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Chapter 386: Strong Taste

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For a long time, the intense sound of panting arose in the master bedroom.

Gu Weiwei was flushed from head to toe and slightly sweating. She opened her mouth in a gasp as her hands gripped the bed sheets.

She buried herself in his neck, moaning with teeth biting into her lips.

Fu Hanzheng lowered his head and took hold of the petal-like lips gently, yet he was not slowing down in the lower part of his body.


The intimacy that they had been longing for came to an end in pleasure.

Gu Weiwei was panting heavily as she struck the man hard, who was holding her.

“So that is what you meant by ‘being quick’?”

Fu Hanzheng was sweating as he kissed her sweaty cheeks.

“Go and take a shower, I will drive you to the airport.”

Gu Weiwei turned down his offer of taking a shower with her and extricated herself from out of his arms and put on a dressing gown.

“You are in a hurry, aren’t you? Let’s save some time.”

“It is okay!”

Gu Weiwei went into the bathroom with her clothes, locked the door and took a shower.

Fu Hanzheng put on the dressing gown, got up and called the crew member to ready the jet for the flight.

Then he went into another bathroom and got changed.

It was three in the morning when she managed to get to the airport.

“You missed dinner just now, go and eat something on the plane first before taking a rest.”

Gu Weiwei nodded tiredly. She had been working the whole day and had then flown back home. She had spent two hours with him in bed and what she needed most of all was to sleep.

Fu Hanzheng kissed her slightly cool forehead unwillingly. “I will visit you when I finish work.”

“It is okay, the filming will finish before the New Year.” Gu Weiwei took hold of him and whispered, “Work hard and rest well, wait for me to return.”

Fu Hanzheng chuckled, massaged her forehead and saw her off as she boarded the plane.

It was not until the plane took off that he drove away.


Fu Shiqin left the Landscape Villa and was intending to do some work in the apartment.

He was going to perform well so that his brother would not blame him for ruining Fu Shiyi’s present and giving him trouble.

On the way home, he received Lei Meng’s call.

“Second Master, something is going on, I can’t reach the Boss and I need you here.”

“You are simply asking for death if you are trying to reach him now.”

Fu Shiqin laughed and turned around, driving towards Lei Meng’s place.

Lei Meng was responsible for the Fu Family’s security and the information collector of the Fu Family. If he needed to find his brother, then the matter must be of great importance.

But his brother must be in the middle of experiencing spring, so he had ignored his call.

Fu Shiqin arrived at the security company Lei Meng was employed at and asked as he yawned (he was feeling very sleepy), “What is so urgent that you need me at night?”

“It is about Miss. Mu Weiwei.” Lei Meng confessed.

Fu Shiqin raised his eyebrows. “Why are you surveying my sister-in-law when you have other business to deal with?”

Lei Meng understood that the matter was involved with his Boss’ privacy, so he drove away everyone else and had only himself and a trusted hacker remaining there.

“We have discovered something else, when we are following Gu Siting’s men, who are following Miss. Mu.”

Having said the words, Lei Meng asked the hacker to open a picture.

In the picture, there was a young man in a leather coat, smoking and a freckled woman sitting in his arms at the corner of a bar.

Fu Shiqin threw a look at the picture and said, “This man looks handsome, but this girl is a little bit… well.”

Lei Meng sighed helplessly. “Second Master, can’t you be a little bit more discreet?”

Fu Shiqin squinted at the woman. “Yes, a little familiar but I have never held such a woman in my arms.” He said and started to eat the snacks on the table.

Lei Meng threw a look at the hacker and a picture of Mu Weiwei was displayed on the computer screen, right next to the previous picture.

Fu Shiqin’s hands shook and he dropped the snack he had wanted to put in his mouth.

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