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Hidden Marriage (Web Novel) - Chapter 2068 - Forcing Her Onto The Path Of Death

Chapter 2068: Forcing Her Onto The Path Of Death

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ning Yaohua had no idea about what Ning Xueluo was thinking about. “Xueluo, it’s been hard for you all these years. You’ve had to put in so much effort for the company. Your brother will be able to share the burden with you after he grows up and takes over the company!

“Before this, I was worried that you’d be alone, but now, after your mother and I pass away, you siblings will be able to stay by each other’s side. We’ll be at ease!”



Of course!

The two of them must’ve checked and confirmed that it was a boy, a successor the Ning family has been waiting for. If not, they wouldn’t be this ecstatic!

Ning Xueluo was really outraged by Ning Yaohua’s words.

Wait until her brother grows up and takes over the company!?

She had spent so much effort to drive Ning Xi away and make herself the only daughter left, getting all the attention and care from them. Now that they had a biological son, did her place in the family still matter?

They planned to discard her once they had a son. He actually sugar-coated it by saying that Ning Xueluo would have someone be by her side in the future, and even to share her burden.

They just wanted to chase her away and never considered her at all.

Her place in the Su family was already difficult, and now Zhuang Lingyu was pregnant with a boy. The future heir of the Ning family was forcing her onto the path of death!

Ning Xueluo sucked it up and forced a surprised smile. “That’s great, really great. Congratulations, Father and Mother!”

Zhuang Lingyu held Ning Xueluo’s hand. “Thank you, Xueluo. Don’t worry. We won’t neglect you because of your brother. You’ll forever be my treasured daughter!”

Ning Xueluo scoffed inside. However, she put on a happy act. “Of course, I know, Mother! I’ve always hoped to have a younger brother. He can help both of you out, and even support me in the future!”

Ning Yaohua’s uneasiness disappeared when he heard Ning Xueluo. “That’s for sure! Who would your brother support if not you?!”

Zhuang Lingyu was worried that Ning Xueluo would be displeased, so she was relieved when she saw Ning Xueluo’s attitude at the moment. In a gentle tone, she said, “Stay at home for a few days! I’ll make some tonic for you!”

Ning Xueluo smiled brightly. “You too, Mother. You have to take care of Brother! My baby can become Brother’s playmate too!”

Ning Yaohua nodded happily when he saw the loving mother-daughter pair. “Xueluo, I’ll be taking extra care of the company. Don’t worry about it. Stay at home and rest with your mother.”

Ning Xueluo’s back straightened up as her fingernails pressed deep into her palms.

It had taken her so much effort to chase Ning Xi away, and she even got herself the shares from Ning Yaohua and Ning Yaobang, finally gaining control of the company.

However, now he was trying to take back the power because of an unborn child? Trying to pave a path for him in the future already?

What a kind father!

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