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History’s Number 1 Founder (Web Novel) - Chapter 1420 - Pursuing the Fleeing Enemy

Chapter 1420: Pursuing the Fleeing Enemy

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When Shi Tianhao’s entire body fused with the Void Storm and charged toward his opponent, Xiao Yan used his Rise of Destruction to summon the many calamities in the Netherworld Sea. It too fused with the Void Storm.

The power of the Void Storm made Catastrophe shine brighter and brighter as if it had been angered.

This time, Xiao Yan released all his energy at Catastrophe without any control.

Even the Emperor of the Dead and the others could feel that something was wrong. They could barely stop Xiao Yan.

The dark red light flashed everywhere. It was not just limited to Xiao Yan or the Netherworld Sea, but the entire Void Storm flashed with a dark-red layer.

The rolling great wave crashed like a tsunami over the Emperor of the Dead and the Golden Cicada.

Void Storm roared from the tear that led into the Void Battleground. It was endless and its strength seemed to be increasing without stopping.

The most destructive power in the Netherworld Sea too was slowly spiraling out of control. The two types of power faced each other. However, under Xiao Yan and Shi Tianhao’s miraculous combination, a crazy storm of unprecedented intensity rushed toward the Emperor of the Dead and the Golden Cicada.

At this moment, their faces changed.

The wild wave of the storm was ridiculously ferocious, and there was more than just one wave. Tapping on the power of the Void Sea and the Netherworld Sea, it raged on non-stop.

Furthermore, this crazy wave appeared to be growing in size and strength.

However, they noticed that as the wave surged, Catastrophe trembled more violently. Thanks to Xiao Yan, everyone, from the Emperor of the Dead to Shen Tuze to Wu Mengqi, could all feel that their connection to the Netherworld Sea was retreating rapidly. Instead, Xiao Yan’s connection to Catastrophe grew stronger and stronger.

The Emperor of the Dead and Shen Tuze’s attempt at interfering with the connection between Xiao Yan and the Netherworld Sea became useless. Instead, they started to lose control.

The terrible Destiny-level magic treasure was alarmed. Slowly, it appeared to be responding to them. The Netherworld Sea appeared to possess its own independent consciousness as it exerted an ever-growing pressure on them.

At this moment, their priority was to survive the combined assault from the Netherworld Sea and the Void Sea.

The Emperor of the Dead destroyed the altar underneath him. Layers of black protective barrier appeared before him and blocked the crazy wave.

The Life and Death Book was in his hand. Rays of gray light swiveled around him and combined with his own inherent strength. Then, a powerful energy burst forth to further act as another layer of shield.

On the other side, the Golden Cicada revealed his Buddhist world. Widening the distance between himself and the wave, this was how he chose to protect himself.

Wu Mengqi was not a target of Shi Tianhao’s Nine Heavens Traceless Void Lightning and hence, the storm did not target him. Xiao Yan’s Rise of Destruction would not target him too.

However, as the crazy wave came, he could feel its destructive power even as he just stood by the side.

While he was unwilling, Wu Mengqi had to admit that if this attack was directed at him, he would surely be a goner. There was no way around it. He could barely resist it, let alone hide.

Because of his status and his personality, Wu Mengqi was usually a proud and firm individual.

However, he took a step back with a complex emotion on his face as he watched the storm passed him by.

The result before him was because of inaction.

He shook his head and took a step back. Scenes from the Netherworld Sea continued to shine in his eyes. An unstable inter-world passageway appeared behind him. It seemed capable of shattering at any point in time.

Wu Mengqi sighed and said nothing. He turned and walked into this inter-world passageway and gradually disappeared.

Compared to him, Shen Tuze was in a worse shape. When Shi Tianhao used the Nine Heavens Traceless Void Lightning to attack the Emperor of the Dead and the Golden Cicada, he did not forget about him. Likewise, Nine Heavens Traceless Void Lightning appeared and targeted him too.

If not for the Golden Cicada’s protection, he could not even have resisted it with the power of the Netherworld Sea.

When the Void Storm and the calamities of the Netherworld Sea appeared before him, he was unable to escape like Wu Mengqi as Xiao Yan had limited his power.

Now, Xiao Yan was interfering with his control over the Netherworld Sea. This prevented him from controlling it.

Even the Golden Cicada at this moment found it hard to protect himself, much less take care of him. Shen Tuze could only watch helplessly at the huge wave devoured him!

Shen Tuze’s face was as solemn as water. He slammed his palms together and used all his strength. 18 golden lamps shone from the top of his head to reveal 18 rays of Buddhist light, which then enveloped his body.

In the Buddhist light, chanting rang out from the side of his ear. The light outline of many Buddhist treasures could be seen.

In the Buddhist light, there seemed to be a Buddhist world too. It was complete and whole. Inside, everything seemed possible.

It was the Nirvana of Industry. In it, all worries were washed away. Jealousy turned to wisdom. This represented wholeness and completion. Everything one wished for would materialize.

However, in the Nirvana of Industry, many gray streams of gas appeared underneath Shen Tuze. Its power was completely different from Buddhism. They brimmed with the aura of death.

In the streams of gray gases, one could see a half-white and half-black Dao Fruit. Then, it turned into a black-and-white wheel of light. Spinning non-stop, it seemed to represent the Samsara of Life and Death and the Netherworld.

Shen Tuze closed his palms together and two completely different Dao principles appeared. They attracted and repelled each other, forming an immensely powerful energy.

With his mind, a black rod flew out. It was actually a Metaplasia-level magic treasure. On top of the ferocious black rod, 18 golden rings appeared. As they knocked against each other, they produced a gentle chime.

This caused the murderous aura from the black rod to retreat. From it, one could sense a compassionate Buddhist aura.

This was Shen Tuze’s only magic treasure. Its powers were extraordinary and originally, it was cultivated via the Emperor of the Dead Mantra. Then, he refined it with Buddhist cultivation. Now it was even more powerful. It still needed more time before it could reach the Mahayana level.

At this moment, Shen Tuze used all the strength he had on him and the many treasures on him started to activate. Other than the magic treasure, runic light shone and a formation map appeared. It then took the form of a dead world as it protected Shen Tuze.

However, in face of the powerful wave, all forms of protection Shen Tuze had were rendered completely useless. They were destroyed almost immediately.

Shen Tuze could only watch as his Immortal Soul vanished.

He prepared more than one way to save his life. However, none of them worked. Under that powerful attack, it was completely destroyed.

Struggling, Shen Tuze looked at the wave before him. His gaze penetrated into it and he met Xiao Yan’s gaze.

He was able to see Xiao Yan, but he noticed that Xiao Yan was looking at the Emperor of the Dead and the Golden Cicada instead.

“Completely… not on the same level?” This was the last thought in Shen Tuze’s mind. In the next moment, he was inundated by the wave. His soul was destroyed as if it had never existed.

Even the Emperor of the Dead could sense that there was no way out.

The powerful wave was endless and its strength showed no sign of abating. It was difficult even for him to deal with it.

“Your Majesty, Emperor Dou, this is not the final battle, right?” At this moment, the Golden Cicada’s voice sounded next to his ear.

The Emperor of the Dead’s gaze was icy-cold as he turned to look at the Golden Cicada.

The Golden Cicada’s expression was calm even though the Buddhist light that protected him was gradually being eroded.

However, the Golden Cicada was in no rush. He took the form of a young monk in gray robes. He opened one of his palms and two rays of light, one red and one purple, flew out.

The two rays of light crisscrossed and spun non-stop. Finally, it shot into the sky.

As they spun, the two rays of light opened a hole in the void above the Golden Cicada’s head. From the hole, a large amount of white light spilled out.

The white light slowly took the shape of a door. The door then opened.

When the door opened, the white light began to dim and disappear. Then, a completely ordinary door appeared.

In the calamities-filled Netherworld Sea, this scene appeared odd indeed.

An infinite amount of spiritual energy could be sensed from that door. Endless and vast like the sea, it made everyone look twice.

Through the door, one could see the existence of many strips of light. Rising and falling, they shone in the void.

Everyone knew that it was the Spirit Sea. The strips of light were all formed from the materialization of the Dao in the Spirit Sea.

Under the combined attack from Xiao Yan and Shi Tianhao, this doorway appeared unstable too. It seemed like it would close at any moment.

However, in that short span of time, it stabilized the area around the Golden Cicada.

Taking advantage of it, the Golden Cicada leaped and walked up on invisible stairs. He looked as if he was completely unaware of everything around him but soon, he was before the door. Then, he stepped through it.

Before the door could close, it shimmered and trembled under the barrage from the destructive wave. Then, it burst like a bubble.

Expressionlessly, the Emperor of the Dead watched this scene. Then, he did the same.

“Where are you going?” At this moment, Shi Tianhao and Xiao Yan were already before him. The Emperor of the Dead frowned and Yan Xinghe suddenly appeared before them, blocking them, as the Emperor of the Dead tried to leave through the door.

Xiao Yan looked at Yan Xinghe and said, “Little Junior, your grandfather is safe. You can focus on pursuing him in the Spirit Sea. Let me take care of the Divine Lands and the Netherworld Sea.”

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