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His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light (Web Novel) - Chapter 712: Warm Because Of You (2)

Chapter 712: Warm Because Of You (2)

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This was not filming. If it were an onsen, she would have to take off even her towel after getting in. By then, there was no way her gender would not be discovered.

Therefore, she must NOT enter this onsen!

Rong Mo stood up and looked outside from the gap of her door—Shang Mo had already headed out.

His upper body was bare, with a towel hanging around his waist, covering the important areas. Before entering an onsen, one had to wet themselves—Shang Mo’s upper body was glistening with water crystals right now.

As they slid down his chest, it only served to exude the beauty and charm of this man.

He looked toward her room before entering the onsen slowly. Instantly, steam gushed up, slowly enveloping that sturdy, tall body of his.

Leaning against the side of the onsen, his slender fingers rapped on the floor gently.

Rong Mo retracted her gaze and leaned back against her door.

She could not stay there and not head out for a prolonged period of time, neither could she not go out at all!

What should she do to conceal everything while not arousing suspicion?

Shifting her gaze, she looked at the cabinet nearby where there were many items displayed on top.

Lowering her head, she suddenly thought of something. Even though it wasn’t exactly a good idea, it was the only one she had.

Rong Mo took off her coat and touched her chest. After checking that she was fine, she closed her eyes and fell over.

Her head struck the side of the cabinet and made it shake. Even though it did not fall over, the objects above it did.

Before long, Rong Mo heard people knocking on the door outside, shouting and asking what happened.

She tried yelling out for help, but suddenly, she felt herself getting really giddy as her vision blurred. Circles after circles, her mind was slowly flashing with images that seemed somewhat foreign yet familiar.

At a really isolated corner of the botanical gardens, she was seated beneath a tree and painting.

Suddenly, two girls rushed out of nowhere. Amongst them, one of them flung a slap at her without saying anything at all. Because she was seated on a chair, she was sent flying off immediately.

As for her drawing board, it was kicked over by the other girl.

She shrieked out in surprise, “What are you guys doing?”

Another two girls appeared. Now, her vision was clearing up—they were Lin Yi’er and Su Ya! One of them looked guilty while the other was gloating.

“Genius girl, huh? I’ve got to see for myself just how smart you are.”

“Out! Get the hell out of this school and never appear before us again!”

“Transfer school immediately or I’ll beat you up each time I see you!”

What was that image? Had it really happened to her?

Even though it wasn’t a heavy fall, Rong Mo felt as though her entire head was splitting apart.

Suddenly, her door was kicked opened by someone as Shang Mo rushed in. Instantly, he caught sight of her lying on the ground, hugging her body in terrible pain while shivering and breaking out in cold sweat as though she had just gotten out of the waters.

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