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Hidden Marriage (Web Novel) - Chapter 2132 - Exceptionally Obedient

Chapter 2132: Exceptionally Obedient

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Half an hour later, Lu Tingxiao and the group of them drove up to Heavenly Spring Resort.

Heavenly Spring Resort did not seem to be any different from how it usually was at this moment, yet in reality it had long been under the control of the Rothschild clan.

Under the calm appearance was a turbulent undercurrent.

“Mr. Lu, Mr. Yun, this way.”

Outside the resort, an Asian elder immediately recognized them and brought all of them in.

“Please make yourselves at home.” After the elder brought them into the resort, he left.

Inside the elegant and scenic little garden were two round tables, which were filled with all sorts of delicious delicacies.

Han Xiao stared at the table full of exotic foods and did not have any intentions of being courteous. He immediately picked a table, sat down, and started to pig out.

“Master, don’t eat it! What if it’s poisoned?” Feng Xiaoxiao quickly said.

Han Xiao was their main force this time. If he were poisoned to death because of his gluttonous ways, it would not be logical for them to attack later.

“Don’t worry, since Grandfather dares to eat them, then it’s definitely not poisoned!” Tang Lang had an unnamed confidence in Han Xiao.

Han Xiao looked sloppy like an idiot who had zero survival skills, yet he was actually meticulous in thought.

Han Xiao and Tang Ye guzzled away, but Feng Xiaoxiao and Tang Ye insisted on remaining alert. It was best to be cautious.

Han Xiao, Tang Lang, Tang Ye, and Feng Xiaoxiao sat on one table while Ning Xi, Lu Tingxiao, Yun Shen, and Lu Jingli sat down on the other.

Lu Jingli kept examining his surroundings as he looked around with suspicion. “Just this?”

There did not seem to be anything out of the ordinary with Heavenly Spring Resort. Even the Rothschild clansmen did not appear.

What were they trying to do?

As they were wondering, there were sounds of harried footsteps coming closer from afar.

“Mr. Yun, Mr. Lu, I’m very happy that the two of you could make it. I’m extremely honored.”

In extremely fluent Mandarin, a man walked out from the resort as he was surrounded by others. He strolled over to the table where Lu Tingxiao and Yun Shen were.

The man had the standard face of a Westerner and he was dressed luxuriously and had an extraordinary manner. His face showed a gentle smile.

However, from his light blue eyes, a hint of malice hid.

Surrounding the man were some respectful-looking men and women in formal clothing. They looked like the higher management and elite team of the company.

“Everyone, please sit!” The man took a seat, then he smiled and looked towards Ning Xi charismatically. He exchanged the conventional greeting. “This must be Madam Lu. Indeed, it is as the legend says, she’s a beauty.”

Ning Xi blinked. Apart from a standard smile, she did not utter a word and just stood beside Lu Tingxiao, feigning obedience.

On the neighboring table, Tang Lang, Tang Ye, and Feng Xiaoxiao exchanged a look. They were constantly maintaining their guard.

As for a certain Master, as usual, he kept eating and did not look up at all…

“You’re the European King?” Yun Shen looked at the man and sized him up for a moment, then he smiled profoundly. “I didn’t think that the person in charge of the Rothschild clan, whose name shocked the entire Europe, would be this young?”

His words were clearly undermining the identity of this man before them.

The man did not mind. He smiled and answered politely, “Mr. Yun, it’s not like that. The European King was just a title that was passed down. I’m no European King.”

On the side, Lu Tingxiao said with an indifferent tone, “Everyone’s here, Third Master. You can be frank.”

When he heard Lu Tingxiao address him as “Third Master”, the man’s light blue eyes instantly showed a hint of astonishment.

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