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His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light (Web Novel) - Chapter 987: The Truth Beneath the Truth (17)

Chapter 987: The Truth Beneath the Truth (17)

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Even after Shi Guang explained things, Old Master Su’s smile was still present.

This child. Even though she did not say that she was worried for me, I could sense that she was afraid that I might get hurt the same way Qianxun did.

Looking at that petite face of hers and those bedazzling eyes, Old Master Su felt a sense of radiance and comfort that resembled his wife’s.

Old Master Su could not help but think about how none of the events that had unfolded today would have happened if his wife was still alive.

She would have asked Su Dongqian’s family to move out before the other children had returned – his wife was impartial that way.

“I had already intended for them to move out. It’s fine this way as well. I’ve already raised them for so long. Now that I’m not around, they’ll be able to live a decent life. Everything from here on forth will be up to them. Let’s just live our lives properly too.”

Just as Old Master Su had said, Su Dongqian’s family wouldn’t have a shabby life even after leaving the Su Family.

However, it was their greed that caused them to not feel satisfied.

Moving out was no easy task. But with the help of Uncle Wang, they were already done packing by the time Su Dongqian returned.

Being chased out of the Su Family had Su Dongqian flustered as he started yelling that he wanted to meet Old Master Su. He started with pleads initially, hoping that the sympathy card would work. But when he saw no reaction from Old Master Su, he started scolding along the same lines as what Xu Yafeng had said about how Old Master Su was being heartless.

Those words were so nasty that Shi Guang came out.

The moment Xu Yafeng caught sight of her, she shrieked shrilly, “Haven’t you just gone through a miscarriage?!” She looks absolutely fine!

“You don’t look too happy that I’m fine…?” Shi Guang replied.

“Don’t spout nonsense!” Xu Yafeng grit her teeth and glared at Shi Guang, barking, “Everyone, look! She’s completely fine! She was just framing Yaya earlier on! Father! Where’s father! Yaya was framed…!”

Shi Guang raised her brow, looking down on Xu Yafeng entirely.

Her expression caused Xu Yafeng to fume with rage.

She knew it! Shi Guang hadn’t lost her baby! Yet, they were framed with the crime! At that moment, Xu Yafeng really wanted to shove Shi Guang and materialize that miscarriage for real.

However, she had nothing to gain from doing that.

Enduring her emotions, she told herself that she would return the humiliation entirely one day. However, because she was struggling that badly, her entire face was contorted with malice. “You think that you’ll get the Sus’ inheritance now that we’re chased out? Stop dreaming!”

Shi Guang’s voice was not harsh, but her eyes shone with disdain. “The things you guys have gained out of your years in the Su Family is enough to last you guys for your entire lives! Why are you still reluctant to leave the Sus? The Sus’ inheritance that you speak of, isn’t that your true reason for wanting to stay here?”

Su Qiudao’s wife at the side scoffed coldly in mockery.

Xu Yafeng froze for a moment before blasting. “What nonsense are you spouting?!”

“Please stop your drivel! I’m reluctant to leave the family because of grandpa! He’s my grandpa…!” Su Ya said as her eyes reddened as though she was about to cry once more.

Shi Guang glared at her impatiently. “What are you crying for? Your grandma swapped the identity of our fathers and you’ve enjoyed life in my place for more than 20 years. For you guys, my family has been suffering outside all this while. And now that we’re asking you to move out, you’re acting pitiful before me and crying so tragically? What’s the meaning of this? You’re implying that I shouldn’t move back in and that you’re suffering because of my return?”

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