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His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light (Web Novel) - Chapter 713: Warm Because Of You (3)

Chapter 713: Warm Because Of You (3)

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Shang Mo carried Rong Mo and placed her on the sofa at the side. Bearing with her discomfort, the latter tried getting up to pour herself a glass of water. But, Shang Mo beat her to it and brought the glass to her lips after pouring it.

It was only after she drank a little water that she began to feel better and her hurried breathing began to slow down. Leaning back at the sofa, she looked at Shang Mo with a bitter smile. “Thank you!”

It was as though she was a beautiful patient, so frail and weak, yet bringing with her an indescribable charm. Shang Mo glanced at Big Mountain with displeasure who had entered with him and was watching Rong Mo worriedly as well.

He waved his hands for Big Mountain to head out and only spoke after he left, “I’ll send you to the hospital.”

“I went to the hospital before heading home, and the doctor said I was fine, just a flu.” Rong Mo chuckled out apologetically. “Sorry for spoiling your fun here, but I shouldn’t be able to enter the onsen now, and might have to head back earlier.”

“We’ll leave together.” Shang Mo stood up and turned around right after saying that. Looking at his leaving back view, Rong Mo wiped the sweat off her forehead.

This was a close brush today.

But, that image… what was going on?

To think that Lin Yi’er and Su Ya would appear in her memories…! Did that mean that she was truly Mo Feifei?

Mo Feifei…

Shang Mo’s face was black; he had not thought that Rong Mo’s sickness would be that severe. And indeed, if he were truly that sick, going to the onsen would only do him worse.

It was all the fault of that Lin Yi’er woman! Indeed, women were all snakes!

He looked at Big Mountain and ordered coldly, “I want that Lin Yi’er to vanish from the entertainment scene.”

“Alright, Mr. Shang!”

Lin Yi’er getting injured while filming ended up on the hot searches. At the start, everyone was concerned about her injuries and wanted her to rest well while praising her professionalism at the same time.

Thinking that she had gotten injured because of her movie, her fans had even flooded the Weibo account of the production team, telling them that they shouldn’t change a female lead heartlessly and to wait for her to recover.

When Lin Yi’er saw all this from the hospital, she was rather pleased, and felt that this was a worthwhile injury. After all, it helped to boost her popularity instead.

That Rong Mo wanted to get her replaced? Who did he think he was! Hmph!

Yet, everything changed within the hour.

First, it was the movie’s production team that declared about how Lin Yi’er’s injury had nothing to do with their production team. Instantly, that was an obvious answer with regards to whether or not they were going to change the female lead.

Following that, people started exposing on the internet that the reason why Lin Yi’er fell down was because she was bullying a newcomer, and it was her comeuppance.

The netizens were dumbstruck, unable to believe the facts. After all, Lin Yi’er was someone on the level of a female goddess who had always maintained a good relationship with the media and her fans.

How could she bully a newcomer?

The small little ripples that were stirred by that exposé were instantly overwhelmed by all the other hot searches.

Lin Yi’er guessed that it must have been some worker of the other production team that had exposed that matter. Instantly, she gave her manager a call to have her settle that issue.

After hanging on the call, she continued scrolling through Weibo.

Within a matter of minutes, a bunch of rumors that involved her started flooding out.

There were details about her bullying the newcomer, and someone even attached photos proving that she asked for a change in the script while getting a substitute into the waters.

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