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Hidden Marriage (Web Novel) - Chapter 2069 - Blondie Is Going To Kill Me

Chapter 2069: Blondie Is Going To Kill Me

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Thank you, Father. You’re incredibly good to me. If there’s a next life, I definitely want to be your daughter again!” Ning Xueluo looked touched and her expression feigned innocence as if she did not notice anything.

In the garden house in Deer Town.

Dong, dong, dong!

The dawn’s peaceful silence was suddenly broken by the clamorous sound of someone knocking on the door.

The person outside the door yelled earth-shatteringly at the top of their lungs, “Ning Xiao Xi! Ning Xiao Xi, come out! Don’t hide inside and not make a sound! I know you’re at home! Quickly roll right out!”

When Ning Xi, who was being chummy with Lu Tingxiao in the garden, heard this voice, she instantly spat her tea out and carefully leaned on Lu Tingxiao’s shoulder to peer. “It’s over! I’m exposed! Blondie is probably going to kill me this time!”

Lu Tingxiao looked outside the yard door. “What did you do?”

“Uhh, well…” Ning Xi forced a smile.

“Ning Xiao Xi! If you can betray me, then you can open this door! Open it!” Jiang Muye was still calling from the outside.

Ning Xi cleared her throat and explained, “Actually, I didn’t do anything. Well… Do you still remember Orlando?”

When he heard this name, Lu Tingxiao’s eyes instantly narrowed. “I do.”

Obviously, he did.

How could he not remember someone who once coveted for his wife?

He had kept some records in his heart.

Clearly, this little notebook of records was very thick…

Thanks to Big Boss Lu’s extraordinary memory that could remember everything.

“Ah, isn’t ‘Thunderbolt Secret Service Squad’ going to be in theatres soon? This time, when I went to Lorraine, I inevitably bumped into Orlando when working, and that playboy was at it again. When I thought about how we still have to work together, after all, I didn’t want to make our relationship too awkward. Just as I was worried about this, guess what happened after?”

When Ning Xi arrived at this point, her eyes shined like she was keeping him in suspense.

“What?” Lu Tingxiao’s fingers stroked the girl’s fine hair. His gaze was focused on watching the girl’s animated expressions.

Ning Xi said excitedly, “Then, Orlando came to the filming location of ‘Assassin’ to look for me, and bumped into Jiang Muye! He bumped into Jiang Muye in a female disguise!”

Ning Xi had especially emphasized the last sentence.

Lu Tingxiao raised his brows. “Was it love at first sight?”

Ning Xi slapped her thigh. “Darling, you’re so smart!”

Lu Tingxiao did not know whether to laugh or cry. This progress was indeed… hard to imagine…

“Darling, you don’t know it. After Orlando saw Jiang Muye in a female outfit, he said that he had fallen into the river of love, then he begged me to help him connect them, and even said that he’d definitely invite me when they get married in the future! He said it so sincerely. Obviously, I had to agree to him… Hehehe…”

Lu Tingxiao was speechless.

Ning Xi was delighted when her fair chin was suddenly gripped lightly by a slightly calloused hand, followed by a deep, sentimental kiss.

Suddenly being kissed by the devil, Ning Xi widened her eyes and blinked. She was startled. Why did he suddenly kiss her?

However, it did not matter. Ning Xi was only momentarily stunned before she returned the kiss.

Moments later, Lu Tingxiao was short of breath as he mumbled against the girl’s lips, “Reward.”

Ning Xi took three seconds before she realized what Lu Tingxiao meant.

Mmm, was Darling commending her for obediently getting rid of his love rivals?

She really admired her own comprehension skills!

At this moment, outside the yard entrance.

A certain bachelor was still miserably barking, “Ning Xiao Xi, you choose your lover over humanity! Our friendship has reached the end!”

Ning Xi softly muttered, “Ah, we can’t be buddies anyway, but I can still be his aunt…”

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