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I Am A Legendary BOSS (Web Novel)




Action Fantasy

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This thought had grown deep in William’s mind!

This is the reason for his decision.

He was going to become the strongest NPC ever.

He will have the strongest armor and get beaten badly!

Who said that NPCs will have to be killed by players?

94 • 2020-02-03 01:46:35


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 39: A Wave of Riches2020-02-03
Chapter 38: A Real Little Princess2020-02-03
Chapter 37: Don’t Run After School!2020-02-03
Chapter 36: Heading Towards The Blue Moon Lake2020-02-03
Chapter 35: Three Golden Equipment, Level a City Building Mission2020-02-03
Chapter 34: Sub-occupation, Holy Spirit Mage2020-02-03
Chapter 33: Moses2020-02-03
Chapter 32: The Real Legendary Boss2020-02-03
Chapter 31: Real Identity of the Unicorn2020-02-03
Chapter 30: Can’t Really Act Cool Anymore2020-02-03
Chapter 29: Merchant Team2020-02-03
Chapter 28: Problems with Construction and Mithril Transaction2020-02-03
Chapter 27: Deputy Mayor’s Level Up2020-02-03
Chapter 26: Fire Dragon2020-02-03
Chapter 25: Two Royal Highnesses?2020-02-03
Chapter 24: Duelling and Discrimination2020-02-03
Chapter 23: Uncle Miester Wang2020-02-03
Chapter 22: Savior?2020-02-03
Chapter 21: The Dwarfs of Lonely Mountain2020-02-03
Chapter 20: The Awakening of the Magical Beast2020-02-03
Chapter 19: A Giant Dragon Crisis2020-02-03
Chapter 18: Reckless2020-02-03
Chapter 17: Fighting an Orc Tribe Alone2020-02-03
Chapter 16: Don’t Make a Fuss2020-02-03
Chapter 15: Another Crisis2020-02-03
Chapter 14: Changing Occupation, A Hidden Specialization!2020-02-03
Chapter 13: Big Bear, Bear Two, Bear Three2020-02-03
Chapter 12: Bear Cub2020-02-03
Chapter 11: The Way the Group Hunts2020-02-03
Chapter 10: During the Hunt2020-02-03
Chapter 9: A Big Bear!2020-02-03
Chapter 8: Discovering an Iron Mine?2020-02-03
Chapter 7: Orcs Who Pulled down the Average Intelligence Level2020-02-03
Chapter 6: Orcs? They’re Never Friends!2020-02-03
Chapter 5: A Growth Type Inner Armor2020-02-03
Chapter 4: Epic Level Lautner2020-02-03
Chapter 3: Multi-dimensional Races and Occupations2020-02-03
Chapter 2: Elf2020-02-03
Chapter 1: Transmigrate into a Lord!2020-02-03