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History’s Number 1 Founder (Web Novel) - Chapter 1425 - Everyone Who Should Be Here Is Here

Chapter 1425: Everyone Who Should Be Here Is Here

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The Origin Dragon King looked at the umbrella in Lin Feng’s hand. At the moment, the umbrella appeared normal and unremarkable. There was nothing special about it.

However, on the tip of the umbrella, one could see a black little tower on top of it. Black light surged from it and swirled around the umbrella. They turned into streams of gas that resembled the original chaos of the universe.

Covered by the umbrella, the Origin Dragon King looked at the Tai Yi Holy Man, Illusory Sun, the Cosmic Marble Buddha and the rest. He could already guess what they were thinking about.

His gaze then fell on the Great Void Nine Heavenly Palaces again. Afterward, he looked down and focused on the many Great Void Sect cultivators near the golden lake.

Indeed, near the water of the lake, one could see a bright mirror. Streams of light dazzled off the mirror and as time flowed by, the mirror grew brighter and brighter.

The Origin Dragon King was expressionless as he looked at the scene before him. He knew that the Supreme Heavenly Mirror was quickly recovering its full strength as he felt more and more power coming from it.

Like the Illusory Sun Hades, he had complicated feelings toward the Supreme Heavenly Mirror.

The dragons hated the Great Qin Dynasty because of the Ancestral Dragon. In the same vein, they hated the Great Void Sect too.

The fall of Emperor Jue could be blamed on the Supreme Heavenly Mirror.

The reason why the Great Void Sect was able to last through the millenniums until today was because of the Supreme Heavenly Mirror.

Before the last War of the Two Worlds, no one knew how did the Hades Tribe return to the Greater World. There were only three stabilizing factors in the Grand Celestial World.

The first was whether Lin Feng could successfully carry out his second enhanced cultivation of his Heaven-Destroying Sword. The second was when would the Supreme Heavenly Mirror recover completely. The third was whether the Origin Dragon King could successfully dominate the Barren Expanses before the former two happened.

In the War of the Two Worlds, the Great Void Sect entered the Black Sea along with their Supreme Heavenly Mirror. This was the first major battle against the dragons.

Because of certain reasons, the dragons almost had the chance of keeping the Supreme Heavenly Mirror in the Black Sea forever.

However, because of Lin Feng, they failed.

At that moment, the Origin Dragon King looked at the Supreme Heavenly Mirror slowly regaining its strength, which could take place before Lin Feng even seized control of the Spirit Sea.

Despite his many years of existence, the Origin Dragon King had complicated feelings about it.

Without interfering, the Origin Dragon King knew that the Supreme Heavenly Mirror, the Illusory Sun Hades, the Cosmic Marble Buddha, the monkey and the Heavenly Charms Grand Sage had already tried to stop Lin Feng. Evidently, they failed. Hence, all they could do was to watch the Supreme Heavenly Mirror slowly recover.

While he was proud, the Origin Dragon King knew that if so many of them had failed. He probably could not succeed by himself.

This was ultimately not the Black Sea. Even if he used the power of the Black Sea, he may not succeed.

The Celestial Sect of Wonders, under Lin Feng’s leadership, was the de facto ruler of the world and the most powerful force in the Grand Celestial World.

It was unimaginable for Lin Feng to successfully cultivate the Spirit Sea.

At this moment, the Origin Dragon King and the rest became natural allies. Right now, they needed the Supreme Heavenly Mirror to break through Lin Feng’s umbrella.

The Origin Dragon King roared and shot into the sky. He turned into a ray of golden light as he charged toward the center of the lake, where Lin Feng and the rest were.

He did not believe that he could beat them alone, but he at least had to try. Only by doing this could he understand the deal with Lin Feng’s umbrella.

Golden Dragon Awe Auspicious Cloud filled the entire sky and descended down onto Lin Feng’s head. Underneath the black umbrella, Lin Feng smiled slightly but said nothing.

A huge golden dragon reached out from the Dragon Awe Auspicious Cloud as it tried to grab the surface of the umbrella.

Compared to the Origin Dragon King’s humongous frame, the umbrella appeared puny. At this moment, it distorted space and became unimaginably large. The Origin Dragon King’s claw felt as if it landed in a pile of chaos.

The Origin Dragon King tore at the quicksand as if he was trying to break them apart.

However, his terrifying power was continually washed away by chaos. The Origin Dragon King could not proceed.

Illusory Sun, who was by the lake, said nothing as he attacked. Likewise, he was blocked by the umbrella.

The attack was not powerful, but the Origin Dragon King saw the principles behind it. The demonic powers of Illusory Sun landed on the umbrella. Yet, it quickly dissipated as if they were in separate dimensions.

“So that’s why. No wonder everyone found it hard to break through the umbrella and had to wait for the Supreme Heavenly Mirror to make a complete recovery.”

The Origin Dragon King reached his objective. He ceased attacking and his body flew up once more above the lake. He looked at the center of the lake and the Origin Golden Cup at its center. He took in the peculiar but peaceful scene before him as well as Lin Feng and the rest.

The Origin Dragon King clad himself in golden auspicious clouds, which slowly descended. Soon, he arrived next to the lake and fell silent.

No one knew what the Origin Dragon King was thinking. He seemed to be waiting for the Supreme Heavenly Mirror to recover fully. Like the rest, he surrounded Lin Feng. For a proud dragon, this was a difficult decision.

The others said nothing too as they all waited quietly.

From a certain perspective, it was because Lin Feng now possessed this right.

He held up his umbrella and smiled slightly. His gaze swept past the Origin Dragon King but he said nothing.

Zhu Yi, Wang Lin, Yue Hongyan, Yang Qing and the rest all looked calm. They sat cross-legged on the Origin Golden Cup, surrounding Lin Feng. The White Tiger Grand Sage stared coldly at the Illusory Sun Hades. However, he was calm too as he crouched by the side.

Everyone suddenly felt their hearts tremored as they looked into the distance. They saw a man walk out.

The man was clad in black dragon robes. On his head, he wore a crown. His face was majestic and solemn.

When they saw him, Wang Lin’s gaze darkened. Lin Feng arched his eyebrows.

Zhu Yi, Yue Hongyan, and Yang Qing recognized who he was. This was the Emperor of the Dead, who had remained hidden all this while. While he took the shape of himself when he was young, they were sure that it was him.

The Emperor of the Dead appeared on the other side of the golden lake, near the Great Void Sect. Standing opposite the lake, he looked calmly at everything before him. His gaze fell onto Lin Feng and the rest, and then at the lake.

While he did not try to attack like the Origin Dragon King, he was soon able to grasp what was going on after observation.

The Emperor of the Dead stood quietly there expressionlessly. No one knew what he was thinking. When he looked at the golden lake, and then at the Supreme Heavenly Mirror, he could not conceal the light in his eyes.

When they saw the Emperor of the Dead, the faces of everyone from the Great Void Sect changed. Even the calm Tai Yi Holy Man, with his snow-white mustache and beard, looked nervous. He closed his eyes and ‘looked’ at the Emperor of the Dead.

The fact that Yan Xinghe, a person of historical significance for the Great Void Sect, had been turned into an Evil Soul by the Emperor of the Dead was a humongous humiliation to them.

Right now, the person the Great Void Sect hated the most was the Emperor of the Dead.

Other than the Tai Yi Holy Man, the Zheng Yi Holy Man, the Xuan Yi Holy Man and Lin Daohan all stared at the Emperor of the Dead with icy-cold glares.

“Remember what we are here for.” The Tai Yi Holy Man retracted his ‘gaze’ and said.

Lin Daohan contemplated for a while and retracted his gaze too. “We need to let the Supreme Heavenly Mirror regain its strength. This is the most important thing right. Regardless what we do, it will be much easier if the Supreme Heavenly Mirror is at its peak.”

Everyone else nodded. The Zheng Yi Holy Man looked at the Emperor of the Dead and said, “His wounds have recovered completely. He became more powerful too. I could feel that he had returned to his peak, as described by historical records.”

The Tai Yi Holy Man said, “Calm your heart. The priority is the Spirit Sea. The result of the Spirit Sea will determine the future direction of the Grand Celestial World.”

Lin Daohan nodded his head in affirmation.

The Emperor of the Dead positioned himself far away from the Great Void Sect. He did not want any trouble.

When the Cosmic Marble Buddha saw the arrival of the Origin Dragon King and the Emperor of the Dead, he chanted softly to himself.

Now, everyone with a stake in it was present.

The most important issue right now was whether the Supreme Heavenly Mirror could regain its peak quicker than Lin Feng could cultivate the Spirit Sea. Only then could they overcome his umbrella.

Everyone present fell silent.

On top of the Origin Golden Cup, Lin Feng held up his umbrella and smiled. He telepathically told his disciples, “Tianhao is already in the Spirit Sea. However, he is not coming here. According to him, the Golden Cicada is here too. I don’t think that old fool dare to approach us.”

Shi Tianhao did not approach Lin Feng because he feared that doing so would create a chance for Illusory Sun and the Great Void Sect.

While he had the City in the Sky, the Celestial Sky Formation, and the Great Heavenly Wheel, there were many other powerful cultivators in the Spirit Sea. As the Celestial Sect was everyone’s target, if Lin Feng could not properly receive him, he may fall into their hands.

The reason why the Golden Cicada did not show himself was because he wanted to hide from the monkey. Only then could the collaboration between the other sides be successful.

When Zhu Yi and Wang Lin heard that, their faces remained expressionless. Instead, they continued to look at the lake.

Over there, the Supreme Heavenly Mirror grew brighter and brighter. It slowly started to connect with the heaven and earth.

On the other side, the water in the lake had greatly retreated too compared to earlier.

Everyone stared at this development with serious expressions on their faces. When the golden lake disappeared completely, it meant that Lin Feng’s cultivation of the Spirit Sea was further enhanced. While he still may not be able to control it, it would be difficult to undo his success and the situation would more or less have been fixed.

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