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I Am Supreme (Web Novel) - Chapter 982 - The Secret of the Residence of Nine Supremes

Chapter 982: The Secret of the Residence of Nine Supremes

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Although Dong Qitian had grown to enjoy the atmosphere in the Residence of Nine Supremes with the increasing number of days he had stayed in the sect - so much so that he might not have agreed to leave, even if Yun Yang had taken the initiative to suggest an early release - lo and behold, one could only laugh at the unexpected turn of events. He was still unhappy that Yun Yang had decided his position as the chief instructor without any room for discussion… The position was after everyone too!

Dong Qitian thought that it was necessary for him to argue about it - I’m going to leave! I’ll leave once I complete our deal!

However, he did not manage to get his words out.

“Inauguration of the nine peaks!” Yun Yang announced.

“After you enter your mountain, place your hand on the podium in the center and infuse it with the force of your soul and divine sense until it lights up.”

Shi Wuchen and the others went to their respective peaks swiftly. Once they entered the main hall, disbelief colored their expressions when they laid eyes on the place.

Theoretically, the mountain main halls had never been visited by anyone since the establishment of the Residence of Nine Supremes. Even if they were not covered in dust, they should not be as speck-free as they were now. Yet, as they scanned the area, it was pristine and sparkling. Upon closer scrutiny, it was really spotless!

How could this be? There would definitely be some traces left, no matter how one cleaned and polished every corner. How could the halls look untouched?

As mentioned, there was a strange-looking podium of amethyst in the center of each hall, glowing lightly in violet. There was a flat plate on the tall podium, with an indent the shape of a palm within. Just like Yun Yang had told the men, it was where they needed to place their hands on.

The eight men placed their palms on the said spot doubtfully and cultivated their deific consciousness and the force of their souls, pouring both energies into the mark while wondering what it was for.

Right about then, the group was shocked! When the forces of their soul and divine sense were infused to a certain level, each one of them felt as if a connection had been formed between their deific consciousness and the podium in front of them… It was like an invisible thread had tied them to the podium.

The feeling was unquestionably odd, but it was as real as it could get. As they felt it, the strange-looking podium of amethyst suddenly gleamed purple. The luminescence grew brighter and slowly spread, engulfing the entire mountain in an amethyst overtone.

After an instant, the boundless amethyst Qi snuck into the eight men, vanishing promptly. When the men opened their eyes again with a shudder, the spot in front of them was empty. There was no amethyst podium in sight; there was only the smooth and reflective floor without anything on it.

“That’s bizarre… Is this magic?”

The group felt their scalps tingling with bewilderment. It was then that they heard Yun Yang’s voice simultaneously.

“Can all of you hear me?”

The eight men jumped up subconsciously in unison.

Boss! Where is he - how…

“No need to look around, and no need to make a fuss about it.”

Yun Yang’s voice was still clear. It was actually in their minds; he was communicating directly with their souls.

“This is the biggest secret of the Residence of Nine Supremes. Only those who are enlisted as the Nine Supremes are qualified to know about and possess this.”

“No matter where you are, as long as you have one last breath with you, you can communicate with each other this way.”

Yun Yang’s voice sounded distant.

“This is the Residence of Nine Supremes’ best-kept secret - it mustn’t be disclosed!”

Then, he fell silent.

However, the few lines he has spoken had still stirred a massive whirlpool in the eight men that took a long time to be calmed down - the Residence of Nine Supremes actually possessed such an ability that was almost logic-defying! One could contact and communicate with each other at any time! It was devastatingly amazing!

One must know that the biggest challenge of roaming the martial world now was the issue of communication unless one was in the upper-class Celestial Luck Banner schools; even then, it was only a slim possibility for the central top management to be qualified to use the messenger jade to exchange intelligence. To reach the stage where one could simply use the messenger jade, one had to, at least, come to the level of the Eastern Celestial Court. As for any level lower than that, they might not even be able to afford a piece of the messenger jade, or worse, they did not even have the cultivation base to operate the jade.

Such an issue that was deemed unsolvable had been easily resolved by the Residence of Nine Supremes, a sect that had never possessed the lower class Celestial Luck Banner. There was no struggle involved in the solution. How was this only logic-defying? It was…

No one had any idea on how they could put their amazement into words. It was crazy anyway - it was wondrous, it was inhuman!

They could now contact each other, even if they were thousands of miles apart and there was no need to exert any spiritual force. It was a luxury that they could actually chat whenever they wanted to! What a delight!

Nevertheless, more surprises awaited, knocking the newly appointed Nine Supremes off their feet.

Before they could truly collect themselves from the excitement, all of them realized with astonishment that their cultivation base seemed to have grown, by a big leap! In descending order from Shi Wuchen, everyone had basically just broken through to third level Saint, but now, they had explosively improved to the third level pinnacle together!

The progress was baffling and rather stupefying.

Since the start of time, there had never been something so rare and absurd as this!

When one’s cultivation base came to a certain level, one would need to spend several times more effort and time to achieve further advancement, compared to prior attempts. This was especially true for people like Shi Wuchen and friends who had gotten to the Saint-level at such a young age; they had to depend on the painstaking accumulation of years and toiling in order to ascend another level in the future.

Three to five years would be a godly speed, while ten years or fewer deemed one a genius. It was normal for one to achieve a breakthrough after thirty years of work. Who could guess that one needed only an hour in the Residence of Nine Supremes to complete what was mentioned?

Even when all of them knew that the sudden escalation of their cultivation base was probably due to the connection of their deific consciousness and soul to the mystical amethyst podium as newly appointed Nine Supremes, that it was a benefit gained from the bountiful amethyst Qi, the fact was still shocking.

Shi Wuchen attempted a cough with the method Yun Yang had taught.

“Cough - cough!”

Then, a series of protests flowed out.

“Yituo, what are you barking at! Are you crazy?”

“Yeah, what are you coughing for? You scared the hell out of your father!”

“Shut the f*ck up if you have nothing to say.”

“May I ask if the newly decorated Second Elder Brother has any instructions?”

Finally, someone sensible had spoken! It was Kong Luoyue.

“Apple polisher!”

“Apple polisher!”

“Apple polisher!”

“Kong Luoyue, you shameless polisher! How come your father never knew that you’re actually this type of person?”

“You pandering trash - your father is ashamed to be teamed up with you!”

Shi Wuchen scoffed and said, “Quiet. I’m going to speak of something serious; this is not in jest. You’ve heard what boss said earlier. I don’t wish to see this secret being known by someone aside from the nine of us. This is a real issue. We must strictly commit it to our hearts.”

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