything to him, the Third Master of the Fu Family!

She, on the other hand, had successfully created an image of herself as a frightened, minor actress and Gu Siting would only think that it was because of the grudge between the Fu Family and the Gu Family, that Fu Shiyi made this fuss against Ling Yan.

Fu Shiqin saw the door of the study on the second floor open, so he went through the phone and read aloud.

“But if he does this, your rumored couple fans would say that Third Master is such a perfect role model, as a boyfriend who defends his girlfriend.”

“Third Master is definitely true to Weiwei!”

“Weiwei, just get together with Third Master, he is your true love.”


Fu Shiyi glanced at the stairs where his own brother was watching with a glowering expression, he threw himself onto Fu Shiqin, trying to strangle him.

“Damn you, go to hell!”

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