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History’s Number 1 Founder (Web Novel) - Chapter 1426 - The Supreme Heavenly Mirror’s True Form!

Chapter 1426: The Supreme Heavenly Mirror’s True Form!

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Everyone was focusing their attention on Lin Feng’s progress on the Spirit Sea’s cultivation and the Supreme Heavenly Mirror’s recovery speed.

Meditating atop the Origin Golden Cup with his eyes closed all this while, Lin Feng finally opened his eyes slowly, with his gaze flickering with boundless light.

Looking into Lin Feng’s eyes, one could seemingly observe the endless Destiny World’s journey from creation to annihilation, and its subsequent rebirth into another creation phase.

Long rays of light burst forth from the Spirit Sea and landed on Lin Feng’s body, seemingly cloaking him entirely in a brilliant radiance yet making him completely transparent. His body seemed to have disappeared while his existence was manifested in the convergence of the Spirit Sea’s countless light rays.

In such a state, he looked void of any secrets yet remaining completely incomprehensible and undescribable.

No one knew that a giant Taiji diagram was rotating uninterruptedly within Lin Feng’s sea of self-awareness. And above the Taiji diagram, another Original True Spirit Pattern was countering its effects.

This Original True Spirit Pattern abruptly ripped into two parts, gaining a dual-coloured black and white glow. Both the black and white light illuminated the void space inside Lin Feng’s sea of self-awareness, reflecting the glow from the Taiji diagram below.

Countless mysteries of the Great Way manifested as illusory lighted shadows, undulating continuously through the void space. As they intersected, they began breaking through the heavens and earth, resulting in a chaotic outburst of earth, water, fire and wind. As these elements stabilized, the heavens opened and the opposing forces of Yin and Yang diverged, rising and sinking respectively until the area burst with life. It was a new world.

These worlds appeared one after another and each descended into decadence as they experienced the flowing tides of time, ultimately journeying towards destruction and nullifying to a state of peace.

An entirely new Destiny World then sprouted from the destroyed void space and the cycle continues, as if alluding to the grand truth of eternity. The amount of lighted shadows materialized from the theories of the Great Way increased as they became more complete.

At the end, light rays of the Great Way burst forth within Lin Feng’s sea of self-awareness and materialized as tangible entities, as though reflecting the scenery of the Spirit Sea. However, this image contained a giant Taiji diagram rotating weakly, slowing gradually to a point of stopping. And without anyone knowing when, the image of a massive bell appeared above the Taiji diagram.

Amidst the soothing and majestic chimes, the grand bell gradually changed its appearance. It morphed into a giant black stone door populated with relief sculptures. Its ancient desolate quality still exuded an intense aura of life.

The massive door let out a low rumble as it slowly opened its doors, and a long formless river flowed out from within. The water flowed continuously, neither too slowly nor too quickly, yet possessing a ceaseless eternal quality. It was the River of Time.

An old man sat on the river’s surface. He looked as old and feeble as ever, as though he could reach the end of his life and leave this world at any time. Only his eyes reflected a drastically different image. Looking into his eyes, one could notice a child-like innocence and vibrancy, the brilliance and sharpness of a youth, yet also sensing the experience and weariness of a middle-aged man, as well as the peace and calmness of an elderly man. And amidst all of these qualities, he exuded a faint aura of death, completely void of life energy.

Everything simultaneously appeared and blended together in the old man’s eyes. Each element remained clearly distinct, but all of them melded as a single inseparable entity.

As time flowed by quietly, changes that no one knew were going on was happening inside Lin Feng’s sea of self-awareness.

On the surface, besides seeming more mysterious and indiscernible after being cloaked in light, Lin Feng did not look very different from how he was before.

Lin Feng’s eyes were as calm as the water. He felt a jolt in his heart and gazed at the distant lake. Below the water surface, that brilliant light reflected from the mirror was becoming increasingly blinding. And as the reflected light was changing, the Great Way of the Heavens and Earth in the centre of the Spirit Sea began vibrating.

In an instant, the streams of light attached to the edges of the Supreme Heavenly Mirror suddenly tore apart! The blinding reflection from the mirror vanished instantly, as if having been promptly extinguished.

Upon taking in this sight, the Tai Yi Holy Man, the Zheng Yi Holy Man, the Xuan Yi Holy Man, Lin Daohan and the other Great Void Sect cultivators jolted back to life!

In the next moment, the entire Spirit Sea realm began quaking violently.

Following that, the whole of the Greater World outside the Spirit Sea started vibrating as well. Everyone in the Divine Lands and Barren Expanses could feel the tremors very clearly!

The Heavenly Grand Sage and the Crimson Gorilla Grand Sage, who barely managed to escape back to the Lingyuan Mountains, could feel their faces turning pale without enough time to calm themselves down.

Inside the Parasol Tree Forest, the Phoenix Grand Sage roosted calmly atop a giant Divine Parasol Tree and transformed into her human form. The elderly Parasol Tree King stood beside her, with an ambiguous expression that reflected both joy and despair.

The Earth Dragon King, who had returned to the Black Sea, also seemed extremely tense, not uttering a word.

In the Obsidian Realm, the Qingluan hades gazed up at the void space with an equally serious expression, standing there as still as a statue.

Atop Mount Baiyun of the Divine Lands, Kuang Heng and the other remaining Great Void Sect cultivators could also sense the violent tremors.

After dispatching three great demons at the Vipralopa Stage, Gu Jun, the Tiangang Swordmaster, Xin Longsheng and Shi Xingyun now stood upon the soil of the Barren Expanses, staring aimlessly into the distant void space. They were being tormented by mixed feelings, exchanging glances with each other yet not saying a word. The Heaven-Opening Sword and the Longevity Lotus Seat in Xin Longsheng and Gu Jun’s grip respectively also began to vibrate.

Meanwhile, along the coast of the Divine Lands’ East Sea, a stoic woman sat cross-legged on the void space. She lifted her head to the sky, gazing at a more precise direction than the others. Over there, the void space gradually lit up as a mirror’s glow faded in and out of view.

Xuan Li looked towards that direction with a piercingly cold gaze that exuded incredible levels of animosity. The lips on her usually expressionless face faintly curled up to reveal the slightest hints of a smile. However, this smile was ice-cold.

Similar to the situation in the Greater World outside, inside the Spirit Sea, all the magic treasures were reacting and vibrating endlessly, regardless whether it was Lin Feng’s Imperial Palace of Emperor Tai housed inside the Two Elements of Creation Formation, Zhu Yi’s Higan Golden Bridge, or the Emperor of the Dead’s Life and Death Book. Even a giant Stupa Treasure Pagoda faded into view above the Cosmic Marble Buddha’s head, shuddering vigorously.

The Illusory Sun hades, the Origins Dragon King and the Heavenly Charms Grand Sage appeared unfazed, but their gazes noticeably reflected their conflicted emotions. Their minds were flooded with countless thoughts.

The usually lawless Monkey appeared much more reserved and serious than before. He placed his hands behind his back as he batted his eyelids. As focused and serious as his eyes were, they still seemed incredibly eager and restless.

Under the Sky-Shielding Umbrella, Lin Feng and his disciples tensed up.

There was naturally only one reason for such a disturbance.

The Supreme Heavenly Mirror - the Magic Treasure of Destiny born from the Greater World and the most formidable magic treasure in the history of the Grand Celestial World before the appearance of the Heaven-Destroying Sword - has fully recovered to its complete state and regained its former glory!

The child of the Greater World has appeared before everyone’s eyes once again, shaking the heavens and earth.

In this instant, the Supreme Heavenly Mirror vanished from view without a trace, but everyone could sense a formless presence above the cultivators from the Great Void Sect. Despite the absence of light or energy waves, no one could ignore the formless presence. And even more bizarrely, everyone felt as though the magic treasure was not actually there despite sensing the formless presence.

It was not in the area above the Great Void Sect cultivators, but neither was it anywhere in this realm. It has an indescribable presence and an indeterminable location, yet it seemed completely omnipresent. It intruded into every dot, every line, every surface, and every area of space-time - reflecting the true essence of omnipresence.

Even though its existence was incomprehensible, everyone knew that it was the Supreme Heavenly Mirror! This was its true form at the peak of its power!

The Tai Yi Holy Man sat in the Great Void Nine Heavenly Palaces. Without any time for nonsense, he clasped his hands together and summoned a spell. Lin Daohao, seated behind him, also performed the same action.

The streams of light in the Spirit Sea lit up as the space-time abruptly burst with an indescribably mystifying radiance.

The light radiated to all four corners of the world, inundating the whole realm before converging back to one spot, landing directly on Lin Feng’s Sky-Shielding Umbrella.

His conflicted emotions were perfectly projected onto the Supreme Heavenly Mirror. The seemingly unassuming glow from the mirror landed on the surface of the Sky-Shielding Umbrella, and the chaotic Qi flow on the umbrella instantly slowed down.

The tumultuous sea of chaos became still as the Chaotic Gas of Destruction solidified, losing its energy, power, and all its mystifying qualities.

The chaotic realm that blocked the heavens and space-time above the Sky-Shielding Umbrella was no longer impenetrable. It became reduced to ordinary mist, grey dust and mud.

Zhu Yi, Wang Lin and the others standing below the umbrella witnessed this sight and mumbled to themselves. “So that’s the Supreme Heavenly Mirror …”

It was the Supreme Heavenly Mirror!

The Illusory Sun Hades, the Origins Dragon King and the others let out a soft, incomprehensible sigh, but their movements were not slowed at all. In the instant when the Supreme Heavenly Mirror locked onto the Sky-Shielding Umbrella, everyone leapt into action!

This time, their attacks were like cloud-dispelling lightning bolts, piercing through the chaotic realm formed by the Sky-Shielding Umbrella.

The Chaotic Gas of Destruction churned violently and dispersed outwards, no longer able to condense together and hence losing its ability to block out opposing attacks.

Countless ruthless attacks fired towards Lin Feng with catastrophic and frightening intensity!

Zhu Yi, Wang Lin and the others took a deep breath, their faces void of fear. They stood up and prepared for battle.

However, Lin Feng gestured for them to wait. Lin Feng himself, who has been sitting cross-legged all this while, suddenly stood up. The boundless glimmer in his eyes abruptly contracted.

The Taiji diagram in his sea of self-awareness stopped spinning completely, and the two Divine Original True Spirit Patterns landed on the black and white sides of the Yin-Yang eye respectively

Shortly afterwards, the Taiji diagram began spinning in the opposite direction!

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