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History’s Number 1 Founder (Web Novel) - Chapter 1419 - The Accident that Broke the Stalemate

Chapter 1419: The Accident that Broke the Stalemate

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Translator: Sparrow Translations  Editor: Sparrow Translations

While the boundaries of the Netherworld Sea were stable, the many calamities inside would occasionally break it open.

Due to the intense fight in the Netherworld Sea, it made the calamities in the Netherworld Sea more chaotic and the boundaries were further damaged.

If the Netherworld Sea went completely chaotic, then it was extremely dangerous for everyone inside. Hence, all the combatants tried to limit their attacks to the immediate vicinity of Catastrophe.

Even Xiao Yan, who controlled the Netherworld Sea, did not forget about dimensional stability. To him, the most important matter was to control the power of the Netherworld Sea instead of letting it go wild.

Earlier, the Heaven-Destroying Sword caused the Netherworld Sea to open. However, the tear was quickly healed by everyone.

Everyone was rather shocked by the sudden opening of the tear now.

At the same time, the tear of the Netherworld Sea did not lead to the Greater World. The other side of the tear was pitch-black. Occasionally, one could see starlight flashing, but it was mainly black.

The black void was not calm. Like the Netherworld Sea, it was extremely chaotic too. The turbulence of space was more violent.

This time, the Netherworld Sea opened into one of the other Grand Celestial Seven Seas, the Void Sea, also known as the Void Battleground.

Shi Tianhao looked lost. He appeared to be thinking about something. His face changed instantly.

When the Netherworld Sea opened, the Nine Nether Draught, the River Styx Primordial Water, the Heaven Apocalyptic Blaze and other calamities went straight inside.

However, the tear was unstable. While certain calamities entered the Void Sea, some stuff entered the Netherworld Sea from the Void Sea too.

Void Storms of humongous scale entered from the Void Battleground. Terrifying space turbulences wracked the entrance into the Netherworld Sea, creating numerous vacuums. Like white scars, the calamities enveloped the entire Netherworld Sea and appeared extremely eye-catching.

Xiao Yan, the Emperor of the Dead, the Golden Cicada and the rest all understood instantly. “So that’s it. Storms often raged in the Void Battleground too. In tandem, they would come together. As the Void Sea was unstable too, when the storms from both ends reached a crescendo, the dimensional boundaries between the two of them would break apart.”

Xiao Yan turned his head to look. He noticed Shi Tianhao staring at the Void Storm in fear.

Xiao Yan had rarely seen Shi Tianhao in such a state. He thought about it and was suddenly jolted back to his senses. He looked in the direction of the dimensional tear.

He noticed that many other objects flew into the Netherworld Sea from the Void Sea, among them countless, odd-shaped rocks.

Between the vast Netherworld sea and the Void Sea, the rocks were as small as grains of sand. In reality, they were humongous. They were like floating landforms or stars.

Buffeted by the tempests, the rocks could only go with the wind. They were not reduced to fine dust, but they shone with runic light. Evidently, the runes in the rocks were left by someone.

The light protected the rocks from the storm. However, rocks with runes constituted only a minority. Many of them did not have this protective power and were quickly torn apart by the wind as if they had never existed.

In the Void Battleground, weaker cultivators who met the Void Storm could only depend on these rocks if there was no powerful cultivator protecting them.

People who chose to hide in the Void Battleground would pick one as his/her base.

However, the storm before them was too vast and it showed no sign of abating. Even after it entered the Netherworld Sea, it continued to rage.

Even the protective light on the rocks was slowly being blown off, causing them to disintegrate.

Xiao Yan and Shi Tianhao stared at the rocks and noticed that on top of one of them, there was a cave. The light on the rock was almost gone and soon, the cave would be buffeted by the strong wind.

At this moment, a tall old man with wild hair stepped out from the cave as he stared seriously at the fading light on the rock.

He swept his gaze and looked at the Netherworld Sea around him. First, he was taken aback. Then, he smiled and said, “This seems to be the Netherworld Sea. I never expect that I’ll leave the Void Sea one day. However, this is like being out of the frying pan and into the fire. At least I did not live for nothing, I wonder if I will ever return to the Greater World?”

“Grandfather!” A voice suddenly sounded by his ear. While he could not hear clearly because of the storm, this voice made the hairs on his arms stand.

Buffeted by the wind, he became extremely curious as he tried to identify the source of the voice. In the Netherworld Sea, he saw a handsome youth who looked like him when he was younger but also resembled his son, Shi Ziling.

While he had never seen Shi Tianhao like this before, Shi Zhongtian knew that he was not wrong. He felt that the situation was completely absurd.

He thought that there was an illusion in the Netherworld Sea. However, when he saw the Emperor of the Dead, the Golden Cicada, and Xiao Yan, he realized that both sides were battling. His suspicions were eliminated.

At this moment, he did not care about his reunion with Shi Tianhao. He was still buffeted by the Void Storm and he may die at any moment.

He did not know who their opponents were, but he knew that they were his grandson’s enemies.

Shi Zhongtian looked majestic with his beard and hair, but he still decided to return back to his cave.

While he could not see the mastery of his grandson’s enemies, he knew that he had no ability to join in the fray. At this moment, he was in the middle of the storm. If he could not even keep himself alive, how was he supposed to help?

The only plan was to use the storm around him!

He caused this storm. As he was originally trapped inside the cave, he initiated the storm to escape. Now, while he could not keep his own life, he knew that great rock could be used.

As to his own safety, the old man did not care at all. Even if he had a chance for a reunion with his grandson, his priority was to take care of the enemies.

The Void Storm became more and more chaotic. It did not care where it was blowing, as long as it could destroy everything before it.

“Tianhao, dodge!” The cave where Shi Zhongtian was in suddenly started to shine. The storm, brimming with a destructive intent, came crashing down on the Emperor of the Dead, the Golden Cicada and the rest.

The Void Storm was so ferocious that when Wu Mengqi and Shen Tuze saw it, their faces paled.

The Emperor of the Dead, the Golden Cicada, and Yan Xinghe stayed calm. Instead, they took advantage of Shi Tianhao’s momentary distraction to attack.

Xiao Yan and Shi Tianhao looked at each other. Sparks flew from their eyes.

“Big Senior, let’s go!” Shi Tianhao quickly retracted his Huangshen Body and deployed his Yingyuan Body.

The Celestial Sky Formation opened and the City in the Sky was in its dead center. The Great Heavenly Wheel was suspended high up in the air and Shi Tianhao’s Yingyuan Body landed on top of the City in the Sky. His gaze blazed with fire as he looked at the Emperor of the Dead and the Golden Cicada.

In the next instant, the Emperor of the Dead and the Golden Cicada both frowned. They could feel that the area around them rumbled and crackled with thunder.

This shapeless thunder in the void was traceless and undetectable. No one could predict its coming, and it sounded so suddenly.

This was Shi Tianhao’s Nine Heavens Traceless Void Lightning!

Shi Tianhao’s thunder was powerful and mysterious. However, both the Emperor of the Dead and the Golden Cicada were able to react on time. They used all their strength to suppress the void and the thunder.

However, this was not Shi Tianhao’s true intention.

Directed by this shapeless thunder, the Void Storm began to specifically target the Emperor of the Dead and others. Roaring, it came crashing down.

Even though Shi Zhongtian could influence the direction of the storm, but he was nowhere as accurate as Shi Tianhao. Furthermore, he could not concentrate the power of the storm too.

The Void Storm responded to the call of the Nine Heavens Traceless Void Lightning and started to shatter the space in the Netherworld Sea, making the Void Storm more and more powerful.

This was Shi Tianhao’s true killer move!

The Emperor of the Dead and the Golden Cicada who appeared calm just a moment ago suddenly became serious too. They looked at the tempest rushing toward them and growing stronger. Yet, its energy was concentrated on one single point. Directed by Shi Tianhao’s Nine Heavens Traceless Void Lightning, it charged toward them.

“Save your grandfather!” Xiao Yan knew Shi Tianhao for so many years and understood him perfectly. This time, he knew why did Shi Tianhao do this.

When Shi Tianhao activated the Nine Heavens Traceless Void Lightning, Xiao Yan closed his hand and pushed out slowly. The Rise of Destruction kicked into effect once more.

The Netherworld Sea, which had already been rendered more chaotic by the Void Storm, saw its many calamities coming together again and, directed by the Void Storm, charging toward the Golden Cicada and the Emperor of the Dead.

The wild storm and the many calamities raised a humongous wave in the Netherworld Sea.

The huge tear in between the two seas did not close but become even bigger.

The tempest raged under Shi Tianhao’s control. It only had one target and as its destructive powers became stronger, it also became more orderly. The eye of the storm was calm.

Shi Tianhao used his Nine Heavens Traceless Void Lightning and then immediately used his Great Heavenly Wheels. Afterward, he flew straight into the eye of the storm.

The Celestial Sky Formation’s Twelve Divine Generals turned into Twelve Men of Gold. Together with the City in the Sky, they stabilized the eye of the storm. Then, Shi Tianhao reached out with his palm, which grew massively in size and was able to shield the very moon. Then, it kept the huge rock where Shi Zhongtian was located.

He did not leave the storm. Instead, he allowed it to continue buffeting his body. The power of the Twelve Men of Gold and the City in the Sky started to activate, making the storm even more ferocious. Then, with the storm, he charged toward the Emperor of the Dead and others.

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