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His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light (Web Novel) - Chapter 717: Warm Because Of You (7)

Chapter 717: Warm Because Of You (7)

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Shi Guang felt that she should publish a post on Weibo without explaining anything about Lu Yanchen and Lin Yi’er, but at least just declaring that they were not getting a divorce.

But, just as she composed it and was about to press publish, she backed out.

Why did she have to help Lu Yanchen clear his troubles that were caused by him fooling around outside?

Hmph! Settle it yourself!

Shi Guang was all packed and ready to head over to the Lus’ place. Before Lu Yanchen had left that morning, they received a call from Shen Lingshuang.

She knew that Lu Yanchen was going on a work trip. Since Chief Lu was staying in camp for the next few days as well, she invited Shi Guang over to accompany her at home.

The moment Shi Guang entered the house, Xiao Bai dashed and hugged her thighs excitedly, welcoming her and grumbling at the same time, “Little Auntie! My teacher brought me to do a community service event today to sell flowers for the sake of elderlies. Because I sold the most, daddy said that he would reward me with a car model, and transferred the money over to granny. However, she said that I have too many car models and refuses to buy me another!”

He had always been calling Shi Guang mummy, but he was eventually stopped by the family. Eventually, he had no other choice but to call her Little Auntie. Although, their private agreement was that he would still call her mummy when they were out alone.

Shi Guang rubbed Xiao Bai’s head. “It’s alright! I’ll bring you guys out for good food, okay?”

Xiao Bai pouted his lips, still upset. “But… I want a car model!”

“Sure, I’ll buy it for you!” Shi Guang agreed to it without a 2nd thought, thinking that a car model wouldn’t cost much money anyways.

“Indeed, Little Auntie is still the best to me!” Xiao Bai pecked Shi Guang on the cheeks excitedly.

Shen Lingshuang stood at the side. “Littly, you’re going to spoil him like that. Besides, you agreed to buy him the car model without knowing how much it costs?”

“How much?” She knew that some children toys were rather expensive. But, she thought that the most it could get was in the range of thousands of yuan.

“When Yanchen said that he would buy you a car previously, you said to get a local brand to support our nation. I can’t remember which one you chose, but the price was around 200,000 or so, right?”

“Yupp.” Shi Guang nodded her head.

“Well, the Aston Martin car model that he fancies can buy one of your local brand cars.”

Shi Guang’s mouth gaped such that one could stuff an egg inside. Since when were the prices of children toys that ridiculous?

Her state of poverty had limited her imagination.

Xiao Bai puffed his cheeks. “But granny, you’re rich and you’re already so old! Don’t tell me you can’t even afford to buy a car model?”

Even though he was speaking to Shen Lingshuang, Shi Guang felt as though she took an arrow to the knee as well. She scoffed out awkwardly, feeling that the poor her no longer had any rights to speak. “…”

Shen Lingshuang ignored Xiao Bai. Since Shi Guang was here to accompany him now, she did not have to worry about him running off anywhere. Thus, she headed to the kitchen to check how the helpers were getting along with preparing dinner.

Xiao Bai sat on the sofa, crossing his arms and declaring in a huff, “Adults are truly bloodsuckers! All of them are clearly rich, and yet they still want to snatch away stuff from children!”

Shi Guang sat down beside him and rubbed his head, consoling him, “Granny’s saving that money for you for when you marry a wife in the future. She’ll return them to you then.”

Xiao Bai tilted his head away with pouted lips. “Liar! Little Uncle also snatched away a phone of mine in the past, and he hasn’t even returned it to me yet!”

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