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His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light (Web Novel) - Chapter 458: Loving You Is Truly Wonderful (8)

Chapter 458: Loving You Is Truly Wonderful (8)

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Chu Mubei exclaimed, “She’s nuts! Does she really intend for the entire Yangs to accompany her in her burial?”

“Those things that I’ve collected earlier on, you can hand them over to the authorities now. I’ll just have to see if she can continue with her insanity even after the Yangs go bankrupt,” Lu Yanchen’s tolerance was at his limits.

“But, some of those things might get the Lus involved as well. We’ve yet to filter through all the documents properly. If we were to hand them up now, it’s hard to say that the Yangs would accuse the Lus with it as well,” Chu Mubei replied worriedly.

A small little thing might implicate the bigger picture.

In the past few years, nearly everyone was affirmed that the Lus were the backing of the Yangs.

There were many things that, even if the Lus were completely clean themselves, could not guarantee that the Lus would not be implicated by them. After all, the scope of the projects was way too huge.

If the Lus were to be targeted because of the Yangs, the gains would not make up for the losses by then.

Chu Mubei did not want Lu Yanchen to bring about an entire whirlpool of troubles just because of a fit of the moment.

Naturally, those were facts that Lu Yanchen knew himself. If not for that reason, he would have made his move long ago. Even if Yang Sitong were his life savior, he had returned more than what he should have.

However, he must not implicate his father and brother.

His fingers rapped slowly on his steering wheel before his cold gaze narrowed. “If we can’t make them bankrupt, we’ll just acquire the entire Yang Corporation then.”

“Alright, alright. Let’s meet at the company then to discuss it face to face.”

Shi Guang stood alone in the house helplessly, feeling really terrible in her heart.

What she wanted was for them to pretend to separate for a period of time, not for real. However, Lu Yanchen seemed as though he was truly agitated and wanted to separate with her for real.

She fiddled with her phone, wanting to drop him a text.

However, she held it in… She did not feel as though she was wrong for not telling him about it in the moment for her sister. What if something had really happened to her sister because she told him?

Shi Guang truly felt really bad in her heart along with all the uneasiness, and thus she called Mo Jin and told her everything about Mo Feifei’s incident.

Mo Jin was bursting with anger. “I knew the hospital transfer couldn’t be real! F*ck! I really want to kill Yang Sitong right now! Is she f*cking crazy! She can’t be thinking that Lu Yanchen would get together with her after kidnapping your sister, right?”

“I feel that the true motive behind her kidnapping my sister isn’t to be with Lu Yanchen,” Shi Guang postulated, “Some time ago, I had already found out that there might be grudges between her and my sister that we may not know of. But, because my sister was already a vegetable, I had not expected her to go to this extent. This is illegal! But, I just don’t know what her end motive is.”

“What about Lu Yanchen?” Mo Jin asked.

Shi Guang sniffed a little as her voice became choked, “He went out. After he heard me say everything, he was furious. I had let him down in the past, and now… I guess he’ll never be able to forgive me.”

Mo Jin replied with certainty, “That won’t happen!”

Shi Guang smiled bitterly, “Do you know that even though we are married and things are fine between us, I feel like our entire relationship is just like a fragile vase that could just break with a single fall! No matter how carefully I try to try and mend our relationship, it’s still a flawed product that could break at any moment!”

With that said, the panic-stricken Shi Guang could not hold back her tears as she choked while crying helplessly.

Mo Jin sighed, “Shi Guang, don’t cry! Believe me that no matter how angry Lu Yanchen is, he will definitely forgive you eventually.”

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