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Hidden Marriage (Web Novel) - Chapter 2103 - Thank You, Milady

Chapter 2103: Thank You, Milady

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It was Eliza’s provocation that had triggered this. Moreover, if Li Muyan had taken action earlier, this whole fuss would not have happened in the first place.

She had been pretty busy a while back then and had been spending most of her free time with Lu Tingxiao, so she never noticed anything odd about Li Muyan since he never did anything overboard. She only thought of him as the son of her aunt’s good friend.

Only just now did she feel like something was wrong with the way Li Muyan looked at her.

Eliza’s attitude and tone of speaking further confirmed her guess.

If Li Muyan stepped up and resolved the issue, she would not have needed to pull this off. She could just find a chance in the future and explain it to him.

However, Li Muyan chose to do nothing about Eliza’s provocation. Therefore, she could only use her own method to solve the issue.

“You…” Eliza could not say anything back to her.

Eliza did not want to admit defeat. She merely wanted to regain her pride somewhere else.

She then judged Ning Xi’s gorgeous appearance tonight. “Today is Mr. Lu’s birthday. The spotlight should belong to Mr. Lu and Mrs. Lu. Aren’t you being rude for dressing so extravagantly?”

Ning Xi’s outfit for tonight was indeed very high-profile and attractive.

Ever since she appeared, many people had been secretly judging her, especially the young girls at the venue. Of course, all the men were checking her out too.

The crowd suddenly felt that she was inappropriately dressed as well after Eliza pointed it out.

Events like these would usually invite celebrities to lighten up the mood; Ning Xi was not the only celebrity there. All the other celebrities tried to avoid being the spotlight and wore more plainly, except Ning Xi, who wore a very attention-grabbing, bright red dress.

Red was the color that represented China. Usually, only the host would wear this color and the guests would all avoid it.

Ning Xi’s outfit was indeed unseemly.

Several girls came together and started discussing. “Ning Xi is being a little too high-profile, isn’t she? Is she trying to embarrass Mrs. Lu?”

“Well, she’s just an actress, after all, so she wouldn’t know about all these rules, would she?”

At this moment, loud voices came over from the entrance. It seemed like the main person of the night had arrived.

Lu Tingxiao, who usually wore dark colors, had actually put on a maroon suit today, appearing more fresh-looking than usual.

Probably because of his birthday, he seemed to be in a jovial mood. The man’s face was not as cold as usual and he looked more lively.

“CEO Lu!”

“Mr. Lu, happy birthday!”

“Happy birthday!”

Amidst the well wishes, the man nodded and made some small talk with the guests. At the same time, he walked towards the center of the venue.

The man did not stop until he reached in front of a girl in a long, red gown. He appeared before the girl like a bright sun in the sky.

The man stood before the girl, his arm casually wrapped around the girl’s waist before he lowered his face and left a precious kiss on the girl’s soft, petal-like lips.

The girl’s face bloomed into a smile as she gently murmured, “Happy birthday.”

The frigid man melted and he smiled back. “Thank you, milady.”

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