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Hidden Marriage (Web Novel) - Chapter 2149 - The Child Is Mine

Chapter 2149: The Child Is Mine

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

When he heard those words, Xu Tao was about to break down. “Liang Feixing, look at what those people are saying! Ning Xi has finally made it to this stage, and now are we going to ruin it all for a bastard?”

With Ning Xi’s acknowledgment, the crowd started to riot again and everyone began to push forward like mad.

Right at this moment, behind the crowd, there was suddenly an ear-piercing sound of a car hitting the brakes. Seven to eight black cars had stopped in uniform across the hotel.

More than 20 well-trained bodyguards in black got down from the car one after another. The door of the leading car was opened by a bodyguard and a tall, lofty man with an icy-cold face got down from the car.

Someone in the crowd instantly cried out in surprise when they recognized who it was. “Oh my God! It’s… it’s Lu Tingxiao!”

“Oh gosh! I’m about to go crazy! It really looks like him! He’s so… handsome in person!”

“Why would Lu Tingxiao be here?”

At this moment, the man’s handsome face had a terrifying expression. Iit was as if storm clouds were approaching. He took huge strides and was walking towards the crowd.

Those bodyguards all had a solemn expression on their faces while the man leading them had an even more terrifying aura around him as if anyone who exchanged a look with him could have their blood frozen.

The chaotic crowd all subconsciously opened up a path.

The further inwards the man went, the scarier his face looked. One could almost hear the sound of him stepping on ice slags wherever he walked.

Finally, under everyone’s watchful eyes, the man unexpectedly walked right up to Ning Xi. His face seemed to have an incredibly turbulent storm and terrifying hostility written on it. He stared straight at this pale-looking girl and his expression darkened as he lifted the girl by her waist…

“Ah! This…” The crowd let out a startled cry.

Even though Lu Tingxiao’s face was extremely scary, but the way he carried the girl was beyond careful. He even seemed a little at a loss, unsure where to touch her. It was as if just touching her would hurt her. From the crowd’s point of view, Lu Tingxiao’s movements even seemed a little clumsy…

“Ah! What… what’s happening?”

“Oh my God! Lu Tingxiao and Ning Xi? What’s going on?”

Apart from the media and fans, Xu Tao was probably the most shocked one. At this moment, Xu Tao watched blankly as the Big Boss carried Ning Xi. His expression was the same as a fool.

Could it be… could it be that the bastard who had impregnated Ning Xi was…

Liang Feixing let out a long sigh of relief. Thankfully, the Boss had made it in time. He was about to get a heart attack!

Amid the shocked gazes, the man’s cold eyes swept everyone present. “The child in Xiao Xi is mine.”

Everyone was speechless.

Uhh… what did they just hear?

This sentence was like an atomic bomb, exploding in the dense crowd.

There was a momentary strange silence from the crowd when suddenly someone cried out loud, “What the heck!? This is crazy!”

“Ning… Ning Xi’s child is Lu Tingxiao’s!”

“I am indeed a married man,” the man continued to say.


Before the crowd’s shocked and taunting gazes towards Ning Xi could start, they heard the man continue, “Ning Xi and I have already been registered for two years, six months and 17 days.”

Everyone was speechless yet again.

They must be dreaming…

This was the entertainment industry’s heaviest-duty, most shocking, big news of the year!

The queen of movies, Ning Xi was pregnant, and the child’s father was unexpectedly the executive director of the Lu Corporation, Lu Tingxiao. The two of them had already registered two and a half years ago, and had kept their marriage a secret until now!

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