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His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light (Web Novel) - Chapter 714: Warm Because Of You (4)

Chapter 714: Warm Because Of You (4)

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

There were many other exposés, and were not limited to her bullying the newcomer. There were also news of her having an affair, lying, flouting the rules…

Every single one of those articles was fatal for a public figure.

Instantly, everyone started conjecturing about whether Lin Yi’er had offended someone.

She was someone with a rather decent background as well. Her parents were both businessmen who doted on her especially much, and had thrown money for her to get into the entertainment scene, investing in her movies and television series. Most normal people in the scene wouldn’t dare to offend her or even go up against her as such!

If so, who could it be? Everyone got to the conclusion that it must be the newcomer she had bullied—Rong Mo!

Rumors had it that Rong Mo was someone from the Shang Family. Even though many people tried digging up information about him, there were too little for any blemishes on his record.

Suddenly, there were people declaring that not only was Rong Mo handsome and capable, he was really nice to the people around him as well, pushing away his haters.

Because of that, Rong Mo was no longer the target of the hate. At the same time, a huge number of fans—especially those who were fans of the Nine Heavens novel itself—were convinced that Rong Mo was their prince after seeing the photos of him on set.

As for Lin Yi’er, she was a Movie Queen after all. Netizens knew that the gossipy news of the entertainment scene were only worth a commotion, and did not believe that she would go down all because of a newcomer.

But, what they did not expect was that the bad exposés of Lin Yi’er did not stop there. In fact, they continued relentlessly with hard evidence.

There were even some major verified sources that were scolding her outright while the wife of some magnate accused her directly of seducing her husband, going with him on a 3-day-3-night cruise.

All of those accusations came with photos. At that period when it happened, she was even caught as a couple with a certain male actor. Despite that, she had declared innocently that she was someone who would return home right after filming and barely even had any friends, or had contact with anyone of the opposite sex.

Instantly, there was an uproar over the internet. Actually, netizens were somewhat tolerant. As long as someone’s morals weren’t too loose and their acting skills were acceptable, they would still be rather forgiving.

But being a third party? That was something that they wouldn’t accept no matter what.

And to think that she claimed she hardly had contact with men!

She was someone who was already deeply flitting around all sorts of men!

To begin with, the entertainment circle was one where everyone trampled on the lowly. Within a couple of days, Lin Yi’er had hit rock bottom. Every single movie, television series, and endorsement that she was signed for had suddenly replaced her altogether.

Even when the doctors and nurses saw her, they no longer bore the same reverence and liking, and were all wearing black faces. It was to the point where she had to request to leave the hospital earlier.

The moment she got home, her manager started lecturing her, “Are you knocked in the head? You clearly knew that Rong Mo was someone from the Shang Family. You don’t even know him, so why did you have to make things difficult for him?”

“I truly did not! It’s just that I was more particular about acting!” Of course, Lin Yi’er knew that she was the one being screwed over right now. She hated Rong Mo, and could not wish for more than to ruin him.

“Don’t blame me for not reminding you, but the Shang Family is not one to offend! No matter how unhappy you are toward Rong Mo, you had better forget about it! Otherwise, even the company won’t be able to bail you out of this!”

“So what if that Rong Mo is Shang Mo’s little lover? It’s not as though he can get married to Shang Mo as a man…” Lin Yi’er scoffed coldly. “One fine day, Shang Mo is going to get tired of him! The higher one climbs, the more severe the fall! Let’s wait and see!”

The manager replied coldly, “That is something of the future. You had better think about what to do about your situation right now.”

“Shang Mo is but a mere businessman. No matter what, he’d have to give some respect to the Lu Family,” Lin Yi’er chuckled to her manager as she said, “The rumor between Young Master Lu and me the previous time around? Get someone to bring that up so that Shang Mo is reminded of my relationship with the Lu Family!”

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