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Hidden Marriage (Web Novel) - Chapter 2145 - Pregnant

Chapter 2145: Pregnant

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Actually, Ning Xueluo was just guilty of hiding drugs. Because the drugs were not hers, she could not be charged with illegal possession of drugs. If she got herself a decent lawyer, she could avoid the death penalty.

However, the issue was that there were people who wanted her to die.

Although Su Yan and Ning Xueluo had not gotten a divorce yet, Zheng Minjun quickly arranged a blind date for Su Yan the moment Ning Xueluo was sent to prison.

Su Yan’s situation with Ning Xueluo was well known within their circle, so it was nearly impossible for the Su family to find another rather prestigious family to connect with.

Unexpectedly, Su Yan had fortune on his side. The lady of the Liang family from Shanghai fell in love with Su Yan at first sight, and said that she would only marry him if Ning Xueluo got out of the picture. Because the Liang family had relations with the courts, they sentenced Ning Xueluo to death, and also stopped the evidence of the Sus’ bribing from surfacing.

Of course, a coin had two sides. This lady from the Liang family was not an easygoing person at all. She chased Zheng Minjun and Su Hongguang out before she even married Su Yan. She did not want to stay with people from the Su family because she said they reeked of business.

They could not do anything else aside from giving in. Even then, this lady was still unsatisfied. Every few days, she would cause a big fuss and she easily became jealous. Some time ago, she made it to the headlines of the entertainment news because she got into a fight with one of Su Yan’s past lovers.

Zheng Minjun never expected this lady to be so difficult to be with, but it was already too late when she started to regret it.

Ning Yaohua never expected Ning Xi to reply, so he left after leaving those words.

Ning Xi looked at the figure of Ning Yaohua’s back and thought, “Even though Ning Yaohua found out about everything now, the harm has already been done. I’m not generous enough to forgive them.”

As she got into her car and was about to drive off, she felt an intense wave of nausea.

She quickly grabbed a trash bin in the car and threw up. Her face looked pale.

She drank some water and rested for about ten minutes before she finally calmed down.

Ning Xi grinned as she touched her stomach. “Your brother was so obedient back then…”

A month ago, she frequently felt a strong urge to sleep and had a loss of appetite.

At first, she thought she was just exhausted from work, but then she found out things were odd after the conditions persisted for a long time, so she quickly went to check at the hospital.

She received a shocking news. She was pregnant…

She planned to slow down on work after finishing the filming for Chen Mian’s movie and then announce her marriage. In her rush for progress, she did not have time to notice her own body condition. She did not even notice that she had missed her period. She only went to check after she realized that her body had been acting up for nearly a month…

The results totally shocked her.

She was pregnant. Another little guy was inside her womb.

It was an amazing feeling…

However, this little one was not as obedient as Little Treasure. Everything was fine when she had Little Treasure, but this new little one gave her quite some trouble.

Fortunately, Chen Mian’s movie was already finished and the promotional activities for “Assassin” were all done as well.

She was about to go back to the company to look for Chen Mian and discuss the film’s promotional activities with him.

As for Lu Tingxiao…

He had gone outstation for a few days and would not be back for three days.

She should have finished preparing everything to announce their relationship to the public when he returned.

Hmm, Darling’s reaction was something to look forward to!

He would definitely be very surprised!

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