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History’s Number 1 Founder (Web Novel) - Chapter 1423 - The Six-Tiered Heaven Fire Lotus

Chapter 1423: The Six-Tiered Heaven Fire Lotus

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While Yan Xinghe’s attack was the Heavenly Cage Mantra, its destructiveness and ferocity were vastly different and way superior to most spells in the world. Even the many spells of the Great Void Sect could not handle it.

From a humble Heavenly Cage Mantra, it was able to make such an astounding change. It was indeed special.

If news of this were to spread, the entire Divine Lands would be shocked.

Right now, in Yan Xinghe’s Immortal Soul, scenes of destruction started to appear too. The results of the spell affected him too.

Perhaps this was the unique aspect of this spell; its ability to take its user down as well.

This spell shone with an eye-dazzling radiance and a powerful destructive energy.

When he felt the change in his body as well as Yan Xinghe’s state, how could Xiao Yan not know what his opponent was thinking?

Yan Xinghe did not care whether he would be struck by the six-colored fire lotus anymore. All he cared about was to achieve his objective and severely injure or kill Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan’s eyes were icy-cold. A vicious smile crossed his face.

He roared and quickly conjured spells with his hands. He made an imprint before his chest.

Just now, the area around Xiao Yan which was sealed off by the Heavenly Cage Mantra started to regain its connection with Xiao Yan.

However, Xiao Yan did not use the power of the Netherworld Sea to attack Yan Xinghe.

This time, he used his own spell to trigger the Rise of Destruction. Instead of attacking Yan Xinghe, the spell appeared to operate backward.

With this spell as its foundation, Xiao Yan used another attack.

It was one attack that he rarely used anymore, the Crash of the Eight Trigrams!

By cultivating the Heavenly Classic of the Way’s Virtues and mastering the Great Celestial Way of the Eight Trigrams, he was able to form an attack unique to himself.

It was not used to directly attack his opponent. It was also not used to attack stuff that his outer defenses could use. Instead, it was a completely different transformation as it was used to overcome inner demons!

Xiao Yan came up with this change a long time ago. He came up with it when his Aurous Core was being attacked by three different types of fire. When he subdued them, he mastered it.

However, Xiao Yan used it primarily for personal cultivation and to overcome inner demons and calm himself. With the many types of primordial fire he cultivated, his cultivation path was dangerous indeed. Only with this Crash of the Eight Trigrams could he overcome them.

At this moment, Xiao Yan used this spell once more. With the immense destructive force, he tried to stabilize his internal chaos caused by Yan Xinghe.

Xiao Yan chuckled, “The Heavenly Cage Mantra, Crash of the Eight Trigrams… he!”

Forcefully suppressing the unstoppable internal collapse in his body, Xiao Yan was finally able to stop it. The ferocious storm appeared to pause temporarily too.

When he saw that, Yan Xinghe sighed and said nothing.

He knew that his attempt had failed.

While Xiao Yan was injured by his attack, he remained unhurt. His connection with the Netherworld Sea would not be severed.

The terrifying six-colored fire lotus was before him.

When Yan Xinghe saw that, his gaze flickered and an odd expression crossed his face.

The terrifying six-colored fire lotus, which was suspended in mid-air, stopped.

It was not because Xiao Yan’s powers were affected when he was resisting Yan Xinghe’s attack. Instead, thanks to Xiao Yan’s own volition, the fire lotus came to a stop.

Everyone knew that Xiao Yan could delicately control this terrifying energy. His control over the Heaven Fire Lotus had reached its maximum.

Yan Xinghe never believed that Xiao Yan had abandoned the notion of finishing him off.

Xiao Yan’s gaze was icy-cold as he looked at Yan Xinghe. He said slowly, “I know that the reason you mentioned Wen Chiyang’s Nine Suns Holy Light of Creation to trigger me so that you will have a chance to attack.”

“However, what you said is true. I do have this idea in mind. You didn’t need to go through that effort. Even if you didn’t say anything I would have still attacked.”

Xiao Yan’s icy-cold gaze swept over Yan Xinghe. His entire body suddenly started to shine with a bright light.

Reddish-gold light shone like sunbeams, illuminating the dark Netherworld Sea. Countless of runes appeared in the vast space.

This was the Holy Light of Creation that once belonged to Wen Chiyang and now belonged to Xiao Yan, Nine Suns!

Mana coursed through Xiao Yan’s body. Under the illumination of the holy light, he looked like an immortal descending from the heaven.

He roared and one could see the outlines of nine suns rising in the golden light. burning intensely.

Among the nine suns, six of them slowly solidified. They descended onto the Netherworld Sea like real suns!

Then, the six real suns disappeared. Now, they hung above Yan Xinghe’s six-colored Heaven Fire Lotus and made a shocking transformation!

The solitary fire lotus multiplied into six!

The six fire lotuses all seemed fragile and delicate, but they brimmed with a terrifying power. In the Netherworld Sea, they trembled and formed a terrifying image in everyone’s mind.

While each lotus was not as strong as the one lotus just now, the appearance of six lotuses brought about an immense, earth-shaking pressure to the environment. Destruction and collapse appeared imminent.

Xiao Yan said plainly, “I don’t think the Chi Yang Holy Man would want to see this scene, but…”

He slammed down with his palm and the six Heaven Fire Lotuses descended down onto Yan Xinghe.

When he saw the reddish-gold Holy Light of Creation and the six terrifying Heaven Fire Lotuses, Yan Xinghe was momentarily stunned.

A familiar outline appeared before him once more, using the Spell of the Transcendent Heavens to battle the Emperor of Extremity. In Yan Xinghe’s memory, this was his last recollection of Wen Chiyang.

Yan Xinghe’s eyes rolled. Before he could do another action, the six Heaven Fire Lotuses exploded all at once and turned into a humongous sea of fire. They instantly engulfed the Netherworld Sea and incinerated everything.

The place where the two of them once stood was completely destroyed. Streaks of fire rushed into the sky and turned the Netherworld Sea into a world of fire.

Yan Xinghe’s body was lost in the sea of fire, never to be seen again.

The most influential member and leader of the Great Void Sect who lived since the Antiquity Age, Yan Xinghe, was completely destroyed today!

Faced with the sea of fire, even Xiao Yan retreated quickly. He did not dare think what would happen if he entered it.

His Virtual Entity disappeared and his human form re-appeared. His face was pale and he appeared extremely weak. The reddish-gold Holy Light of Creation slowly disappeared too.

After Xiao Yan understood the destruction of the Dao, he had never used such powers before. Right now, he was in an extremely-weakened state.

He could barely use any spell that concerned the destruction and rebirth of the Dao.

The scene of destruction before him was able to prove his powers.

Just now, as he battled against Yan Xinghe, Xiao Yan was in an undefeatable position. He did not need to use such a powerful attack that injured his Immortal Soul.

However, he still did it. With his current powers, he was able to attack with all his might.

In the chaotic void, Xiao Yan flew back rapidly until he landed on the red pillar.

Catastrophe did not repel him. Instead, it appeared excited.

Xiao Yan surveyed the Netherworld Sea before fixing his gaze on Catastrophe. After a long while, Xiao Yan bowed solemnly to Catastrophe.

Behind him, one could see a flame of flames, and then countless calamities.

Xiao Yan’s powerful attack caused the area where it happened to split open. Now, he needed to use the power of the Netherworld Sea to extinguish the flames. No one knew when the split would heal.

Xiao Yan sat cross-legged as he stared into space. It was as if he was searching for the Spirit Sea.

There, his master and fellow disciples were fighting against their enemies. The Emperor of the Dead and the Golden Cicada retreated there.

From a certain perspective, the Golden Cicada was right in saying that the Spirit Sea was the decisive battleground.

However, this did not mean that staying in the Netherworld Sea was useless.

Xiao Yan sat cross-legged and after a long while, the color returned to his face and he no longer appeared as weak. Then, his body gradually entered the red pillar and soon, he was gone.

The Netherworld Sea rose and fall. Calamities could soon be seen everywhere, which meant that the Netherworld Sea had returned to its normal state.

However, as time passed, a sudden change happened in the Netherworld Sea.

An invisible barrier appeared suddenly, cutting the Netherworld Sea in half. One side of it was calm and other side resembled an apocalypse.

A conflicted and ridiculous sensation appeared in the Netherworld Sea. However, it was also oddly harmonious.

What was weirder was that the area of calm in the Netherworld Sea started to expand. Many formerly violent regions in it turned calm.

As Xiao Yan and the rest fought, in the Black Sea, a thousand rays of light were shooting into the sky. There, golden Dragon Awe Auspicious Clouds covered a huge dragon that flew from the bottom of the sea into the sky.

The golden dragon opened its mouth and two rays of light, one purple and one red, flew out. They crisscrossed in the void and turned white. A door in the white light opened and led to a mystical world.

When the dragon entered it, the door slammed shut. After the dragon entered the Spirit Sea, he did not advance but instead, stayed put.

The chime of the Great Dao could be heard everywhere. On the dragon, there was a slash made by a sword. In the Spirit Sea, the wound started to heal.

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