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History’s Number 1 Founder (Web Novel) - Chapter 1427 - Lin Feng Has Attained The Way Of The Virtual Entity!

Chapter 1427: Lin Feng Has Attained The Way Of The Virtual Entity!

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Under the glow of the Supreme Heavenly Mirror, even with the Sky-Shielding Umbrella’s impenetrable defenses, the seemingly endless chaotic realm was petrified by the mirror’s light, losing its mystical qualities in the process.

And besides the Great Void Sect, the other powerhouses onsite joined hands and hurled their combined attacks towards Lin Feng and the others below the Sky-Shielding Umbrella.

The Monkey’s previously carefree expression vanished. Although he did not reveal any hints of fear, he appeared more serious than before, with his gaze exuding a rare sense of hesitation.

He did not join the rest in attacking Lin Feng. Instead, he alternated his gaze between Lin Feng and the Cosmic Marble Buddha, evidently uneasy and hesitant. It was the Cosmic Marble Buddha that prevented him from locating the Golden Cicada Master after so long.

Although the Cosmic Marble Buddha has yet to truly unleash its power, the Monkey could sense his opponent’s formidable strength. That being said, this was not the reason for his reluctance and inertia, since it still defied the much stronger Emperor of Extremity back then.

If Lin Feng controls the Spirit Sea, the power balance in the Grand Celestial World would definitely experience a drastic shift. However, he did not want to join the rest in attacking Lin Feng. He was actually excited when he saw how impenetrable the Sky-Shielding Umbrella’s defenses were, but was now reluctant to attack after it succumbed to the Supreme Heavenly Mirror’s control.

But besides the Monkey, the others attacked without reservations. The Origins Dragon King was just as proud and disliked teaming up with others, but his opponent this time round was too unique.

Amidst the majestic dragon roars, his golden gargantuan body bounded through the clouds. His head aimed straight for Lin Feng and the Origin Golden Cup. He opened his gaping jaws and fired a dazzling and magnificent ray of golden light at Lin Feng.

The Illusory Sun Hades did the same. The sharp antlers on his head flickered brilliantly, creating countless talisman patterns. An even more terrifying black Celestial Light fired out from the centre of his eyebrows, destroying the void space in its path and penetrating the chaotic realm held down by the Supreme Heavenly Mirror, and charged straight for Lin Feng.

The Cosmic Marble Buddha let out a low Buddhist chant as the giant Heavenly Stupa appeared on his head. The Stupa Pagoda was a square, with each of the four sides being 48,000 feet wide and 48,000 feet tall. It had a total of seven storeys with 48,000 sariras illuminating the heavens above and the lands below.

The Heavenly Stupa has evidently achieved the Destiny Realm, and was no longer the miniature prototype that it once was during the Cosmic Marble Buddha’s birth. It was now a true magic treasure in the Destiny Realm that could rival Mount Meru.

This was the spell formation established by the Buddha. It accompanied the Cosmic Marble Buddha’s birth after all the fates aligned together, and served the Buddhist Sect in reestablishing their proper formations during the Age of Vipralopa.

The Cosmic Marble Buddha’s 48,000 arms laid on top of the Heavenly Stupa, releasing unlimited amounts of light. The Heavenly Stupa then crashed down towards Lin Feng’s head.

The area above the Celestial Sect’s cultivators instantly darkened. It was not simply a change in visibility, and instead felt like the entire stretch of future and fate has eliminated all light. It felt incredibly heavy and burdened, akin to facing countless catastrophes

Without the protection of the Sky-Shielding Umbrella, all of them could barely withstand the constant battering of countless apocalypses, eroded and worn down after successive assaults, draining all their mana and abhijina, staining the purity of their Spiritual Altars, and removing their various powers.

It was as if their lives were drained of all color, with a bleak future with nothing but astronomical numbers of catastrophes waiting for them.

The strongest offensive abhijinas of the Buddhist Sect were all the secret teachings of the Shakyamuni Buddha, regardless whether it was the Vairocana Zen Palm Fist Print, Nirvana World Palm, or any other spells. These secret teachings were also mastered by the Cosmic Marble Buddha.

And now, this class of secret abhijinas was the the most elite Buddhist abhijina in existence following the birth of the Cosmic Marble Buddha - the Endless Cosmic Marble Catastrophe!

Once this technique was unleashed with the support of the Heavenly Stupa, its pure yet extremely grand and overwhelmingly mysterious powers sent chills through the hearts of all the powerhouses alongside the Cosmic Marble Buddha.

The Cosmic Marble Buddha remained calm. For him, having not done much since he entered the Spirit Sea, he exerted his full strength in this instance.

He did not consider reserving his strength in any way, nor did he think about the possibility of subsequent scuffles if they do manage to take down Lin Feng.

He seemed to only have a single goal in mind - to defeat Lin Feng and the Celestial Sect of Wonders, nothing else!

Everyone else was elated to witness this sight, but even so, they were still tensed up upon witnessing the Cosmic Marble Buddha display his true strength in this instance. Even the Illusory Sun Hades raised his eyebrows in awe.

The Heavenly Charms Grand Sage and the Emperor of the Dead wavered their gazes, not participating in the battle with the Cosmic Marble Buddha, the Illusory Sun Hades, the Origins Dragon King and the rest. They cast their steely gazes upon Lin Feng, battered by the relentless assault. Their mana and abhijina emanated faintly, on standby for an attack at any time.

The overwhelmingly terrifying attacks created waves of ominous cries, shrill and deafening.

The rays of light conjured from the Great Way of the Heavens and Earth were being destroyed incessantly. The Spirit Sea rumbled and even produced a faint sense of exclusion.

Lin feng himself then stood up from the Origin Golden Cup. He was as calm as a clear lake, completely unfazed by the violent and overwhelming wave of assaults charging towards him.

In this instant, the Taiji diagram in his sea of self-awareness suddenly stopped and began rotating in the other direction!

As the Taiji diagram reversed its rotation, Lin Feng’s inner self began caving in, causing the entire Taiji diagram to shrink towards the centre, with the two elements seemingly merging as one. With that, the lighted shadows and streams manifested from Lin Feng’s sea of self-awareness were also rolled in, contracting towards the nucleus.

Under the influence of the Taiji diagram, everything was becoming one.

Inside Lin Feng’s sea of self-awareness, there was nothing - no time, no space, no Yin or Yang, no heat, no speed, and no light. There was no concept of space - one could not differentiate up from down or identify any form of direction. Neither was there any concept of time - one could not differentiate the past from the future.

Everything, living and non-living, disappeared in that moment, void of existence and creation.

Everything condensed towards that point. It was akin to the most primitive point of genesis.

Every phenomenon that played out originated from this point, and now with everything shrinking back to its origins, there was nothing else besides this indescribable and incomprehensible point of genesis.

It was impossible to describe its size or shape, or to pinpoint its location and components.

It was as confounding as it could be - the genesis of chaos.

This was certainly Lin Feng’s Dao Fruit!

He has successfully taken the final step to achieve the Way of the Virtual Entity and cultivated his own Dao Fruit. And after taking this final step, the world before Lin Feng was no longer the same.

When the point experiences abrupt changes, chaos is unleashed, establishing the Great Way of the Heavens and Earth and igniting the creation of all forms of existence.

At Lin Feng’s whim and fancy, the Destiny World merged with this primitive point regardless of order or time. The countless rays of light conjured from the Great Way of the Heavens and Earth returned to this point, a single point which encapsulated all creation.

The avatar holding up the Sky-Shielding Umbrella suddenly split apart, morphing into three rays of flowing light which transformed back into the Thunder Dragon Avatar, Nine Qi Avatar and the Avatar of Ares.

The Nine Qi Avatar stood there motionless as the Thunder Dragon Avatar and the Avatar of Ares were unfazed by the apocalyptic scene manufactured by their opponents, and instead sat down simultaneously, crossing their legs.

Rays of light landed on the Thunder Dragon Avatar and the Avatar of Ares, catalyzing Lin Feng’s cultivation of the Spirit Sea.

The Nine Qi Avatar reached out and grabbed the Sky-Shielding Umbrella while Lin Feng himself left the Origin Golden Cup, flying out from under the Sky-Shielding Umbrella.

He did not execute any action, but another indescribable little dot suddenly appeared in the void space in front of him.

It appeared without a sound or any disturbances in the energy flow, but in the instant it appeared, everything around it began collapsing towards it silently. It was both like the beginning and end of all existence. Its presence transcended all essence of space and time, encapsulating both tangible and intangible forms of existence.

Even the seemingly boundless spiritual energy of the Spirit Sea was gathering towards this point. The rivers of light conjured from the Great Way of the Heavens and Earth also flowed towards the singular point like numerous tributaries converging at the river mouth and emptying into the sea.

The destructive golden streams of light produced by the Origins Dragon King began to distort towards the point, as if attempting to resist a certain force. After a short pause, it melded in nonetheless without a sound.

Even the most raucous and horrifying forces would vanish into an undisturbed state of peace without even a single ripple.

The black Celestial Light unleashed by the Illusory Sun Hades, which was even stronger than the Origins Dragon King’s attack, halted its advance right before the point and started distorting continuously, causing the surrounding environment to enter a state of relentless destruction.

But after that split moment, the black Celestial Light also blended into the point, fading in and out of view. The terrifying black light disintegrated into tens of thousands of minute strands which continued to break down until it finally disappeared completely.

Frightening remnants of the golden light and black Celestial Light still remained amidst the void space following the complete annihilation of time and space.

But now, everything had disappeared without a trace. All forms of existence seemed to have been nullified, as if they had never appeared.

The Endless Cosmic Marble Catastrophe unleashed by the Cosmic Marble Buddha, which could sever the future with countless disasters, was also being rolled in. The countless disasters vanished without leaving a mark as the space-time regained its normal flow. All the changes of creation continued as usual, full of unpredictability and infinite possibilities.

“Hm?” Upon noticing the situation, the Cosmic Marble Buddha’s eyes lit up with a glow that was not blinding or eye-catching, but it exuded a cold sense of desolation and destruction.

All of a sudden, he reached his hand out and unleashed the great abhijina, the Nirvana World Palm.

This abhijina was not meant to attack Lin Feng, but to cloak the Heavenly Stupa!

Without it, the Heavenly Stupa would be swallowed by Lin Feng’s Dao Fruit along with the Endless Cosmic Marble Catastrophe!

Upon witnessing this sight, the Illusory Sun Hades, the Earth Dragon King, the Heavenly Charms Grand Sage and the Emperor of the Dead who sat out of the battle, as well as the Tai Yi Holy Man and everyone else in the Nine Heavenly Palaces, were petrified. Their gazes became unprecedentedly tense.

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