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I Am A Legendary BOSS (Web Novel)


This thought had grown deep in William’s mind!

This is the reason for his decision.

He was going to become the strongest NPC ever.

He will have the strongest armor and get beaten badly!

Who said that NPCs will have to be killed by players?

800 • 2020-02-03 01:46:35


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 353 Goddess of Magic!!!2020-07-08
Chapter 352 Invincible Body And Blood Moon Instance Dungeon!2020-07-08
Chapter 351 Mission Reward And The Scheming Empress Dowager2020-07-07
Chapter 350 Seeing Light Again2020-07-07
Chapter 349 Fierce Blood Moon Dark Witch Had Slender Legs2020-07-07
Chapter 348 Resurrection Altar, Balrog!2020-07-07
Chapter 347 Fierce Library Battle2020-07-06
Chapter 346 The King’s Curse2020-07-06
Chapter 345 The Playground of the Viscount of Darkness2020-07-05
Chapter 344 Decadence Of A Dark City2020-07-05
Chapter 343 Are You Ready To Die?2020-07-03
Chapter 342 Crimson Blood And Mission Selection2020-07-03
Chapter 341 Great Victory And Windfall2020-07-03
Chapter 340 Finished Acting Cool2020-07-03
Chapter 339 Unexpected Reverse2020-07-02
Chapter 338 Rich Players Didn’t Win This Time2020-07-02
Chapter 337 Card Collection Guidance Task2020-06-30
Chapter 336 The Players Have Come Online2020-06-30
Chapter 335 Version Update Completed2020-06-29
Chapter 334 William’s Origin2020-06-29
Chapter 333 Elven King And A Grandmaster2020-06-29
Chapter 332 Taming The Arrogant City2020-06-29
Chapter 331 The Fists Reigned Supreme2020-06-27
Chapter 330 Face-Beating or Hacking?2020-06-27
Chapter 329 Dawn College2020-06-26
Chapter 328 Accumulating Battle Points2020-06-26
Chapter 327 Entering Fantasy Continent2020-06-25
Chapter 326 Invincible!2020-06-25
Chapter 325 The Thunder God Has Come to Life!2020-06-25
Chapter 324 - Origin of Thunder Eyes2020-06-25
Chapter 323 Inexperienced Assassins…2020-06-23
Chapter 322 A Good Opportunity to Assassinate The Lord of Dawn!2020-06-23
Chapter 321 I Did Not Expect Moses to Be Such a Person!2020-06-23
Chapter 320 Superb Dawn College!2020-06-23
Chapter 319 Mutated Body of Thunder And Legend Status!2020-06-22
Chapter 318 Body of Thunder Endowment2020-06-22
Chapter 317 Small Crisis, Huge Rewards!2020-06-20
Chapter 316 Have You Seen a God Before?2020-06-20
Chapter 315 You Only Taste Real Despair When You Have 1 Luck Point!2020-06-20
Chapter 314 Andros the Grim Reaper2020-06-20
Chapter 313 The Orphan Sardin!2020-06-19
Chapter 312 Death Battle Group2020-06-19
Chapter 311 Viscount of Darkness!2020-06-17
Chapter 310 A Tough Ranger Is Not A Human Sandbag2020-06-17
Chapter 309 The Last Bloodline Of Lonely Mountain2020-06-16
Chapter 308 This Is Not Loansharking…2020-06-16
Chapter 307 Master Wayne Was Robbed…2020-06-15
Chapter 306 Fantasy Continent And Dying Continent.2020-06-15
Chapter 305 Number Three In The First Battle!2020-06-14
Chapter 304 Legendary Fire Element Cannon Gunner2020-06-14
Chapter 303 Legendary Bloody Butcher2020-06-13
Chapter 302 Legendary Time Manipulation Assassin2020-06-13
Chapter 301 The First Person Who Used Money as a Battle Tactic2020-06-12
Chapter 300 Something was Different in the Magic Conference2020-06-12
Chapter 299 The Power of Money Rumble…2020-06-11
Chapter 298 Norms And Death Group!2020-06-11
Chapter 297 The Name Origin Of The Gods Game2020-06-11
Chapter 296 Supreme Pontiff Of Light2020-06-11
Chapter 295 Seed Contestants and God’s Reincarnation2020-06-09
Chapter 294 Rune Thunder Equipment Set2020-06-09
Chapter 293 Ultimate Defense2020-06-09
Chapter 292 Using The Life Potion For Attrition Battle2020-06-09
Chapter 291 He Would Be Beaten To Death…2020-06-09
Chapter 290 Son Of That Man2020-06-09
Chapter 289 Temple of Light2020-06-09
Chapter 288 Viscount of Darkness2020-06-09
Chapter 287 The Power of Faith2020-06-09
Chapter 286 It’s Hard to Come Up With A Name2020-06-09
Chapter 285 The End of The Battle2020-06-09
Chapter 284 The Last Straw That Bent The Vampires’ Backs!2020-06-09
Chapter 283 Time Sword Sage, Old Leather2020-06-07
Chapter 282 War2020-06-07
Chapter 281 Curing The Root Of The Problem And Super Legion.2020-06-07
Chapter 279 Bad News And Start Of War!2020-06-07
Chapter 278 The Great Leap Of All NPCs In The Nine Continents!2020-06-07
Chapter 277 Resurgence Of Magic And Evolution!2020-06-07
Chapter 276 Eleven Legendary Professionals2020-06-07
Chapter 275 End Of Version 2.02020-06-07
Chapter 274 Magic Conference2020-06-02
Chapter 273 How Can An Unlucky Person Win At The Casino?2020-06-02
Chapter 272 The King’s Side And King Of Charms!2020-06-02
Chapter 271 Handsome Appeal Is Awesome!2020-06-02
Chapter 270 Red Fire Kingdom2020-05-29
Chapter 269 It’s Hard To Come Up With Names2020-05-29
Chapter 268 Do You Have An Enchanter At Home?2020-05-29
Chapter 267 Endowment, Man of Steel2020-05-29
Chapter 266 Frenzied Battle2020-05-28
Chapter 265 Attack Of The Blood Devil2020-05-28
Chapter 264 Gods And Assassination Order2020-05-27
Chapter 263 Inhumane2020-05-27
Chapter 262 Nobody Would Save You Even If You Screamed Until Your Voice Was Hoarse2020-05-26
Chapter 261 Tangled Battle2020-05-26
Chapter 260 To Make A Living, It’s Necessary To Be Cuckolded2020-05-24
Chapter 259 I Can’t Wait To Kill You With My Blade2020-05-24
Chapter 258 Encounter With Adolf2020-05-24
Chapter 257 Massacre Of The Player’s Stronghold2020-05-24
Chapter 256 Blood Fruit2020-05-23
Chapter 255 Metal Storm2020-05-23
Chapter 254 Destined Death And Fateful Victory.2020-05-23
Chapter 253 Lord Of The City Of Dawn2020-05-23
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