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His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light (Web Novel) - Chapter 459: Loving You Is Truly Wonderful (9)

Chapter 459: Loving You Is Truly Wonderful (9)

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After her panic attack, Shi Guang finally began to calm down slowly. Sitting at a corner on the sofa, she curled into a ball, thinking about nothing but Yang Sitong and where she might be keeping her sister.

However, Mo Jin was nowhere as calm as she was, pacing around the entire room with a worried expression.

Grandma and little auntie had gone out for the walk, and thus, there were only the two of them at home right now. Mo Jin did not have to hold anything back through her words. “It’s already been a day now, and yet there’s no news! What should we do? Should we call the cops?”

“Right now, Yang Sitong is a lunatic. If we call the cops, what if she were to really go insane and do something to sister?” Shi Guang held her forehead. “The only thing we can do now is wait.”

Mo Jin frowned. “Can we trust the words of that Yang Chifeng? What if he’s just lying to you?”

Shi Guang bit down on her lips. “Isn’t there still Lu Yanchen?”

“But, didn’t you say that he was angered and left in a huff?” Mo Jin sat down beside her and continued somewhat begrudgingly, “Your sister has already gone missing. As your husband, so be it if he doesn’t console you. But, to think that he would slam the door and leave. That’s too much!”

“Even though he left in a huff, I believe that he would definitely not do nothing about my sister’s issue. Right now, he’s definitely having someone help look for my sister,” Shi Guang’s voice was filled with certainty.

Mo Jin smiled, “Seems like you are quite confident toward him.”

“After everything that has happened, if I still don’t have… even that bit of understanding toward him by now, then I would really be too foolish.” With that, Shi Guang smiled, “That man… really doesn’t take things the hard way. You can only work at him with soft tactics.”

“Soft tactics?”

“That’s right! Don’t look at how cold and aloof he’s acting. In reality, other than me, he has no other experience being with other girls, and he’s also someone who can’t be bothered with anything too troublesome. Hence, he doesn’t get what’s in a girl’s heart.”

Mo Jin’s phone rang and she stood up. “Since that’s the case, try your soft tactics and wait for him at home then?” She waved her phone. “I’ve arranged to meet someone. Go back home after you’ve calmed down somewhat.”


Outside the apartment, a black jeep was waiting silently by the roadside. If Shi Guang were here, she would definitely open the car door and board it, clipping her safety belt habitually.

Because this was Lu Yanchen’s car.

Mo Jin went on and smiled, “Shi Guang is just upstairs. Picking me up here, aren’t you afraid that she might misunderstand if she saw us?”

Lu Yanchen did not reply and his face was expressionless as well, passing her a document folder.

Mo Jin opened it and took a glance. “To think that it’s Qiao Yuwei. I was saying, how could they transfer just like that without any relatives or family member’s approval. So, it’s her!” She bit down on her teeth angrily.

“Don’t worry! I’ll ask her, but I doubt she’ll know where Sister Feifei is.”

“I’m not trying to find out where Mo Feifei is through her. I just want you to settle this so that Shi Guang doesn’t know about it. She has enough on her plate,” He did not like her shouldering too many things.

“She’s my cousin, it’s only right for me to do it.”

After receiving the folder, Mo Jin wanted to leave. But, just as she opened the car door, she stopped as though she remembered something. She then looked at Lu Yanchen and paused for a moment before continuing apologetically, “For everything back then… I’m sorry.”

Lu Yanchen was still expressionless. “…”

Mo Jin looked at him and a thought flashed through her mind.

Shi Guang always said that he did not believe in her love and they would argue over the slightest thing, truly as though they were really fragile…

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