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History’s Number 1 Founder (Web Novel) - Chapter 1422: The Last Fight!

Chapter 1422: The Last Fight!

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Xiao Yan looked calmly at Yan Xinghe and said, “In your eyes, you are clean and innocent. You never feel that you have done anything wrong because everything you do is for the greater good. However, that’s only in your eyes.”

“What do I see? I see a cold, narrow-minded person who speaks well but is extremely selfish and stupid.”

Xiao Yan said coldly, “Since our paths are different, there isn’t much we have in common to talk about.”

“I will soon leave this world completely. Saying more or less, it doesn’t matter to me.” Yan Xinghe looked at Xiao Yan and continued, “I just want to confirm one thing by saying all these.”

“I know what you and your master are doing. The Xuan Dou Holy Man told me everything. Your actions are more dangerous than Senior Wen’s. After talking to you, I’m sure of this.”

Xiao Yan smiled coldly and replied, “That’s why I say that fire and ice don’t belong in the same furnace.”

Yan Xinghe was extremely weak. He closed his palms together and said nothing. Instead, he stared straight at Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan arched his eyebrow and said, “Do you mean that you want to continue fighting? I don’t have to do anything to you and you will soon be gone like dust in the wind. Furthermore, we have already fought before. In the Netherworld Sea, you are not my opponent.”

“I have the geographical advantage and I am at my peak. You aren’t at your peak. All of these are correct. However, as an Immortal Soul Second Level cultivator, it won’t be considered taking advantage of you if I attack you since you are in the Second Tribulation of Destiny.”

Yan Xinghe smiled slightly and said, “You will attack. I can feel it. You have Senior Wen’s Nine Suns Holy Light of Creation.”

While he smiled, there was no semblance of joy behind it. There was no warmth. He was as cold as a slab of marble.

Xiao Yan looked at him and his gaze turned cold. Yan Xinghe did not care as he said, “So? Use Senior Wen’s famous Nine Suns Holy Light of Creation and finish me off. Will it bring you any joy? Is this what I deserve?”

Xiao Yan suddenly smiled and said, “After you have been turned into an Evil Soul, can you have any other moves left?”

“You definitely don’t know the Spell of the Transcendent Heavens. Even if I don’t know about the other spells of the Great Void Sect, I can’t think of any that you can possibly use right now in your condition.”

“By provoking me to attack, I bet you are trying to drag me down along with you. You either want to destroy me as well or destroy my sect’s control over the Netherworld sea. In the last moment of your life, you want to do something significant and weaken my sect? Only then can you die at ease?”

Yan Xinghe looked at Xiao Yan and his smiled became clearer.

He looked at the Netherworld Sea around him and then looked up in the sky. Carelessly, he said, “In terms of talent, I cannot compare to Senior Wen. I can’t master the Spell of the Transcendent Heavens and I have to do my own research. Just when I manage to make a small breakthrough, I was forced to fight with the Xuan Dou Holy Man. Hence, I can’t give it to my sect.”

“However, I have fully mastered my invention in the past few years. This belonged to me. If I don’t reveal that I have it, the Xuan Dou Holy Man cannot make me use it even with the Life and Death Netherworld Dao Fruit.”

“Now that the Dao Fruit is gone, I can use it once again.”

Yan Xinghe said plainly, “Will you be willing to spar?”

Xiao Yan looked at him. His smiled widened but his gaze remained cold. “Why not?”

I know that you had ulterior motives and that you wanted to drag me down along with you, but I remained fearless!

Xiao Yan’s smile faded and his gaze turned cold. He said plainly, “I have given you the chance and I want to see what you can do. While I don’t like you, you are my senior and hence, this is my way of showing respect to you.”

In the Netherworld Sea, he did not attempt to use the power of the Netherworld Sea. Nor did he use Catastrophe’s powers. He made a beeline for Yan Xinghe.

Yan Xinghe’s expression was calm. He was not afraid. No matter what Xiao Yan wanted to do, he did not care. In the last moment of his life, it was sufficient that he could go down fighting.

As he watched Xiao Yan approach him, his heart trembled.

On that confident youth, he saw a familiar person.

Clad in age-old brown robes, fearless and arrogant, his laugh appeared to come from somewhere far far away. He was approaching him…

Yan Xinghe’s gaze tightened. The memory disappeared from his mind. All that was left was Xiao Yan.

As Xiao Yan approached him, the flame all over his body started to spread. He grew in size and at last, he became a god of fire about 30 meters in height. He looked straight at Yan Xinghe.

He extended his palms and fire started to congregate on it slowly. Finally, it became a fire lotus that rested squarely on his palm.

The fire lotus did not appear terrifying. Instead, it was exquisite. It had five layers. The bottom layer was green and as solid as earth. The fire did not dance about. All who saw it could feel how heavy it was.

On top of the green fire, pure golden fire blazed and gave off many rays of light. They were as bright as the sun. Staring at it was like looking straight at the sun.

On top of the golden fire, there was a black flame. It looked as if it was surrounded by black smoke and a devastatingly powerful evil could be felt from it. It seemed capable of devouring the heaven and earth.

On top of the black flower petals, there were milky-white flower petals too. They brimmed with pure, Yang energy. On the white flower petals, one could see tiny droplets of gold. Red and blue shone off it.

In the center of this blaze, there were a few red dots.

The red was pure and clean, like a gemstone. It was enchanting to behold and one felt as if one’s soul could be trapped helplessly by it.

The entire fire lotus did not give off a terrible aura, but Yan Xinghe’s expression darkened.

Whatever his plan was, he knew that he could not underestimate his opponent. In the tiny lotus, it carried a devastating energy.

It was much more powerful than the five-colored lotus that Xiao Yan used in his fight against the Emperor of the Dead.

Xiao Yan tapped gently with his fingers. This terrifying six-colored lotus flew straight toward Yan Xinghe. It was impossible to dodge or parry.

Yan Xinghe took in a deep breath. He placed his palms together before his chest and performed an odd gesture.

His Immortal Soul, which was on the verge of slowly fading out of existence, suddenly burst with a terrifying amount of energy. Two Dao Fruits emerged. One was half-black and half-white and the other one was ethereal. They slowly formed into a single Dao Fruit.

From that bright ball of light, a ray of light shot out and started to draw a diagram in the void.

While there were spaces between each ray of light, Xiao Yan felt as if he was trapped in a prison. The entire heaven and earth had become a prison.

While his connection with the Netherworld Sea was deep, he suddenly felt as if Yan Xinghe and he were trapped in the same space.

The Blood River Primordial Water and the River Styx Primordial Water turned into bars for his cage. The Nine Nether Draughts and the Avici Infernal Gale became chains. The Nefarious Spectral Primordial Fire and the Heaven Apocalyptic Blaze turned into locks. Together, they formed a huge cage which trapped Xiao Yan inside as if he was a caged beast.

Suddenly, Xiao Yan felt his connection with the energy outside being cut off.

He frowned slightly. He knew this spell because he could pull it off too!

The Heavenly Cage Mantra!

This was a signature move of the Great Void Sect. it was not hard to cultivate it. One could do so in the Aurous Core Stage, or even the Foundation Establishment Stage or the Qi Training Stage. This was normally the first spell many in the Great Void Sect learned.

However, the Heavenly Cage Mantra had one unique aspect, which was that its potential was unbridled. When a Qi Training Stage cultivator used it, it could produce one type of effect. When an Immortal Soul Stage cultivator used it, the effects would be vastly different.

In Yan Xinghe’s hand, Xiao Yan could feel the difference.

However, if it was just the Heavenly Cage Mantra, Xiao Yan would not care about it at all.

He was confident that his six-colored fire lotus could destroy everything.

Yan Xinghe was clear about this too. He knew that he only had one chance. When he saw Xiao Yan’s fire lotus, he knew that with his current stage he would either fade away because his Dao Fruit was gone or that he would be destroyed instantly by Xiao Yan.

All he hoped to accomplish was to kill Xiao Yan at the same time, or at least sever his connection to the Netherworld Sea.

Yan Xinghe’s discerning eyes could see that while Xiao Yan’s power was extraordinary, without the power of the Netherworld Sea and without Catastrophe, he was only a human cultivator in the Vipralopa Stage.

One who was not good at defense.

While he knew the principle of destruction as well as rebirth, he was not someone who could revive himself like the Emperor of the Death.

This was his chance. In the last moment of his life, he must try this!

Yan Xinghe closed palms together and the ball of light before him disappeared. At this moment, the Heavenly Cage Mantra that surrounded Xiao Yan and him started to tremble violently. Finally, it collapsed inward, straight for Xiao Yan!

As it collapsed, it was like the collapse of the Dao. Everything approached apocalypse.

However, what struck fear into everyone’s heart, including Xiao Yan’s, was the fact that there seemed to be a world inside him too. As the world around him collapsed, his internal world was self-destructing as well. Irreversible, unstoppable and uncontrollable!

He could guard against external attacks, but for an attack that came from within, how could he defend against that?

This terrifying spell was different from the other attacks of the Great Void Sect. At this moment, it was about to burst with a terrifying force as it sought to bury Xiao Yan inside the Netherworld Sea, which he controlled!

Yan Xinghe no longer looked at the six-colored fire lotus. Instead, he stared straight at Xiao Yan.

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