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Hidden Marriage (Web Novel) - Chapter 2088 - This Was Impossible

Chapter 2088: This Was Impossible

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ning Xi lightly touched her phone. “I was just a little curious. I didn’t expect that pregnant people would have such weird interests. Put aside the fact that someone so gentle and ladylike like Ms. Ning would suddenly be interested in motorbikes… While being pregnant, you still wandered outside the city alone late at night on the bike.”

Ning Xueluo’s calm expression finally showed a crack. Her face twitched intensely, but it was just a heartbeat before she returned to her flawlessly sad and grieving expression. “Sister, I don’t know what you’re talking about. I was just curious, so I learned more about it from a professional just for the fun of it. How could I have gone to ride it myself and even go out in the middle of the night?”

Ning Xueluo sneered in her heart. Ha, Ning Xi, want to trap me? You think I’m that dumb!?

When Zhuang Lingyu saw that Ning Xi was getting more and more nonsensical, she looked even more upset. “Ning Xi, what are you trying to say with all this absurdity?! Even if Xueluo rode a motorbike late at night, what’s that got to do with you?!”

Ning Xi shrugged, then she said carelessly, “Of course, it’s got nothing to do with me. After all… who she hit… was not my child.”

The instant Ning Xi said that, the whispers in the room suddenly fell to a dead silence and Zhuang Lingyu’s expression froze too.

“Darling, please turn off the lights for me.”

Lu Tingxiao’s long hand stretched out and then the room was instantly pitch black.

In the next second, Ning Xi lightly tapped on the phone in her hands, and a video was projected on the wide, white wall behind everyone.

There was no audio from the video. It was probably at night, so the lighting was very fuzzy. The video was static for three seconds, then a black motorbike appeared in the projection.

The instant she saw that motorbike, Zhuang Lingyu’s pupils abruptly shrunk. “That bike… It’s the one that hit me… It’s the one that hit me!”

Even though the entire accident had happened in a split second, she would definitely not forget how that bike looked like.

When they heard Zhuang Lingyu’s words, there was a commotion. Suddenly, everyone fixed their gazes on the wall.

The scene seemed to show an uninhabited junkyard for cars. The owner of the bike first got down and then took off all the clothes she wore, even her gloves and helmet. Then, she kicked the motorbike down and threw a lighter towards it…

Bam! Everything vanished into the flames.

At the same time, the rising flames all at once illuminated the face of the bike’s owner.

That was not a man, but a delicate-looking woman…

That was… Ning… Ning Xueluo!

The instant they had a clear look of the face, everyone in the ward was stunned. Everyone stared in disbelief towards Ning Xueluo who was on the sick bed.

Zhuang Lingyu’s mouth was even wide open as she stared at the screen. She did not return to her senses for a long while.

“What… What is this? How could this person be Xueluo!?”

“But that face is Ning Xueluo! Earlier, when the fire was burning, you could see it clearly! After she took off her clothes outside, you could even tell from her belly!”

“Impossible… Impossible! This is impossible!”

The instant the projection on the wall lit up with this familiar scene, Ning Xueluo’s expression had already changed. Within just a few short seconds of the video, she felt as if she had walked through hell. When her face was illuminated by the flames and appeared before everyone, she felt her soul leave her.

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