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His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light (Web Novel) - Chapter 715: Warm Because Of You (5)

Chapter 715: Warm Because Of You (5)

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The resurgence of Lin Yi’er and Lu Yanchen’s scandal did have the people at Shang Mo’s side stunned and pausing their moves for a while as Big Mountain reported everything to Shang Mo.

‘Lu Yanchen…’

Shang Mo mouthed those words carefully.

‘Commoners shall not fight with those with business connections while businessmen shall not fight with those with political ties.’ Anyone with brains should know that this was a warning to cease and desist given that scandal as a form of respect to the Lu Family.

But, were Lu Yanchen and Lin Yi’er truly in an ambiguous relationship?

Even though he bumped into them shortly in the capital, Shang Mo could tell that Lu Yanchen had a close relationship with his wife, and that he cared a lot about that girl named Shi Guang. The reason why he married her must have been out of love.

If so, what was the relationship between Lin Yi’er and Lu Yanchen then?

Was it so intimate that she could have Lu Yanchen divorce his wife?

Shang Mo scoffed out coldly in his heart.

Beckoning to Big Mountain, he gave out some orders.

That afternoon, the scandal between Lin Yi’er and Lu Yanchen was being stifled down. Just as it was about to go down, someone exposed an exclusive piece of news that the Fourth Young Master Lu was rumored to be divorcing Shi Guang.

That rumor broke the entire internet.

With that, the scandal between Lin Yi’er and Lu Yanchen could not be stifled down either.

Everyone was speculating furiously about whether or not Lin Yi’er was the third party who had broken Lu Yanchen and Shi Guang’s relationship. Was that the reason why Shi Guang had someone go online spilling all the scandals about Lin Yi’er previously as well?

Lin Yi’er had initially wanted to let the other party back down by proving that she had some ‘relationship’ with the Lu Family. After all, even if others were not the wisest, she was—she had nothing to do with any one of the Lus at all, let alone Lu Yanchen.

She had merely seen Lu Yanchen standing in front of a bar the other day and headed up to ask for directions intentionally while getting someone to take photos of it all.

For a piece of news that she was using temporarily, it would just go down right after, and the Lus would definitely not seek any clarification for it, since it was just sensational news made to capture media attention.

Furthermore, the photo that was released was blurry as well—there was no way the Lus would be bothered.

But, who knew that the scandal she had posted would attract this exposé about Shi Gunag and Lu Yanchen getting a divorce!

If it were for real, the Lus would definitely vent their anger on her!

And if it were fake, that meant that someone was intentionally creating a mess out of her plan!

Be it real or fake, now that it concerned a divorce, the Lus would definitely get involved!

Instantly, Lin Yi’er was flustered.

She hurriedly got her manager together to discuss about the entire issue while hiring tons of fake posters to clarify the entire issue on Weibo, webpages, and forums. The main emphasis was all about how she had merely bumped into Young Master Lu by accident and they were friends that couldn’t even be more ordinary.

But even then, she was receiving much flak from all the netizens about how shameless she was to steal someone’s husband.

Suddenly, yet another exposé came out.

Someone revealed that Shi Guang had once visited Qian Xun on set and got to know Rong Mo through her. In fact, they had a rather decent relationship.

The reason why Lin Yi’er bullied Rong Mo was because of his friendship with Shi Guang then. Since she could not lay her hands on Shi Guang, she took it out on Rong Mo.

She had initially refused the cameo appearance. However, she suddenly accepted it and had even requested for the scenes to be changed into the waters right in the winter after finding out that Rong Mo was sick. Not only that, she was making things difficult for him by ordering reshoots after reshoots.

The exposé was sworn to be true.

So, this woman was actually so vile and venomous! How could someone like her be an idol!

She should just be kicked out of the entertainment scene!

And with that, the topic of Lin Yi’er being kicked out of the entertainment scene was stirred…

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