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I Am Supreme (Web Novel) - Chapter 983 - The Qi of Dao

Chapter 983: The Qi of Dao

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The remaining seven men fell silent.

Shi Wuchen spoke, “Boss didn’t want to say it out loud earlier, but can’t you fellows catch what he meant? Keeping a secret may hurt our two other brothers, but it may turn out to be even more detrimental if we tell them. Haven’t you all figured this out?”

The others sighed in unison after a moment of silence. Shi Wuchen was right. His words were blunt, but his reasoning was sharp. If they had disclosed this secret, it would indeed be hurtful to Ping Xiaoyi and Guo Nuanyang; everyone possessed such a right, but not the two of them…

“We can think about how we can compensate Xiaoyi and Nuanyang from other aspects, or at least pull them up in terms of cultivation base. We should keep our brothers in mind during this time, put ourselves in their shoes and ponder, not blindly insisting upon martial world justice. Justice and brotherhood are not embodied this way,” Shi Wuchen said this as a matter of fact.

Esteem and respect filled the other seven men as they replied simultaneously, “Second Elder Brother is right.”

Shi Wuchen nodded and said nothing more. Then, he heard Yun Yang’s voice.


The named man hummed, carefully sensing the interaction.

“I’m only speaking to you alone, the rest can’t hear us,” said Yun Yang, “Don’t make a sound, lest we’re exposed.”

Shi Wuchen nodded, his astonishment heightened. He did not know that communication could be done in an even more personalized approach.

“My understanding of the Demiurge-Flawed Ten is rather limited. It basically comes from your introduction,” said Yun Yang, “As such, the brothers’ emotions, mood, relationships, and daily interaction will need your attention in the future.”

“I hope that I can share a lifetime of brotherhood with all of you, not just a temporary collaboration.”

Yun Yang continued. “Wuchen, your task is incredibly difficult. It is a significant undertaking.”

There was nothing but a massive sense of responsibility that Shi Wuchen felt had been loaded on him, on his heart, on his being; for a moment, he felt heavy, saying, “Don’t worry, boss. Our brothers will remain united with me, Shi Wuchen, here!”

“I’m relieved then.”

Yun Yang added. “Whatever you encounter in the future, think more about the brothers, especially everyone’s feelings. You don’t only have the sword, you have us. Don’t ever forget this…”

“I understand, I won’t forget it,” Shi Wuchen promised in earnest.

Yun Yang ended the conversation then, the lurking weight in his heart was finally, slightly, alleviated.

According to Dong Qitian, Shi Wuchen had only started to go astray now. There was still a substantial distance to the so-called path of no return of the sword demon, where he would see nothing except for his sword. If he went on the journey, there was surely one day that he would walk this road alone.

Nonetheless, if he was assigned to the duty of the brothers’ feelings, to be engaged with their relationship, from now on, he would hardly be alone. It would then be a challenge even if he wanted to see nothing but the sword.

He, Shi Wuchen, was the Second Supreme, the second leading figure in the Residence of Nine Supremes anyway. Who else to undertake this major mission if not him?

As long as he was bound to the brotherhood, this connection could hardly be severed in Shi Wuchen’s future path, even if he wanted to cut off all ties!

Dong Qitian, who was still in the Residence of Nine Supremes, felt a subtle disruption in the field of spiritual Qi. The originally intense spiritual Qi atmosphere had intensified one again! There were even strands of amethyst Qi that was drifting and flowing in the air within the Residence of Nine Supremes now.

Although the energy was weak, almost undetectable, the magnificent Qi of Dao was undoubtedly there. Dong Qitian, a skilled master, was able to see it.

Delighted by what he saw, Dong Qitian adjusted his divine senses with the intention to observe and study the energy only to feel that the faint amethyst Qi had only streamed for an instant before it slowly dissipated and vanished.

In spite of this, Dong Qitian stumbled upon another shocking reality. The amethyst Qi was fixed - however many people there were in the Residence of Nine Supremes currently, the amount of amethyst Qi would be reflected accordingly.

Each sliver of amethyst Qi had accurately found one individual and slipped into the person without a trace.

Countless disciples in the Residence of Nine Supremes felt nothing. At most, they felt quite refreshed, not knowing how it came to be. Yet, all the ace cultivators felt as if a huge bell had been tolled within them, the tremor of surprise cascading internally.

What had happened?

Among all, Dong Qitian was the one who felt the most pronounced impact.

He was acutely aware of how much his meridians and bones had been soothed, the impurities that had clogged his meridians after so many years were gently shaken apart by the entrance of the amethyst Qi. His cultivation base took a small step forward due to the energy as well.

Given Dong Qitian’s actual cultivation base, this small step forward was basically a decade of wholehearted cultivation by the Demiurge-Flawed Ten. It was not as small as it sounded at all.

“This is a sect that has just been erected without the Celestial Luck Banner’s providence. How can it possess the Qi of Dao?”

Close to collapsing onto the floor, Dong Qitian was greatly surprised.

“This aura belongs to, at the very least, a palace level sect… No, even a palace standard school won’t have it…”

His divine senses spread instantly, engulfing the whole Residence of Nine Supremes with the intention to clarify the situation. Once he did, he was astounded again.

Under his observation of deific consciousness, it was crystal clear to his senses that the strands of Qi of Dao were slowly seeping into each child in the sect. Simply put, the seed of Dao had been individually planted within these children from the beginning of this moment!

Whether it could grow in the future was dependent on their personal destiny, but the seed was there regardless! This fact, alone, was already throwing all the other schools’ disciples far behind their back. The seed of Dao was never something one could easily obtain…

Those who were fated went through hardships and hundreds and thousands of years of cultivation; they went against all odds before they had the opportunity to seize a sliver of the Qi from the heaven’s providence and develop into the powerful presences they were.

Perhaps, it could be put this way. One might not become the master of this world with the seed of Dao but without the seed of Dao, it was impossible for it to even happen. This was how absolute it was!

In spite of this, the disciples of the Residence of Nine Supremes had gotten hold of the bounty so easily!

As Dong Qitian was still immersed in this shocking revelation, the Qi of Dao was rapidly entering each individual and melting into their bodies, vanishing without a trace after that. The tidal waves of awe and astonishment within the former, however, grew more massive by the second.

He could not help asking himself.

“I was imprisoned for four thousand years only to witness the birth of such a sect once I was released. Is this heaven’s intention or a man-made encounter? Will it be a challenge or simply good providence?”

“There’s never been a sect like this since the start of time!”

“Several thousand disciples who possess the seed of Dao! How heaven defying is the structure of this school?”

“Is it by luck that I could stand my place in a sect like this, or is it my destiny?”

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