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History’s Number 1 Founder (Web Novel) - Chapter 1424 - Everyone Is in the Spirit Sea

Chapter 1424: Everyone Is in the Spirit Sea

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The golden dragon that entered the Spirit Sea was naturally the current leader of the dragons, the Origin Dragon King.

The demonic aura from his body way was evidently more powerful than those from the Shen Dragon Body or the Earth Dragon King. However, it seemed sluggish right now.

On his body, he had a horrifying wound. Anyone who saw it would have chills down their hearts. Evidently, the person who injured the current leader of the dragons was Xuan Li.

In the Black Sea, the Origin Dragon King may not be so severely injured. However, ever since he left the Black Sea and returned to the Greater World, he was unable to resist the violent power of the Heaven-Destroying Sword even with a part of the power of the Black Sea. Thus, he was injured by Xuan Li.

He could not recover in such a short time, but he still came to the Spirit Sea.

Fighting most enemies with his wound would be fine. However, if he fought Lin Feng, the Supreme Heavenly Mirror or the Illusory Sun Hades, his wound would be a huge problem and a weakness.

However, the Origin Dragon King had a calm look on his face. Ever since he entered the Spirit Sea, he stayed there and did nothing.

A huge roar could be heard between the heaven and earth. Rays of light descended and wrapped themselves around his body. His wound started to heal.

While it was not fast, the recovery could be witnessed with the naked eye.

Other than the wound itself, the murderous force from the Heaven-Destroying Sword in the Origin Dragon King body slowly started to heal too.

The sword will appeared to be angered. It tried to resist against the light in the Spirit Sea. However, alone, it quickly succumbed.

In this process, the Origin Dragon King suffered greatly too. The light from the Spirit Sea and the sword will fought inside his body. Every clash that happened between the two of them made him feel as if he had been cut by a sword.

The Origin Dragon King’s face was sullen. He slowly closed his eyes and as the scales around his body opened, a huge amount of Dragon Awe Auspicious Cloud emerged. This covered his huge body.

Demonic power surged throughout his body. Slowly, he tried to harmonize the power in the Spirit Sea as well as the one from the Heaven-Destroying Sword.

“The Spirit Sea could indeed heal the damages caused by the Heaven-Destroying Sword.” The Origin Dragon King slowly lowered his head. While he had not ventured into the Spirit Sea before this, he had some understanding of this place. The results were clear.

The reason why he chose to plan in the Divine Lands was so that he did not need to fear not having the energy to enter the scramble for the Spirit Sea.

However, he really should not have even interfered in the Divine Lands. The death of the Earth Dragon King angered him greatly.

At the same time, he entered the Spirit Sea after the rest. He did not know what kind of results he could get from it.

However, the Origin Dragon King did not regret anything. The dragons had to make an attempt for the Divine Lands.

While he was proud, the Origin Dragon King could clearly see that that was the best opportunity. If he missed it, it was unlikely that he would get another shot.

However, they were still unable to succeed. It was because of that that made the upcoming battle in the Spirit Sea even more important.

In the Spirit Sea, golden clouds started to spread. After a certain distance, they stopped and floated on its original position. In the many layers of cloud, one could see numerous rays of light.

In the void, many invisible rays of light started to shine.

The two sides started to resound together. After a long time, the golden clouds suddenly trembled mightily and withdrew.

In the golden auspicious clouds, one could see a pair of eyes. Shining like stars, they were majestic and heavy.

A ray of golden radiance shot out from the center of the auspicious cloud. It flew into the distance. As it penetrated through space, the remaining golden clouds disappeared too.

The Origin Dragon King flew out and dashed across the endless void. Everything in the Spirit Sea, regardless where they were, looked the same. It was easy to get lost inside.

Quickly, the Origin Dragon King saw a tiny golden dot of light.

The dot of light expanded rapidly and turned into a golden lake. Near the lake, one could see many figures.

The gaze of the Origin Dragon King turned serious. While he had not left the Black Sea in many years, he recognized everyone there.

The Great Void Nine Heavenly Palaces and a group of Great Void Sect cultivators, led by the Tai Yi Holy Man, were there. There was no way he did not recognize him. 20 years ago in the Greater World, he fought against the Tai Yi Holy Man. From that fight, he successfully obtained some rare items.

Afterward, as he did his closed-door training in the Black Sea, he was able to successfully pass the Second Tribulation of Destiny. His rapid recovery was a result of the treasure.

However, everyone present, including the dragons and the Great Void Sect, could not have foreseen the situation right now. The rise of the Celestial Sect of Wonders and the return of the Hades Tribe were both shocking events.

A Buddha with 48 000 hands, all of which shone with starlight, was there too. While it was the first time the Origin Dragon King saw it, he knew it was the Cosmic Marble Buddha.

After the return of the Cosmic Buddha Marble, the Golden Cicada pledged allegiance to him. The Origin Dragon King’s Spirit Sea Secret Key was obtained from the Golden Cicada.

The Origin Dragon King could clearly sense that the Golden Cicada intended for that to happen. In other words, the Cosmic Marble Buddha was the architect behind that action.

The Origin Dragon King did not the intention of his opponents. At this moment, he scrutinized the Cosmic Marble Buddha.

Everyone present could sense the coming of the Origin Dragon King. The Cosmic Marble Buddha turned his head slightly to look at the Origin Dragon King. His gaze was peaceful and natural. It told him nothing.

When the Origin Dragon King saw that, his gaze turned elsewhere.

He saw a floating cloud too. On top of the cloud, he could see a blurry humanoid shape. He could not see the features but only an outline.

He recognized that to be the new rising star in the Barren Expanses, the Heavenly Charms Grand Sage.

Since the last battle between the dragons and the Great Void Sect, the Heavenly Charms Grand Sage was able to gain something from it too. This allowed her to rise rapidly in power.

Unfortunately, the current situation was worse for her compared to the Origin Dragon King.

The Origin Dragon King would not undermine the Heavenly Charms Grand Sage. After all, she was the reason why he and the Cosmic Marble Buddha were able to enter the Spirit Sea. Her ability to create this situation was remarkable indeed.

Furthermore, underneath her feet, there were 12 pillars of light. Evidently, they were the Twelve Sages Heavenly Revolving Formation. She also managed to gather very powerful materials to cast the formation.

However, even so, she needed to put much more effort than everyone else for her to achieve anything.

What made the Origin Dragon King happy was the fact that the mysterious origin of the Heavenly Charms Grand Sage was finally exposed.

Earlier, regardless whether it was the Origin Dragon King or the Earth Dragon King, or even the entire Barren Expanses, no one thought that the Heavenly Charms Grand Sage was related to the Hades Empress.

When he thought about the Hades Emperor, a dark look flitted across his face. At the opposite end of the lake, he could see a few Hades.

When he saw their leader, the Origin Dragon King’s eyes narrowed into slits.

There were 12 Hades. They were led by Illusory Sun, the current leader of the Hades, and its tribe’s most powerful member!

Even though the Origin Dragon Sun had recovered from the last War of the Two Worlds and his Second Tribulation of Destiny, he still felt immense pressure when he looked at Illusory Sun.

When the Hades Emperor ruled, the dragons had to submit to him.

After the previous War of the Two Worlds 4000 years ago, the Hades Emperor fell in battle and the location of the Hades Tribe could not be found. The dragons finally had the opportunity to shine. This time, by completing the Second Tribulation of Destiny, the dragons obtained a distinct advantage. When news of that spread, both the Divine Lands and the Barren Expanses were shocked.

However, at this moment, the Illusory Sun Hades and the Hades Tribe returned to the Greater World. while they were unable to dominate the Barren Expanses like before, they were still the most powerful tribe.

The Illusory Sun Hades looked at the Origin Dragon King and nodded his head slightly. He did not say anything but instead, he cast his gaze onto the golden lake.

The Origin Dragon King’s face was expressionless. He did not say anything.

Other than the Great Void Sect, the Heavenly Charms Grand Sage, the Cosmic Marble Buddha and the Hades Tribe, there was also a monkey who stood by the lake, scratching his ears. Like Illusory Sun, he stared at the center of the lake.

While the Origin Dragon King had never seen this monkey before, he recognized him all the same. Every time he appeared, he would create an incredible amount of trouble. This was the Ten Thousand Mantra Ape.

The Origin Dragon King’s gaze turned from the monkey and Illusory Sun and focused onto the center of the lake.

He was able to detect the change almost instantly. However, he only looked at it seriously at the very last moment.

There was a whirlpool in the center of the lake. There, a golden disc floated on the whirlpool. Some people sat on the disc. The Origin Dragon King cared only for two of them as he turned this gaze to them.

The two figures were identical. They were both long-haired youths clad in purple, flowing robes. One of them sat cross-legged while the other held a huge black umbrella. When they saw the Origin Dragon King approach, they looked at him with an odd half-smile.

This was probably the first time the Origin Dragon King had seen them.

Yet, he cared about them than even Illusory Sun.

This was because this person defeated him in the War of the Two Worlds. Not long ago, he remained in the Greater World and defeated him too, forcing him back into the Black Sea.

The leader of the Celestial Sect of Wonders, Lin Feng.

He looked at Lin Feng and then at the Origin Golden Cup. Suddenly, he understood that Lin Feng had the advantage in the scramble for the Spirit Sea.

The others could only stare at him.

At this moment, the Origin Dragon King’s gaze fell onto the umbrella in Lin Feng’s hand.

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