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Hidden Marriage (Web Novel) - Chapter 2083 - Not Interested In Re-marrying

Chapter 2083: Not Interested In Re-marrying

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

As he listened to the surrounding Su family’s relatives mocking and ridicule Ning Xi, Ning Yaohua’s face turned ashen. He only hoped that this dirty stain would immediately vanish from this world forever.

Initially, he had still been a little hesitant. He thought that they should not air their dirty laundry. If word ever got out, it would still be him who would be humiliated.

But, at this moment, he was already determined to send Ning Xi to jail. He wanted to completely eradicate this evil creature from everyone’s line of sight. Otherwise, in the future, he would not know how many more embarrassing things would arise.

When Zheng Minjun saw that Ning Xi was definitely done for this time, fueled by the anger from her grandchild being killed, she ripped her apart on the spot. “Ning Xi, don’t have an ounce of wishful thinking. For a woman like you, as long as I’m around, you don’t have to think about marrying Su Yan in this lifetime!”

When she heard those words, Ning Qiutong was about to explode in anger. If Ning Xi had not held her down, she would have walked off in a rage.

She knew that Su Yan was Ning Xi’s greatest wound. Originally, she was worried about Ning Xi, yet she saw that Ning Xi was not angry and was smiling instead. She was gazing down as the corners of her lips curled up. That smile complemented the girl’s extraordinarily quiet and elegant face, making her look extremely breathtaking…

Ning Xi looked down and laughed softly, then she looked up at Zheng Minjun. “I’m sorry. I have high standards. I’m afraid your son doesn’t make it into my line of sight. Besides, I’ve already gotten married two years ago, and I’m not interested in re-marrying, Madam Su. You’re overthinking.”

“You… really have the chit to talk big!” Zheng Minjun’s temper flared on the spot. This witch was actually boasting of her high standards and saying that she did not fancy their Su Yan.

The second she finished, the second half of Ning Xi’s sentence suddenly sunk in and she was stunned. “What did you say? You’re married?”

The instant Ning Xi spoke up, Su Yan’s expression abruptly changed too.

Ning Xi was already married?

In fact, she had already been married two years ago?!

Su Yan did not care to think twice. He just blurted out, “Xiao Xi, what do you mean? You’re married? How could this be?!”

Ning Xi shrugged indifferently at Su Yan. “What’s wrong? Do I need to report my getting married to you?”

Everyone else in the room seemed to not have expected this too. They all exchanged glances in shock as they buzzed.

“No way! Ning Xi’s already married? I’ve never heard of that!”

“You don’t say! The people in the entertainment industry need to keep things like this a secret! Once they’re married, they’re worth nothing! Besides, who knows which old fellow she’s married to! Would she want to announce that?”

“This girl is so fearless. Could her brazenness be because of that husband of hers?”

“Pfft, she’s just a small actress! Besides, she wasn’t that popular two years ago. What good family could she marry into? It’s most likely just a newly-made rich guy!”

When Ning Xueluo heard that Ning Xi was already married, she was clearly startled too. However, she very quickly returned to ridiculing her internally.

She’s just a worn-out good that’s been married before! She can forget about fighting for Su Yan with me.

Ning Yaohua looked at her despicably with disdain. “Ning Xi, I’m telling you! I don’t care what trash you’re married to, or what backing you have. Even if God himself came today, it would be useless!”

Right at this moment, there was the sound of steady footsteps coming closer from afar.

Almost the instant Ning Yaohua finished with his roar, the ward door was pushed open by long, slender fingers.

The person who entered had a tall figure and an icy face. The air around him was extremely cold as if he had swept a world of ice and snow along with him. His cold, pit-like eyes with a chilly gaze skimmed everyone in the ward. His low and raspy, frosty voice rang in everyone’s ears.

“Is that so?”

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