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Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 382: Fu Hanzheng’s Birthday Present

Chapter 382: Fu Hanzheng’s Birthday Present

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Since she ran into Jolin during her meeting with Yuan Meng, she had been feeling uneasy for two days in a row.

Luckily, Jolin did not give it any extra thought and Fu Hanzheng’s men did not notice her movements either.

Therefore, she felt totally relieved.

Soon, it was time for Fu Hanzheng to return and today was his birthday too.

Since hearing from Fu Shiqin that he was working on a significant project abroad, he had much to do these days.

So when Fu Hanzheng said that he was coming to visit her, she suggested that she go back to the capital to find him instead.

Unexpectedly, however, she had way too much work to do that day for her to be able leave early.

And now the snow was falling down in heavy clusters, so when she arrived at the airport after many twists and turns, the plane could not take off due to the blizzard.

Seeing that only a couple of hours were left before midnight struck, Gu Weiwei felt rather uneasy on the plane.

So she made a call to Fu Hanzheng.

“What if I can’t make it tonight?”

“Then I can come to your place and make up for today, tomorrow.” Fu Hanzheng sounded completely calm.

Gu Weiwei looked out of the window and said, “The wind seems milder, can’t they take off now?”

Fu Hanzheng consoled her.

“Safety comes first, wait until it gets better.”

He was waiting for her but he did not want her to take the risk.

Gu Weiwei could tell that it was a bit noisy on the other side of the phone.

“You are at a banquet?”

“The old mansion is hosting a birthday banquet, some relatives and friends are here.”

Fu Hanzheng stood by the window with a glass of red wine, looking much more gentle than when he was in front of the guests.

After exchanging some small talk with a few wealthy ladies, Ms. Fu was slightly startled at seeing her son standing by the window. She approached Fu Shiqin who was eating from the plate in his hand.

“Who is your brother talking to?”

Fu Shiqin stuffed a slice of cake into his mouth. “Of course to our sister-in-law.”

Who would be charming enough to make his brother stay away from the guests, apart from his girlfriend?

“She is not coming to your brother’s birthday banquet?” Mrs. Fu asked.

She had been hearing them talk about his girlfriend, yet she was nowhere to be seen.

Fu Shiqin pointed at the man who was on the phone. “You can ask him.”

Mrs. Fu asked, “Did your brother mention when they are getting married and having babies?”

Fu Shiqin rolled his eyes, looked about and said with a small voice, “Brother is keeping a lot of condoms in his apartment, there’s probably still a long way to go.”

“What?” Mrs. Fu got furious. “He is almost 30 and he is not having a baby yet?”

He had promised that as long as she did not interfere with his relationship, he would father children soon.

But the actual result seemed to be very different.

Fu Shiqin said, “Don’t tell anyone that I told you about this. Think of a way yourself to make him become a father.”

He and his third brother could not get him to have babies. His mother would have to help.

As long as their mother could work her magic, their plan of cultivating the little demon would be put into practise very soon.

They were just talking, when Fu Hanzheng hung up.

“Mom, you can receive the guests. I am going out now and will not return tonight.”

Fu Shiqin pursed his lips. He was going to pick up his girlfriend.


Before Mrs. Fu finished her words, Fu Hanzheng was already out of the house.

He had just left when Fu Shiqin received Fu Shiyi’s call.

“Didn’t you say that we are having a party? Where is everyone?”

Fu Shiqin snorted. “I am not going to be the third wheel.”

“I am having a bet with He Chi about what present Sister-in-law is preparing for him, the one who loses is going to eat noodles with wasabi!”

Hearing this, Fu Shiqin put down the plate.

“Hang on, I am heading over.”

He was definitely going to win the bet.

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