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His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light (Web Novel) - Chapter 716: Warm Because Of You (6)

Chapter 716: Warm Because Of You (6)

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Lin Yi’er was totally crying out foul right now. If she had truly seduced and slept with Lu Yanchen, at least she wouldn’t be feeling so aggrieved from the scoldings. But, the problem was that she had nothing to do with him at all!

Yet, she could do nothing about the Shangs using this opportunity to deal with her. On the contrary, the deeper this misunderstanding went, the better. That way, the Shangs would not dare to make a move on her anymore.

Getting infamous was better than being killed off entirely.

Shi Guang and Lu Yanchen were still completely in the dark about everything. Neither of them were from the entertainment circle, and nor were they people who would chase after idols. Naturally, they wouldn’t scroll through entertainment news all the time.

This was especially the case for Shi Guang who was extremely troubled recently.

Ever since she had the dream of her drowning the other day, she had grown an inexplicable sense of fear toward the waters.

Because of that, her training duration in the waters was getting cut shorter and shorter.

Lin Qiqi looked at her doing dry training and widened her eyes. “Shi Guang, are you on your period? If that’s the case, you had better rest at home.”


“Then why aren’t you going into the waters?”

“Err…” Shi Guang did not know how to answer.

“That’s strange! You used to love being in the waters the most, looking as though you were finally released and free upon entering.” Lin Qiqi narrowed her gaze and looked at the other skeptically. “Are you thinking of retiring?”

Shi Guang shook her head. “No! I’m going to the Olympics with you!”

“Why do I feel as though Young Master Lu would rather have you taking care of kids at home?”

“Nonono! We’re agreed on not having kids for the time being.”

“Alright then! You carry on… I’ll be leaving first. Arranged with some students…”


After Lin Qiqi left, Shi Guang sighed out.

She had not thought about retiring. But, given her reluctance to enter the waters since she was often triggered by thoughts of that nightmare, she could hardly produce any results.

She would have to report to the national team after the new year. If she still had this phobia of entering the waters by then, she would most likely be retired from the team within a month.

In her troubled state, Shi Guang laid down on a chair lazily.

Lin Qiqi, who had just left, returned and looked at Shi Guang in shock. “You’re getting a divorce with Lu Yanchen?”


“It’s on Weibo! Someone exposed that you were getting a divorce with Lu Yanchen!”

What was going on? She and Lu Yanchen?

Shi Guang took her phone and logged onto Weibo where the headlines popped:

<Swimming Goddess Shi Guang’s relationship woes, suspected third party Lin Yi’er prongs in!>

Clicking on the photo, it was news about people exposing issues between her relationship with Lu Yanchen, and Lin Yi’er was specially mentioned as the third party.

Shi Guang furrowed her brows and looked at the photo—it was the one with Lin Yi’er asking for directions.

She then looked at her comments area and nearly exploded.

Some asked if it were real while others consoled her, telling her that men who had affairs were worthless anyway.

Shi Guang was perplexed—who was doing this?

If the news was leaked out previously while they were still at odds, it would make sense. But, she even posted a lovey-dovey post just a couple of days ago!

And that scandal about Lin Yi’er and Lu Yanchen, hadn’t it already passed? Why was it resurfacing again?

Shi Guang called Lu Yanchen immediately. “Hello, the number that you have just dialed is currently unavailable. Sorry…”

Right, she forgot that he had mentioned in the morning he was headed to G City for work in the afternoon. At this time, he should be on his noon flight.

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