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Hidden Marriage (Web Novel) - Chapter 2148 - Admit

Chapter 2148: Admit

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Worse still, because someone had live streamed the incident, many fans had recognized the place. The number of inquiring passersby and fans started to increase until the entire hotel and area nearby were fully surrounded by people…

Now, they really would not be able to leave!

The entire hotel entrance was crowded and chaotic. The security guards was busy and sounds of sirens came from all around.

The crazy media and emotional fans were not willing to leave no matter what…

“I don’t believe it unless Bro Xi tells us that this is true!”

“Yes! I don’t believe it! I don’t! Bro Xi is definitely not that kind of person!”

“To hell with it! Ning Xi’s idiotic fans are still muddleheaded until now!”

“Who are you calling ‘idiotic fans’?!”

“I’m calling whoever that’s answering me right now!”

“You… I’m going to kill you! No one’s allowed to insult my Bro Xi!”

When she saw the fans rioting but she was still puking her guts out, Ning Xi looked outside the car window with a pale face and said, “Bro Tao, open the door. I want to go out!”

Xu Tao was shocked. “What?! Ning Xi, you’re crazy!”

Liang Feixing, who had not said anything from the backseat of the car, quickly said, “You can’t! It’s too dangerous!”

Ning Xi’s eyes were cold. “Open the door.”

How could she watch as her fans argue and even fight for her while she sat in the car not being in the least concerned?

“But…” Xu Tao met with Ning Xi’s stern gaze and was suddenly tongue-tied.

Ning Xi was usually very kind, especially towards staff like them, but when it involved a matter of principle, no one could advise her.

“No, you can’t open the door!” This time, Liang Feixing was on Xu Tao’s side.

There were so many people outside, and the Lady Boss was pregnant. If anything happened, he would not be able to repay with his little life.

Just as Xu Tao was hesitating, Ning Xi had already surpassed him and clicked the control panel. Then, she pushed the door open and got down from the car.

“Ning Xi…” Xu Tao cried out. He and Liang Feixing quickly got down from the car and protected Ning Xi by her side.

“I’d like to trouble everyone to please keep quiet first.”

The girl looked a little weak and exceptionally pale, but those pair of eyes were akin to the sharp edge of a knife. They actually made everyone stunned for some reason, and they quieted down.

“I’ll tell you the response that you guys want now,” Ning Xi continued.

The media, fans, and everyone in the live stream sites… all revealed a shocked expression. They waited nervously for Ning Xi’s response.

“That medical report is real. I am pregnant.”

The girl’s clear and melodious voice rang in the silent air. The crowd was dumbstruck for three seconds before they instantly exploded into a commotion.

“Oh my God! Ning Xi admits it!”

“She’s really pregnant!”

“How… how is this possible!”

The media that had just been quiet for a moment earlier started to be stimulated again…

“Ning Xi, who’s the father!?”

“From what we know, you don’t even have a boyfriend. Do you and the child’s father have an improper intimate relationship!?”

The fans went completely crazy too. “How could this be!? Who does the child belong to!?”

Some of the haters seized the opportunity and popped up. “Tsk tsk, I thought that Ning Xi was a fresh air in the entertainment industry. Who would’ve thought that she would also be exposed foran unmarried pregnancy scandal!”

“She’s no different from Ning Xueluo, Han Zixuan, and people like that! For all we know, she might be even skankier in private! It’s just that she’s better at pretending and hasn’t been found out!”

“For all we know, the child’s father might be some married man. Otherwise, why would she have tried to cover it up?”

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