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History’s Strongest Senior Brother (Web Novel) - Chapter 1173: The Road from True Immortal to Profound Immortal

Chapter 1173: The Road from True Immortal to Profound Immortal

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Translator: DragonRider

Yan Zhaoge paralleled his index finger and middle finger, saying, “The combination of two Qis is not quite the same thing like one Qi plus another, rather, it’s a process of ‘one’ into ‘many’. Hence, they’re poles apart in every aspect.”

The process of Immortal Qi refined into Immortal Gang was as similar as that of True Essence into Immortal Qi.

Once breaking through this bottleneck, with two Qis combined, the Profound Immortal who had successfully cultivated Immortal Gang would never be hurt by the True Immortal mastering one single Qi.

The same story went on when Martial Saint fought a True Immortal.

With Immortal Qi in one’s body, he would be free from mortal injury.

With Immortal Gang, he would not be bothered.

The Immortal Gang held by Profound Immortal could shatter the martial practitioner’s True Essence by either attack or defence.

Therefore, Profound Immortal always stayed Tranquil and unbothered in the mortal world.

Well, from another view that, in essence, Profound Immortal never came down to the mortal world, and of course, wouldn’t be encroached by worldly affairs.

“Young Master, did you mean from one Qi into many and not two Qis, right?” Ah Hu gave thought to Yan Zhaoge’s words and learned something.

Both Yan Zhaoge and Wang Pu began to laugh.

“You’re definitely right.” Wang Pu said with approval.

“True Immortal differs from Profound Immortal mainly in Immortal Gang that is formed by more than one Immortal Qi and not by simply refining two Immortal Qis.”

“On that account, if Profound Immortal continues refining the third or the fourth Qi, his strength will be enhanced much, while all he does is still to serve the refining of Immortal Gang.”

With that, Wang Pu paralleled his fingers just as Yan Zhaoge did.

However, he spread out all five fingers at once and continued, “After refining four Qis, if a Profound Immortal continues improving his body based on the fifth Qi, then he will face the tribulation.”

“Then, if he succeeds, there comes a brand-new world that is completely different from that of Profound Immortal.” Yan Zhaoge added with a smile, “With Five Qis combined into one, it follows the Five Qis toward Its Origin, which means the immortals wield Immortal Qi at the level of grand completion. Therefore, it’s a whole new chasm and a completely new world.”

Ah Hu smacked his lips, “I almost get it.”

“Even a True Immortal can’t breach the restrictions of a Profound Immortal’s monastery. However, given that this True Immortal is powerful enough, he has a chance to make it for a certain time, because he is not fighting a Profound Immortal.” Yan Zhaoge shrugged and continued, “On the assumption that a Martial Saint has an Immortal Artifact of leakless level, he can’t make it, for he basically cultivates True Essence and not Immortal Qi.”

“As for Immortal Artifacts at tranquil level, Martial Saint can’t even wield them. So he won’t stand any chance even with one in hand.”

Ah Hu scratched his head and asked in a sudden, “Young Master, Five Qis Toward Its Origin is probably a Daoist theory. What about the Nine Underworld’s Evil Devils and the Buddhist cultivators?”

Yan Zhaoge nodded with a smile and replied, “Good question.”

“They seem different in detail or at the surface, but what’s basic is the same, or, at least, similar.” Yan Zhaoge gently smiled and explained, “In the beginning, Buddhism created a different way of practice from Daoism in abide to search the truth and find their own way to the Great Dao.”

“They might have wanted to separate themselves from Daoist cultivators so as to find their true selves, but fundamentally, it’s not established just to be special or to vent their spleen.”

“All roads lead to Rome. All we search for is but the truth.”

Yan Zhaoge waved his hand and continued, “Therefore, if one studied the promotion of the masters of Buddhism, he would find that although they belong to different schools, in nature, they’re similar.”

“The situation also goes with the Nine Underworld’s Evil Devils, and compared with Buddhism, it’s more similar to Daoism, especially on the definition of realms.”

“As I said previously that no matter what martial arts martial practitioners learn, and how good their endowment is, some natural rules run in the world of creation and the whole universe. If you can’t detach yourself from it, then you must obey the rule in it.”

“You must obey other’s rules unless you are powerful enough to make yours and let others willingly obey them.

However, in that case, what you say will be regarded not only as a rule but also as truth, and naturally, you detach yourself from the old world.

In this way, neither True Immortal nor Profound Immortal can lay a finger on you and it’s even meaningless to make such a comparison.”

Upon hearing this, Ah Ha nodded and said, “Young Master, I got it.”

He scratched his head and asked again as something new just came to his mind, “Young Master, since Female Emperor ranked first among five emperors of the world beyond worlds, then, she is only one step away to the Profound Immortal realm, right?”

“I’m afraid not…”

“Once upon a time, I saw Female Emperor in Royal Reed Sea, and she seemed not well prepared to pass the Pure Profound Tribulation.” Yan Zhaoge said, looking at Wang Pu, “The reason why she is so powerful is she is superior to her peers, isn’t she?”

Wang Pu replied, “I am not sure, and maybe, Master is clearer about this.”

He signed, “In any case, it’s never easy to advance to Profound Immortal from True Immortal. Master once mentioned that he had encountered many difficulties to enter into the Profound Immortal Realm. It truly required lots of effort to get through the True Profound Tribulation.”

“Difficult, indeed.” Yan Zhaoge nodded.

Of the top five masters at True Immortal level in the world beyond worlds, Yan Zhaoge knew some of them.

Among them, Heaven Emperor and Brocade Emperor were acquainted with Yan Zhaoge, so he knew a little about their road of advancement.

Not to mention Brocade Emperors, the winner must be decided between the black-clothed and the white-clothed.

If the black-clothed Brocade Emperor taking the unfeeling path won, he must first kill Fu Ting and Meng Wan to get the Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud and the Grand Simplicity Fist.

Only in this way could he possibly wield the second Qi to get through the Pure Profound Tribulation and refine his Immortal Qi into Immortal Gang.

Otherwise, there was no doubt that he would be dead if he took the risk to get through the Pure Profound Tribulation.

It was even more embarrassing for the white-clothed Brocade Emperor who took the feeling path.

At this point, even if he killed the black-clothed Brocade Emperor, his future still remained unknown.

As far as Heaven Emperor was concerned, there was still a long way to go.

However, the Later Earth Text was significant to him.

With it, at least, there would be a chance for him to get through Pure Profound Tribulation and enter Profound Immortal Realm.

“Swordsmen usually act excellent in combat, but there isn’t much space to improve.” Yan Zhaoge sighed, “It won’t be easy if Uncle Yue decides to chase after the Earthly Sovereign and the Concealed Sovereign in the future.”

Wang Pu said with a bitter smile, “I just hope Master can return to World beyond Worlds as soon as possible.”

“Well then, we will part here. Take care, Brother Wang, and Ah Hu, you should set out with no delay and directly go to Eastern Vast Heaven Territory.”

Yan Zhaoge cupped his hand to Wang Pu, who replied with a nod and said, “Please take good care of yourself as well, Brother Yan.”

“Young Master, you have my word, and I will bring it back to Clan Chief as soon as possible.” Ah Hu also nodded and said, “After I make it, I will be at your service at northern Profound Heaven Territory.”

Yan Zhaoge bade farewell to the two and then headed north after turning into a flash of light.

This was his second time to the northern Profound Heaven Territory since his search of Feng Yunsheng.

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