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His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light (Web Novel) - Chapter 238: I Can’t Afford Your Love (2)

Chapter 238: I Can’t Afford Your Love (2)

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Yang Sitong chased after Lu Yanchen and headed out while asking in a choking tone, “Yanchen, can we talk?”

Lu Yanchen was his usual cold self. “I’ve already said all I had to say to you.”

“No…!” Yang Sitong shook her head as her eyes started to redden once more, getting misty as though she was about to cry out.

Lu Yanchen’s eyes streaked with a flash of impatience. Not wanting to waste time with her, he turned around and wanted to enter his car.

Who knew that Yang Sitong actually ran up and hugged him from the back with such strength as though she was afraid he would push her away. “Yanchen, could you just give me a single chance? I really, really love you…!”

Lu Yanchen had not expected that she would actually do something like this. Instinctively, he peeled her hands off him and pushed her away from him.

Yang Sitong’s entire mind was filled with thoughts of how he wouldn’t really go overboard against her because of her lifesaving grace, but she had not expected him to be so rough with her.

Slipping as a result of that force, she landed on the ground with a thud.

An asphyxiating pain roamed around her chest for the longest time as she bawled out in pain.

“Do you know? From the first time I laid eyes on you, I had already fallen in love with you! Perhaps, the Heavens were touched by my sincerity and love that they decided to give me a chance! Back when I saw how you were about to drown and seemed as though you were going to leave this world in the next second, I was really flustered out of my wits! The only thought on my mind was that you must not die… must, not, die! But even though I saved your life, I did not manage to get your heart! Ever since we were engaged, I’ve been thinking about you day and night, thinking about how I was going to get married to you in the future…!”

Lu Yanchen cut her in her speech with impatience, his tone filled with frustration, “Your love is something that I can’t afford. Please don’t do something like this in the future again. Otherwise…”

Even though he did not complete his sentence, his meaning could not be any clearer.

Looking at the resolute back view of Lu Yanchen, Yang Sitong bit down on her lips and was filled with utter despair. “Do you really just hate me that much?”

As though he had not heard that, Lu Yanchen entered his car and left the place at the fastest speed. Yang Sitong could only sit on the floor looking wretched as ever.

The two guards standing in front of the house exchanged glances with one another, their expressions filled with both embarrassment and awkwardness. However, none of them dared to step up.

Shen Lingshuang came out of the house. When she caught sight of Yang Sitong on the ground, she was shocked. She hurried forth and helped Yang Sitong up.

Immediately, Yang Sitong hugged Shen Lingshuang tightly and broke out into tears. “Auntie, I really do love Yanchen so much! Even though I knew that this would be the outcome, I still wanted to give it a shot! But my heart really hurts…!”

She clutched at her chest, looking as though she was going to faint at the very next moment.

Shen Lingshuang hurriedly helped her into the house and had her rest in the guest room for a while.

The moment Shen Lingshuang left the room, the distraught looking Yang Sitong suddenly stood up, looking as though there was nothing wrong with her as she muttered softly, “His bedroom is right beside the guest room.”

She opened the door of the guest room slightly and peeked through. Ascertaining that there was no one outside, she walked out before opening the door to Lu Yanchen’s bedroom and entering stealthily.

Since Lu Yanchen loved that ex-girlfriend of his that much, he must definitely have some photos of them together stored somewhere. As long as she were to find a photo like that and show it to Shi Guang, Shi Guang would definitely be bothered and pick a fight with Lu Yanchen!

The room was really clean–there were cleaners tidying the room daily. Not daring to mess anything up, she circled the room carefully once. However, she found nothing.

Could he really have forgotten about that ex-girlfriend of his?

She placed the books that she had looked through back into their original positions. However, a photo slipped out from between one of them…

*Could it really be their photo…?! D: *

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