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History’s Number 1 Founder (Web Novel) - Chapter 1418 - The Lord of the Netherworld Sea VS The Emperor of the Dead

Chapter 1418: The Lord of the Netherworld Sea VS The Emperor of the Dead

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The Nefarious Spectral Primordial Fire, the Heaven Apocalyptic Blaze, the Blood River Primordial Water, the Nine Nether Droughts, the Avici Infernal Gale, the River Styx Primordial Water were all the evil powers in the Netherworld Sea.

Other than the six of them, the Netherworld Sea still had the Dark Destructive Essence, the Demon Dream Charm Rock, the Evil Eye Spectral Fire, the Rippling Thunder Water and the other types of calamities.

Any single of them would cause massive damage if unleashed into the Greater World.

At this moment, every single calamity in the Netherworld Sea was congregating around Xiao Yan.

Their terrifying destructive powers were all congregated in a single point. Destruction was not the end. The cycle of rebirth was eternal. This time, their destructive powers seemed limitless.

This was the what Xiao Yan had come up with after residing for many years in the Netherworld Sea. Combining his understanding of the Celestial Sect’s Heavenly Classic of the Way’s Virtues as well as the many calamities in the Netherworld Sea, he came up with the Rise of Destruction!

In the Netherworld Sea, using this spell would trigger the power of the entire Netherworld Sea, creating a more devastating impact compared to using it in the Greater World.

At this moment, the Emperor of the Dead and Yan Xinghe both had the chance to feel it first-hand.

The black sacrificial altar was instantly blown apart by the Rise of Destruction. Even though the Emperor of the Dead had personally cast the Netherworld Sacrificial Rites, the altars could not resist Xiao Yan’s powerful strike. At the same time, Yan Xinghe and his Book of Death, which was in the altar, were met with a more devastating blow!

When the Emperor of the Dead saw Xiao Yan used this spell, the black light in his eyes flashed. He could feel that his Netherworld Sacrificial Rites could no longer stop the connection between Xiao Yan and the Netherworld Sea.

Instantly, he recalled the Life and Death Book. Yan Xinghe’s Evil Soul was now responsible for resisting against Xiao Yan’s Rise of Destruction attack.

Even so, the aura around the Life and Death book became heavier. Yan Xinghe’s body was riddled with holes.

His body, which had been shrouded with light, was now terribly wrecked. After the initial wave of destructive power exploded, the remnant power from the newly-formed calamities continued to batter Yan Xinghe’s body.

Bloodstains from the Blood River Primordial Water sapped away at his mana. A layer of black ice froze over his body, evidently from the Nine Nether Draughts. A huge chunk of earth underneath was gone and fire blazed from the hole in the ground. That was the Nefarious Spectral Primordial Fire…

Under the terrifying attack, Yan Xinghe’s Evil Soul was almost completely destroyed by Xiao Yan!

The Emperor of the Dead’s eyes were pitch-black. He, like the Golden Cicada, Wu Mengqi, and Yan Xinghe, all stared at Xiao Yan. Their hearts became heavy. “In the Netherworld Sea, his powers were without equal. If he completely controlled, the Netherworld Sea, the results will be unimaginable.”

Everyone knew that this was not Xiao Yan at his most powerful.

Other than Wu Mengqi, who stayed out, the Emperor of the Dead and Shen Tuze continued to try and interfere with the connection between Xiao Yan, Catastrophe, and the Netherworld Sea.

As he broke through the Emperor of the Dead’s Netherworld Sea and injured Yan Xinghe and beat back the Life and Death Book, Xiao Yan stood proudly in the middle of the Netherworld Sea, as if he was the lord who controlled it.

The red light in his eyes flashed brighter and brighter. His entire body as covered with a layer of red light which was extremely violent and tyrannical.

However, the aura around Xiao Yan’s body appeared unstable. It was like everyone else who had entered the Netherworld Sea.

Xiao Yan paid no heed to it. He continued to advance toward the Emperor of the Dead and the rest. His entire form brimmed with energy.

The Emperor of the Dead’s expression did not change. The aura around Yan Xinghe’s body quickly returned and he was healing at a remarkable pace.

However, Xiao Yan’s Rise of Destruction activated the many calamities within the Netherworld Sea and carried with it the destructive power of the apocalypse. While it could not compare to a hit from Lin Feng’s Heaven-Destroying Sword, its impact on Yan Xinghe was still massive. He could not recover from it in just a short while.

The half-black and half-white Life and Death Netherworld Dao Fruit above the Emperor of the Dead’s head spun. As its mana kicked into effect, Yan Xinghe’s Evil Soul turned into a ray of light and returned to the Dao Fruit.

His body entered from the white part and then, after the Dao Fruit had spun, entered the black part.

While Xiao Yan was brave, he did not dare to underestimate his opponent. Everyone knew about the powers that the Emperor of the Dead possessed.

He knew that the Life and Death Netherworld Dao Fruit was very capable in cultivating Evil Souls. When Yan Xinghe was back in the white part, he would be fit for battle once more.

While he may not be able to recover fully from the Rise of Destruction, he would still be able to battle.

Ultimately, his opponent was still the Emperor of the Dead.

Xiao Yan took a step forward and continued to advance. Calamities surrounded his body, making his Virtual Entity appear bigger and bigger and more violent.

When the Emperor of the Dead looked at Xiao Yan, the black light in his eyes gradually disappeared. Soon, his eyes looked human.

It was no longer as dark as a canyon. Instead, the mana from his body was horrifying. He began to grow massively in size too!

It was not just a physical increase in size. Instead, the Emperor of the Dead reached a new level in height as he could now look down on the heaven.

Underneath his feet, a big, black three-layered altar appeared. It silently rose and soon, the black-robed emperor on it appeared to have the power to dominate the three realms of heaven, earth, and man.

If not for his Netherworld Sea reinforcement, Xiao Yan too would have felt fear from what he was witnessing.

The Emperor of the Dead’s two eyes became calm. He reached out with two hands, one jade-white and one pitch-black.

When he closed his palms together, a black-and-white wheel appeared in mid-air.

As the wheel spun, everything around it started to change as if they were all headed for destruction and death.

Even the calamities of the Netherworld Sea appeared to exist in a state of ‘alive’ and ‘dead’. This distinction was forced upon them.

Under the power of the Emperor of the Dead, everything was destined to die. In that time, even the many calamities of the Netherworld Sea could not hurt the Emperor of the Dead.

Xiao Yan roared into the sky and used the power of the Netherworld Sea to use Rise of Destruction once more.

If you had power over life and death, I would destroy your power!

The destructive energy was endless as it barraged and the Emperor of the Death, who said, “Present the sacrifice.”

The black and white wheel before his eyes suddenly started to spin rapidly. Three Life and Death Netherworld Dao Fruit flew out. In the Netherworld Sea, a huge black sacrificial altar was erected.

The black and white wheel flew into the altar and turned silently into dust. Then, the power of the black altar became stronger, more powerful and more intense.

The Emperor of the Dead said in a slow but proud voice, “Before me, all shall perish.”

A black protective layer appeared before the black sacrificial altar, blocking the Emperor of the Dead.

In the protective layer, there was no aura or powerful mana. There seemed to be no solid force.

However, as it stood there, it was like an inter-dimensional barrier. No danger or disaster appeared in front of the Emperor of the Dead.

Time, at this moment, was distorted. Attacks from other directions all fell onto the Emperor of the Dead’s protective layer, which blocked them all.

However, Xiao Yan’s powerful Rise of Destruction was still able to cause cracks to appear on the black layer.

The cracks slowly expanded all over the black protective layer.

When the Emperor of the Dead saw this, the Life and Death Netherworld Fruit above his head started to turn and Yan Xinghe, who was floating in it, went over to the white side. Then, he walked out from it.

The Emperor of the Dead opened his hand and the Life and Death Book appeared on his palm. Gray light shot into the sky.

Rage and impatience appeared on Xiao Yan’s face as he looked at Yan Xinghe and the Life and Death Book, both of whom were behind the black protective layer. His gaze was ice-cold.

He communicated to the Netherworld Sea and activated his Rise of Destruction. He flipped his other hand open and on it, other than the Nefarious Spectral Primordial Fire and the Heaven Apocalyptic Blaze, many different types of fire appeared on it and surged to his palm. A small but terrifying lotus of fire started to form in his palm.

A terrifying destructive energy slowly grew. Soon, it was enough to shake the sky in the Netherworld Sea. The red light around Catastrophe started to retreat too. Soon, its true form was revealed. It was a huge rock pillar.

The rock pillar was not round but instead, extremely sharp. Its sharpness was like a super soldier. In the middle of the calamities of the Netherworld Sea, it stood unmovingly. Yet, it was the source of all calamities in the Netherworld Sea.

An ancient and mysterious word was carved on it. “Catastrophe.”

As Catastrophe revealed its true form, the Netherworld Sea became more and more violent. Everyone could feel that the ring world in the Netherworld Sea was becoming unstable.

Shi Tianhao was battling with the Golden Cicada. He turned to look at Xiao Yan and frowned. “While Big Senior is able to master the power of the destruction of the Dao and he could wield the Rise of Destruction and Heaven Fire Lotus, it is still fine if he does that in the Greater World. However, using the power of the Netherworld Sea exceeded his current limitation. After all, he has yet to fully control it…”

At this moment, everyone could feel something abnormal happening.

Even Xiao Yan, whose connection with the Netherworld Sea was the deepest, looked shocked.

The Netherworld Sea started to tremble violently and a huge tear, that seemed both far and near, appeared!

When the tear appeared, white light continued to flash through it. Slowly, it began to pull itself apart.

The Netherworld Sea was splitting open right now.

When everyone swept their supernatural awareness over it, they realized that the tear did not lead to the Greater World.

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