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History’s Number 1 Founder (Web Novel) - Chapter 1417 - The Emperor of the Dead Attacks!

Chapter 1417: The Emperor of the Dead Attacks!

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As the Final Holy Light shone from Shi Tianhao’s forehead, it cut apart the black sea of the Golden Cicada like a knife.

However, the Golden Cicada’s Buddha’s expression did not change. When he saw the black sea being split apart, he closed it once more and continued his attack against Shi Tianhao.

Shi Tianhao arched his eyebrows. His Final Holy Light shone with a mysterious power as it could terminate the existence of everything.

Where his Final Holy Light touched, the existence of everything ended permanently.

No matter how powerful the Golden Cicada was, or how deep his understanding of Buddhist teachings was, his ability to quickly re-form the black sea after it had been cut apart was indeed exceptional.

The Buddha whose shape he took stood on top of the black sea. His palms were shut. Then, he pushed out in the direction of Shi Tianhao.

Not only must Shi Tianhao deal with the black sea, he was also dealing with the Vairocana Zen Palm Fist Print. At that moment, Shi Tianhao felt as if he had no way to turn.

Suddenly, he heard a deep voice resounding from the corner of his ear, “The sea of bitterness has no end.”

The sea of bitterness had no end and it was impossible to cross it. Everyone kept talking about it, but who could actually do it?

When he felt the psychological suppression the Golden Cicada was attempting on him, Shi Tianhao chuckled coldly. He calmed himself and then thought about the process by which his Final Holy Light came into contact with the Golden Cicada’s black sea as he tried to figure out the meaning behind it.

Shi Tianhao’s gaze flashed. A colorful light shone from the center of his forehead once more. In the void, it turned into a brilliant radiance as he fired it off in the direction of the black sea.

Struck by the radiance, the black sea split open again. However, this silent black sea that brimmed with destructive energy rose and fell once more. Yet it found it markedly harder to heal.

Light flashed from the center of Shi Tianhao’s head. In the void, it was like a bridge. On the bridge, one could many figures sitting down cross-legged. A brilliant sound could be heard.

This was Shi Tianhao’s other Holy Light of Creation, the Origin Holy Light!

When the Golden Cicada saw Shi Tianhao’s Origin Holy Light, he could not help but shake his head. He was the first person in all of history to have two Holy Light of Creation. With his Origin Holy Light, he was able to counter the Golden Cicada’s Great Wave of the Death Sea.

At this moment, Shi Tianhao had the City in the Sky, the Celestial Sky Formation, and the Great Heavenly Wheel. This allowed for his Origin Holy Light’s power to increase exponentially.

However, the Golden Cicada remained calm. Light from his Buddhist body spread in all four directions. He was like its immovable center, eternal and indestructible.

When he saw the battle between the Golden Cicada and Shi Tianhao, the gaze of the Emperor of the Dead flashed. He looked at Xiao Yan, who easily controlled the Netherworld Sea, and his expression became serious.

Everyone said that his (the Emperor of the Dead) powers were immense and he could come back from the dead. Furthermore, he could return to his peak in the Greater World in just 30 years. However, the development of the Celestial Sect of Wonders stunned him too.

It was not just Lin Feng, but also the disciples underneath him. All of them were shockingly powerful, even to the Emperor of the Dead who had witnessed countless battles across the eons.

His eyes were pitch-black, like the deepest part of a crevice. One could not see any light in them.

Yan Xinghe’s Evil Soul, along with his Life and Death Book, rushed toward Xiao Yan. Fire flew all around Xiao Yan’s body. Fearlessly, he was also able to tap on the power of the Netherworld Sea in his attack.

While he was affected by the Emperor of the Dead and Shen Tuze, causing his connection to the Netherworld Sea and Catastrophe to weaken, this was ultimately still the Netherworld Sea. Xiao Yan had a home ground advantage here.

The Emperor of the Dead’s gaze flickered between Xiao Yan and Shi Tianhao. He then extended both of his hands and as he rapidly performed spells, waves of gray light flew from his body. Trembling in the air, they finally took the shape of a giant black sacrificial altar!

Every single altar was about three stories high. Respectively, they represented heaven, earth, and man. Its powers fused perfectly with the cycle of life and death, giving off a supremely powerful aura.

This was the most powerful attack of the Emperor of the Dead, the Netherworld Sacrificial Rites.

The Emperor of the Dead reached out with both of his hands and then, he closed his palms together. As he did that, two separate black sacrificial altars covered Xiao Yan and Shi Tianhao.

Xiao Yan and Shi Tianhao both frowned. They both wanted to do something, but because of the Golden Cicada and Yan Xinghe, they found it hard to do so.

Their momentary pause caused them to be covered by the black sacrificial altar.

The two of them tried to counterattack. Thunder and fire raged on from both altars.

Black light swirled above both altars, trapping Xiao Yan and Shi Tianhao inside. Yan Xinghe and his Book of Life and Death climbed on top of the altar covering Xiao Yan as he tried to suppress him.

The Golden Cicada stood before the altar and did nothing. All he did was to observe Shi Tianhao.

While they rallied together to deal with the Celestial Sect of Wonders and Xiao Yan, they did it because they had a common objective. This did not mean that they were friendly.

As they attacked, they were also guarding against each other.

While Shen Tuze did not do anything, he was actually using all his power to interfere with Xiao Yan’s connection to the Netherworld Sea.

The Emperor of the Dead would not do anything to him, but after he noticed that the Golden Cicada was using all his strength, he had no choice to act too. However, the Golden Cicada did not dare to ascend the altar.

Before they settled the threat of Xiao Yan and Shi Tianhao, there would be no in-fighting. After that, however, it was a given. After all, the crucial issue was the Netherworld Sea.

If they were forced to retreat, they would target their weakest link to reap some benefits off him. After all, as long as they left the Netherworld Sea, Xiao Yan’s powers would vastly decrease and they need not fear Shi Tianhao.

Even so, both Xiao Yan and Shi Tianhao could feel the terrifying power of the Emperor of the Dead.

It was still easy for Shi Tianhao to handle. With the City of the Sky and the Celestial Sky Formation above his head, and his Huangshen Body at its maximum possible size, he would have shattered the black altar if not for its power over space. Right now, Shi Tianhao lifted his Great Heavenly Wheel as he glared at the black altar.

However, he knew that the Golden Cicada was outside waiting for him. While he would not ascend the altar and suppress him, he knew that the moment he broke out from the altar the Golden Cicada would strike.

Just now, the intense battle between the demon and the human suddenly calmed. Separated by the altar, they faced each other off. The atmosphere was unbearably tense.

On the other side, Xiao Yan found that his predicament had worsened.

While he was inside the altar, Xiao Yan found that his connection to the Netherworld Sea and Catastrophe had greatly weakened.

The black altar was like a world by itself. Compared to Yan Xinghe’s Shen Heaven Holy Paradise, it was even more complete. Two separate worlds existed inside and outside the altar. They operated on different principles and hence, it was even more powerful.

After Yan Xinghe and the Life and Death Book entered the altar, he felt his powers increasing exponentially like a fish in water.

Under this situation, Xiao Yan felt the pressure on him increasing. His expression became serious.

However, no fear appeared on his face. He slapped the top of his head and plumes of fire flew out from it. Instantly, he turned into a 30 meters tall giant sitting on top of a lotus seat of fire.

This was Xiao Yan’s Virtual Entity. The moment it appeared, it devoured Xiao Yan’s physical bodies and its eyes opened. The Netherworld Sea shook.

Fire flew around the fire giant’s body. Purplish-blue Nefarious Spectral Primordial Fire, black Heaven Apocalyptic Blaze, milky-white Pure Yang Primordial Fire, golden Grand Sun Primordial Flame, green True Torch of Kṣitigarbha, Red Lotus Fire, and the Nanming Primordial Fire all appeared.

Quickly, five of the primordial fires disappeared. All that was left were the brutal Nefarious Spectral Primordial Fire and the evil Heaven Apocalyptic Blaze.

The two types of fire blazed vigorously, causing the endless flames in the Netherworld Sea to burn intensely too.

Both the Emperor of the Dead and Yan Xinghe became aware that the other catastrophes in the Netherworld Sea, led by the Nefarious Spectral Primordial Fire and the Heaven Apocalyptic Blaze, were all rushing towards them.

Even though he was separated by the black altar, the vibration of the Black Sea blurred the boundaries. Numerous catastrophes surrounded Xiao Yan.

The vile and noxious Blood River Primordial Water took the shape of a sea of blood and hung over Xiao Yan’s head.

Soundless and all-purifying River Styx Primordial Water turned into the River Styx, gurgling and churning silently. It surrounded Xiao Yan too.

Waves of Nine Nether Draught that seemed capable of freezing everything surrounded Xiao Yan as well.

Avīci Infernal Gale, which shone like a red fog of light, blew gently as well. In the fog, one could see the struggles of lost souls trying to get out.

On the back of Xiao Yan’s virtual entity, two wings expanded out. Nefarious Spectral Primordial Fire and the Heaven Apocalyptic Blaze burned.

The red light in his eyes solidified. His hands formed an odd gesture and then he placed it on his chest. Slowly, he pushed out.

The light ring world where everyone was located in suddenly became immensely bright.

The many calamities around Xiao Yan all concentrated on his body. His body became pitch-black, flashing occasionally with light. It now showed the destruction of the Dao.

The calamities in the Netherworld Sea brought unspeakable destruction. At this moment, their destructive powers were maximized. It was like the end of the world, the collapse of everything.

After the apocalypse, rebirth would take place. Power increased non-stop.

With Xiao Yan’s action, Catastrophe shook and the destructive powers of the Netherworld Sea were all under Xiao Yan’s control as he directed them to a single point.

Using his mind, Xiao Yan made a powerful destructive energy burst out, shattering the black altar around him!

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