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Hidden Marriage (Web Novel) - Chapter 2136 - Grandfather, Mine!

Chapter 2136: Grandfather, Mine!

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“You evil creature, if I didn’t take you in years ago —”

Before Qiao Yi could even finish, Han Xiao started to look impatient. He suddenly walked past Tang Lang and went right up to Qiao Yi.

“Hello.” Han Xiao had a strange smile.

When he saw this strange man before him, Qiao Yi was stunned for a second. He knew about Han Xiao, yet he had never met him persoanlly, so he had not recognized him.

Before Qiao Yi could speak, the shadow of a palm suddenly flashed right before his eyes.

The palm had not arrived when the wind from it hit his skin first. It was akin to the force of howling winds and torrential rain. Qiao Yi was dumbstruck as he turned ashen.

Qiao Yi had not seen when the man had made his move and he was not sure what had happened.

In an instant, there was the sound of his skull shattering!

Blood poured out of Qiao Yi’s eyes, ears, mouth and nose!

“What? I’m greeting you here, yet you ignored me… I hate rude people the most. Apologize to me,” insisted Han Xiao.

“Oops, my apologies. I went too hard on you…” Han Xiao stared at Qiao Yi’s corpse and feigned innocence.

At once, Qiao Yi’s body had slumped to the ground with a rumble as if he were mud.

Even when he was dead, Qiao Yi never knew how he had died.

Was it only because he was rude… and did not greet this evil-looking man in time?

At this moment, Tang Lang, who had been deranged earlier, was completely stunned on the spot.

“Mine… mine, Grandfather, mine!”

Tang Lang was stirred up as he gestured wildly. Qiao Yi should have died in his hands. That was logical…

The emotions he had mulled over for so long… He was just about to fight it out with Qiao Yi, but bloody hell, Han Xiao had just hacked Qiao Yi to death with one palm, making him feel like he was f*cked over.

However, the instant Qiao Yi died in Han Xiao’s hands, his subconscience actually felt relaxed and he was relieved.

If Han Xiao had not made the move, he would not have been able to avoid this fight with Tang Ye.

On the side, Tang Ye and Feng Xiaoxiao were dumbstruck too. They both did not expect that Han Xiao would suddenly make such a move.

Qiao Yi had unexpectedly died… just like that…

Tang Ye’s vision blurred and he clenched his fists tightly. In the end, he still did not utter a word.

Maybe this… was already the best ending…

“Why are you making a big fuss? How rude.” Han Xiao looked at Tang Lang.

“Uhh…” When Tang Lang thought about Qiao Yi’s ending, his speech was choked off. He dared not complain anymore.

“Han Xiao, aren’t you being too arrogant?!” When he saw that Han Xiao had been so haughty as to kill his people in front of him, Baron’s expression was so cold that it could almost drip with water.

Huh, it was just Qiao Yi. If he was dead, then so be it.

After Baron finished, the corners of his mouth curled up in a demonic manner. “Han Xiao, I’m sure you recognize this person!”

Then, an elder in a black robe with a chief staff walked out unhurriedly from the crowd.

“Han Wuying?” Han Xiao looked at the elder in the black robe and frowned.

It was Han Wuying, the Han family’s clan leader.

“Han Xiao, because of a girl, you cheated your master and betrayed the clan. Today, I will clean our faction.” Han Wuying’s hoarse voice had hints of hostility.

Because of a girl, you cheated your master…

Tang Lang and Ning Xi were slightly shocked.

They had thought that the Master did not like women…

“Huh, I was wondering why the Rothschild fellow would be so calm when he saw me. It turns out that he’s got your support.” Han Xiao laughed under his breath. “Han Wuying, I’ll advise you not to overestimate your capabilities. You should know that in this world, only Qin Wentian is qualified to pick a fight with me.”

It was not egoistical, but a fact. Even if the Han family’s clan leader was here in person, he was no match for him.

Han Wuying’s expression darkened. He did not refute. Unfortunately, Qin Wentian was nowhere to be found. Otherwise, if he joined forces with him, they could definitely take this evil creature down.

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