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Hidden Marriage (Web Novel) - Chapter 2147 - Fans Riot

Chapter 2147: Fans Riot

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Liang Feixing went into the car and handed a thick pile of documents to Ning Xi as he said swiftly, “The arrangement for the public announcement is all prepared. Now, we only need you to give me a time and I’ll arrange for the reporters and the rest.”

Xu Tao was stunned when he heard Liang Feixing’s words. “What!? Who’s doing a public announcement!? I’m still discussing with my queen! What is this? When did you start preparing this?”

A glance at it told him that it would take at least several months to prepare, so how come this guy had started preparing for it so long ago?

Xu Tao’s expression darkened. “Liang Feixing, are you crazy? Look at what people are saying online! So many people were waiting for it! They keep saying that Ning Xi was just acting pure and how messy her private life is. Some even said she cheated the feelings of her fans. Think about how many people were jealous of Ning Xi and wanted to drag her down all over the years! Many people would surely aim for this chance!”

As Xu Tao was arguing with Liang Feixing, his expression changed suddenly. A big group of reporters had surrounded them from all directions.

“Ah! It’s there!”

“That’s Ning Xi’s car!”

“Let’s go!”

The reporters had their cameras ready as they surrounded the car. Xu Tao managed to drive the car out of the parking lot, but they could not move any further beyond that.

The reporters risked their lives and stood right in front of the car, their cameras flashing wildly into the car.

“Damn!” Xu Tao cursed.

Liang Feixing did not look too great because Ning Xi was puking at the moment.

Ning Xi’s reaction just made the reporters have a larger reaction. Most of them even started to live stream with their handphones.

“Ms. Ning Xi, do you have anything to say about your pregnancy before marriage?”

“Ning Xi, are the rumors about you being pregnant true? Who’s the father? Is it really Jiang Muye?”

“Someone asked you before if you were in a relationship, and you denied it, yet now you’re three months pregnant, so were you lying to your fans and the public the whole time?”

Xu Tao unlocked his phone and took a look on the streaming sites. The fans had all gone crazy.

[Bro Xi is pregnant before marriage! Impossible! I’ll never believe it!]

[Please, the video just now showed Ning Xi vomiting!]

[Can’t she just be feeling unwell? THe results might be forged too!]

[Wake up, Ning Xi’s fans! Ignoring the fact whether the results are true or not, why would Ning Xi need to go for a check up at midnight? The pictures have to be real!]

Xu Tao’s expression looked worse by the minute. “Liang Feixing, prepare me a new proposal right now! This matter can never be found out by the public! That bastard is irresponsible enough to let Ning Xi get pregnant before marriage. He sure is a bastard! Ning Xi isn’t clear-headed enough to see that. How could you go along with her as well?!”

It was so noisy outside that it made Ning Xi’s condition worse. She just kept on vomiting and she could not notice anything else.

Liang Feixing was silent as he faced Xu Tao’s questioning.

At this moment, the reporters outside also went insane. All of them were hitting the car windows. Although the hotel security guards tried to chase them away, it did not work at all.

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