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Hubby, Your Fox Fairy Wants Everything (Web Novel)


She was the Spirit Master of the Tea Hill. He was the Head of the Kunlun. They met each other by chance in Jiangnan. With many twists and turns, they got married. Unexpectedly, there were plots in store for them. After the resurrection, he forgot her… But she had his child… To meet him again, she endured the torture of the naga poison; for the people of the Tea Hill, she chose to be a devil… But fate still pushed her to a path without a turning back… She killed demons and devils but was used by others… Finally, she had to stand opposite to him… For the happiness and benefits of the three realms, she was incarnated as the Creation Goddess… She was the Spirit Master of the Tea Hill, Jiang Wuyou…

299 • 2019-11-17 15:22:12


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 207 Xiao Qi’s Ambition Was Shattered (VI)2020-07-07
Chapter 208 Xiao Qi’s Ambition Was Shattered (Finale)2020-06-23
Chapter 205 Xiao Qi’s Ambition Was Shattered (IV)2020-06-23
Chapter 204 Xiao Qi’s Ambition Was Shattered (III)2020-06-23
Chapter 203 Xiao Qi’s Ambition Was Shattered (II)2020-06-09
Chapter 202 Xiao Qi’s Ambition Was Shattered (I)2020-06-02
Chapter 201 Chidi Died2020-05-27
Chapter 200 Attacking Mount Da Huang2020-05-20
Chapter 199 Emperor Jun Died2020-05-13
Chapter 198 Wuyou Lent a Helping Hand2020-05-05
Chapter 197 Emperor Jun Killed His Father2020-04-29
Chapter 196 Jiu Ying Betrayed the Ninth-level Heaven2020-04-21
Chapter 195 Jiu Ying Wanted the Initiative back2020-04-19
Chapter 194 Saving Him in the North Desert2020-04-15
Chapter 193 Stealing the Reincarnating Mirror2020-04-12
Chapter 192 Di Qing Died2020-04-09
Chapter 191 The Women in the Qi Palace2020-04-06
Chapter 190 Su’er of the Ma Family2020-04-03
Chapter 189 Having Sinister Motives2020-04-02
Chapter 188 Uncle Xiaowu Wanted to Kill Me2020-03-29
Chapter 187 The Death of Nascent Soul2020-03-29
Chapter 186 Let Zhu Jiuyin Escape2020-03-22
Chapter 185 The Illusion in the Stable2020-03-19
Chapter 184 The Spiritual Bird’s Sorrow2020-03-17
Chapter 183 Forgetting the Bond between Father and Daughter2020-03-14
Chapter 182 Did Xiao Qi Have a Heart of Stone?2020-03-11
Chapter 181 Was Yan Wu Monk Tang Whose Flesh Made People Immortal?2020-03-07
Chapter 180 Mend The Rift Before2020-03-05
Chapter 179 You Qingmo’s Thought2020-03-05
Chapter 178 Put down the Rebellion2020-03-05
Chapter 177 Meet Again2020-03-05
Chapter 176 Madam Yu Crushed Di Qing’s Plot2020-02-21
Chapter 175 A Quarrelsome Couple2020-02-18
Chapter 174 Primordial Yang Terraced Field in the Ancient Times2020-02-16
Chapter 173 Handling the Food Problems Was the Fundamental Principle2020-02-13
Chapter 172 Yan Wu Had A Physical Body2020-02-10
Chapter 171 Xiao Douya Disliked His Father2020-02-06
Chapter 170 The Adventure in the Long County2020-02-03
Chapter 169 Di Qing’s Hypocrisy2020-01-31
Chapter 168 Xu Yin Knew the Cause of His Younger Brother’s Death2020-01-28
Chapter 167 Yan Shen’s Death2020-01-28
Chapter 166 The East Market Was in Danger2020-01-24
Chapter 165 Little Help Brought Much Return2020-01-24
Chapter 164 Back to the Jin City2020-01-16
Chapter 163 To Gain an Overwhelming Victory2020-01-13
Chapter 162 The War Was Imminent2020-01-10
Chapter 161 Take the Husband’s Place to Fight2020-01-07
Chapter 160 Hongjun Crossbow Stabbed Wuyou’s Husband2020-01-06
Chapter 159 Xiaochu Had Immortal Spirit2020-01-01
Chapter 158 Di Qing’s Venomous Plot2019-12-29
Chapter 157 Tender Affection Always Ended in Regret2019-12-26
Chapter 156 Fall in Danger2019-12-23
Chapter 155 The Aftereffect of The War2019-12-20
Chapter 154 The Future World2019-12-17
Chapter 153 The Power Game2019-12-14
Chapter 152 Agreement Reached2019-12-11
Chapter 151 The Silver-Haired Person Was a Part of Hun Kun2019-12-11
Chapter 150 Yan Wu Came from the Twenty-First Century2019-12-05
Chapter 149 Activate the Planted Agent2019-12-02
Chapter 148 Happy Moment2019-11-29
Chapter 147 Happened to Meet Jiefei2019-11-26
Chapter 146 Senior Brother Xiaosa Was Going to Return the North Desert2019-11-23
Chapter 145 Come into Unavoidable Confrontation2019-11-20
Chapter 144 Madam Yu’s Strong Resistance2019-11-17
Chapter 143 Di Army Had Sharp Weapon to Attack the City2019-11-17
Chapter 142 Give Chidi an Explanation2019-11-17
Chapter 141 The Undisciplined Woman in the Qi Palace2019-11-17
Chapter 140 The Pushing Hands in the Dark2019-11-17
Chapter 139 Yan Military Commander’s Print2019-11-17
Chapter 138 Revisit the Old Place2019-11-17
Chapter 137 The Old Ginger Was Hotter Than New2019-11-17
Chapter 136 Xu Linghe’s Injury2019-11-17
Chapter 135 The One-eyed Monster Was a Mortal2019-11-17
Chapter 134 The Chaos2019-11-17
Chapter 133 Hongjun’s Lair2019-11-17
Chapter 132 Common People’s Happiness2019-11-17
Chapter 131 The Key to the Heart2019-11-17
Chapter 130 Pangu’s Power to Deter the Three Realms2019-11-17
Chapter 129 Kunlun Was in the War (Part 3)2019-11-17
Chapter 128 Kunlun Was in the War (Part 2)2019-11-17
Chapter 127 Kunlun Was in the War2019-11-17
Chapter 126 Could Evil Prevail Over Good2019-11-17
Chapter 125 You Should Come Back Alive2019-11-17
Chapter 124 The Day Before the Marriage Ceremony2019-11-17
Chapter 123 Hongjun’s Scheme2019-11-17
Chapter 122 Father and Mother Meet Again.2019-11-17
Chapter 121 It was Father, Jiang Tian2019-11-17
Chapter 120 The Black Shadow Holding the Hongjun Crossbow2019-11-17
Chapter 119 The Two Armies Confronted with Each Other2019-11-17
Chapter 118 The City Underground2019-11-17
Chapter 117 A Back Figure in the Darkroom2019-11-17
Chapter 116 Chiyou’s Gentle Tactic2019-11-17
Chapter 115 Xu Lin Became Kunlun’s Youngest Disciple2019-11-17
Chapter 114 Searching for the Naga Pearl2019-11-17
Chapter 113 Xiao Qi’s Plot2019-11-17
Chapter 112 Granny, Wuyou is Missing You2019-11-17
Chapter 111 - Meet with Ni Shang and Know Xiao Douya's2019-11-17
Chapter 110 I Will Tear You to Shred2019-11-17
Chapter 109 Yan Bao’s Death2019-11-17
Chapter 108 Yan Shen’s Scheming2019-11-17
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