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Hokage: Ryo’s Path (Web Novel)


Surgeon Guan Ryo Is reborn in Naruto’s world! Enjoy his trip as he uses his knowledge of the story to find his path in this troubled world and eventually stand at the top of Konoha!

302 • 2019-09-08 13:45:06


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 264: The Restless World of Shinobi2019-11-28
Chapter 263: One’s Purpose2019-11-28
Chapter 262: Orochimaru’s Departure2019-11-28
Chapter 261: The Roots of the New Akatsuki2019-11-05
Chapter 260: Deluded2019-11-05
Chapter 259: Tendo Pain:2019-11-05
Chapter 258: Thorough Treatment2019-10-13
Chapter 257: The Uchiha’s Relocation2019-10-13
Chapter 256: Ryo’s Way2019-10-13
Chapter 255: New Purpose2019-10-07
Chapter 254: The Uchiha’s Situation.2019-10-07
Chapter 253: Confession2019-09-24
Chapter 252: The Cloud’s Spy2019-09-24
Chapter 251: Plan to Resurrect Minato2019-09-21
Chapter 250: Hokage Substitute2019-09-21
Chapter 249: Kurama’s Choice2019-09-18
Chapter 248: Battle Against the Shinigami2019-09-12
Chapter 247: The Kyubi’s Night (5)2019-09-10
Chapter 246: The Kyubi’s Night (4)2019-09-08
Chapter 245: The Kyubi’s Night (3)2019-09-08
Chapter 244: The Kyubi’s Night (2)2019-09-08
Chapter 243: The Kyubi’s Night (1)2019-09-08
Chapter 242: Action in the Dark2019-09-08
Chapter 241: Sasuke’s Birth2019-09-08
Chapter 240: Korin’s Evolution2019-09-08
Chapter 239: Intercepting Yugito Nii2019-09-08
Chapter 238: Naruto2019-09-08
Chapter 237: Pregnancy!2019-09-08
Chapter 236: Pakura’s Heart2019-09-08
Chapter 235: Perfect Ichibi Jinchuriki2019-09-08
Chapter 2342019-09-08
Chapter 233: Sasori of the Red Sand!2019-09-08
Chapter 232: New Tasks2019-09-08
Chapter 231: Wood Release!2019-09-08
Chapter 230: End of the Experiment2019-09-08
Chapter 229: Danzo Out!2019-09-08
Chapter 228: High Level Meeting2019-09-08
Chapter 227: The Birth of Pain2019-09-08
Chapter 226: Ryo vs. Hanzo2019-09-08
Chapter 225: God of the New World2019-09-08
Chapter 224: Dealing with Danzo2019-09-08
Chapter 223: The Encounter with Black Zetsu2019-09-08
Chapter 222: Danzo’s Alliance2019-09-08
Chapter 221: Ryo and Lain2019-09-08
Chapter 220: The Second Child2019-09-08
Chapter 219: The Experiments Begin!2019-09-08
Chapter 218: The Fourth Hokage!2019-09-08
Chapter 217: Tsunade’s New Apprentice2019-09-08
Chapter 216: The Worst Gambler in the World2019-09-08
Chapter 215: Answer to the Pressure!2019-09-08
Chapter 214: Unexpected Trouble2019-09-08
Chapter 213: Sealing the Nanabi2019-09-08
Chapter 212: A Moth into the Flame2019-09-08
Chapter 211: The First Battle against the Nanabi2019-09-08
Chapter 210: The Nanabi’s Capturing Mission2019-09-08
Chapter 209: News on the Nanabi!2019-09-08
Chapter 208: Zetsu’s Chakra2019-09-08
Chapter 207: The Grand Wedding2019-09-08
Chapter 206: Control of the Anbu2019-09-08
Chapter 205: Minato’s Wrath!2019-09-08
Chapter 204: Controlling Tobi2019-09-08
Chapter 203: Obito’s Decision2019-09-08
Chapter 202: The Truth2019-09-08
Chapter 201: Untouchable Power2019-09-08
Chapter 200: The Plan Begins!2019-09-08
Chapter 199: Genjutsu Teacher2019-09-08
Chapter 198: Mokuton Reproduction Plan!2019-09-08
Chapter 197: Minato’s Supporters2019-09-08
Chapter 196: The Repercussions2019-09-08
Chapter 195: Korin’s Transformation2019-09-08
Chapter 194: The Hachibi’s Horn2019-09-08
Chapter 193: The Greatest Secret in the World2019-09-08
Chapter 192: Reunion with Pakura2019-09-08
Chapter 191: Rinnegan and Ice Release2019-09-08
Chapter 190: Facing the Mist Once Again2019-09-08
Chapter 189: The Substitute2019-09-08
Chapter 188: The Plan Begins!2019-09-08
Chapter 187: Ryo vs. Madara2019-09-08
Chapter 186: Rin’s Crisis2019-09-08
Chapter 185: The The Red-Hot Habanero and the Yellow Flash2019-09-08
Chapter 184: Start of the Bloody Mist2019-09-08
Chapter 183: The 4th Hokage, Minato Namikaze2019-09-08
Chapter 182: Ryo’s Dream2019-09-08
Chapter 181: The End of the War2019-09-08
Chapter 180: The Kyubi Returns2019-09-08
Chapter 179: Burn the Elders2019-09-08
Chapter 178: Support2019-09-08
Chapter 177: The Direction of Korin’s Growth2019-09-08
Chapter 176: Korin vs. the Rokubi2019-09-08
Chapter 175: Ice World2019-09-08
Chapter 174: The Rokubi and the Scapegoat2019-09-08
Chapter 173: Kurama’s Response2019-09-08
Chapter 172: New Life2019-09-08
Chapter 171: Building a Mini Juubi!2019-09-08
Chapter 170: Ghost of the Uchiha, Uchiha Madara2019-09-08
Chapter 169: Fugaku’s Plan2019-09-08
Chapter 168: Yellow Flash and White Fang2019-09-08
Chapter 167: Kakashi’s Sharingan2019-09-08
Chapter 166: A Mangekyo That Never Goes Blind2019-09-08
Chapter 165: Mangekyo Sharingan2019-09-08