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His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light (Web Novel) - Chapter 711: Warm Because Of You (1)

Chapter 711: Warm Because Of You (1)

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Rong Mo looked at the leaving back view of Shang Mo and was even more affirmed toward the rumors of him swinging both ways. Seemed like he truly was not choosy with his picks, and she should be more wary of him in the future.

After blowing her hair dry, she walked out as Shang Mo awaited in the car.

The car moved right after she boarded before she could even ask anything.

“Where are we headed to?”

“Onsen resort.”

Suddenly, she felt uneasy. “Why the onsen suddenly?”

“This is the best weather for an onsen bath.” What Shang Mo said was true as well. There was no way he was going to admit that the reason why he was bringing Rong Mo to the onsen was because she was sick and had gotten into the waters today. It would be good for her body to head to the onsen.

Even though he did not have much interest toward the opposite gender, he was certain that that he wasn’t gay at all.

He persuaded himself that the reason for his affections for Rong Mo might be because of granny—after all, she had beseeched Shang Mo to take care of him.

He turned around and looked at Rong Mo, realizing that she was looking frail and distracted.

“What’s wrong?”

“Oh, nothing much.” No way was she going to tell him that she could not enter the onsen with him because she was a woman! And the most important thing was that… she shouldn’t enter the onsen during her periods!

“Merely thinking of some stuff.” Rong Mo changed the topic.


“The actor that cameoed with me today was the 1st female lead of the neighboring set. She injured her leg while filming with me today. I guess she won’t be able to continue with her movie now. I was just wondering if there was anyone who could replace her.”

Shang Mo looked at Rong Mo—he was trying to have that Movie Queen lose her backing and take revenge for today’s bullying.

But, that was good as well. Knowing how to fight back beat being an idiot.

“You’ll replace her.”

Even though it was just a casual statement, Rong Mo was shocked. “How could I take on the role of a female lead as a man?”

Her heart felt a sense of fluster—was Shang Mo aware of her true identity already?

Even though Rong Mo said nothing afterward, her entire heart was in a wreck.

While Shang Mo had been more polite to her recently, there was no way he took her as a friend! There was also no reason why he would ask her to go to the onsen out of nowhere.

Could it be because he suspected her identity and thus wanted to test her?

The car left the city are and continued up ahead slowly. After making a few turns, it arrived at the onsen resort that Shang Mo mentioned.

With an antique structure that stood calmly in the middle of a forest, it truly felt as though it was a hidden paradise.

If she weren’t here with Shang Mo, Rong Mo garnered that she might enjoy this quite a bit.

But now, she could only hope that her assumptions were wrong. Besides, Shang Mo was a little of a mysophobic person, and would definitely not share the onsen with others.

However, her hopes were dashed.

They were staying at the most luxurious VIP suite with a small little courtyard right in the middle of rooms surrounding it. There were windows around the onsen in the middle that could be opened or closed based on their needs.

Instantly, Rong Mo knew that she could either not go in entirely or she would have to share it with Shang Mo.

Shang Mo entered his room to change while Rong Mo entered hers.

After entering, she slumped down onto the sofa, her mind flustering over how she should get out of this disaster.

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