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I Am Supreme (Web Novel) - Chapter 984 - Yun Yang’s Disciples

Chapter 984: Yun Yang’s Disciples

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On the other side, the Heaven Sword and Earth Saber elders had not stepped out of the door for days, fully concentrated on recuperation. After all, it was Yun Yang’s Residence of Nine Supremes and they were not members of it; it would be awkward if they knew too much.

In spite of this, Li Yixin’s originally life-threatening state had been stabilized with a certain degree of success during the period of time he spent resting in the sect. A big part of it was thanks to Song Changgong’s unceasing treatment, delivering energy to Li Yixin’s frail body day and night, but the geographical advantage reaped from the Residence of Nine Supremes was also a vital factor.

This was because Li Yixin’s current state vaguely showed signs of recovering and this was definitely not the doing of Song Changgong’s efforts. For now, there were only hints, but it was still a good sign. Both elders were delighted.

No matter how Li Yixin said that he could accept the coming of the end, no one would rather die if they could stay alive.

Today, when the Nine Supremes claimed their standings, both of them were shocked to sense the arrival of the force of Dao! Moreover, the force had slipped into their bodies uncontrollably.

Li Yixin’s withered body shuddered upon receiving the strand of Qi of Dao; he instantly opened his eyes to ask, “Big brother… have you felt it?”

A glint that had long left his eyes sparkled again, a sharp glow flashed when he had opened them. Despite the instantaneous blink, there was truly a gleam.

Sighing softly, Li Yixin continued. “Big brother, you won’t have to deliver mystical Qi to me in at least half a year with this opportunity that we have encountered today…”

“How - what has happened?” Words tumbled out of Song Changgong, who was somewhat surprised.

Li Yixin wore a faint smile as he said calmly, “Big brother… it means significantly that we could be here coincidentally and share this glorious chance. There’s no need to pursue the cause and effect involved, it’s better not to know anything.”

“Will you speak of it if the commerce league asks about it in the future?” he said slowly.

Song Changgong laughed. “You’re right, my brother. It’s better not to know anything.”

He then closed his eyes and concentrated in cultivating and recuperating; his plan to head out earlier had been thoroughly eliminated.

As the leader of the Residence of Nine Supremes, Yun Yang could distinctly feel the connection between the nine mountains and the union of the land. There were some changes to the mountain guarding formation as well. Whilst the spiritual Qi turned more concentrated, the intangible image of the Celestial Luck Banner popped out from him.

Yun Yang wrote the Residence of Nine Supremes on the abstract flag seriously. What followed after was Supreme Yun Yang and the Supremes of the other eight peaks, Shi Wuchen, Luo Dajiang… It was determined that they would participate in the Celestial Luck Banner contest five months and twenty-seven days later.

He then filled up the address and located the land before he made a cut on his left hand and sprinkled a spattering of blood, charging his script with the crimson liquid.

The Celestial Luck Banner image glowed swiftly with a fiery radiance. With a soft swoosh, the words that were written vanished, and the flag returned to its originally airy form.

After a moment, the image of the banner changed again. Three big words slowly manifested in the air -”You are registered”.

Yun Yang stared at the print from the moment they appeared until they disappeared from his sight before he slowly stood up.

“I shall go take a look at my disciples.”

“The conquest has started!”

Each mountain was had been given ten children from the ninety-nine pupils who were selected, leaving nineteen more who, as expected, stayed at the main peak, to become Supreme Cloud’s protégés.

The disciples of the leading Supreme had to be of a higher number compared to the Supremes in other mountains; this was also the custom of sects and schools.

The nineteen children who were chosen to remain in the main mountain were currently lined up in order, nervously but excitedly waiting to meet the Leading Supreme who would also be their master.

As Yun Yang scanned the group, he was promptly taken aback.

These children… were excellent. It would not be an exaggeration to say that they were geniuses who were wonderfully gifted but they were simply too young! There were twelve boys and seven girls who made up the nineteen kids. Each of them had bright crystal-clear eyes and lasting Qi; although the weathered and suffering color left from their recent release from the human traffickers had yet to be washed off entirely, they were already changing; furthermore, the changing process was largely completed now.

A few children were already looking bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, adorable to look at.

From their appearance, all nineteen of the children were quite frail. They were looking up to Yun Yang with sparkly gazes that were brimming with anticipation and hope, as if they were gazing at the only deity in their life, with reverence and awe.

Yun Yang had only taken a glance at them before he turned and walked away immediately, feeling his temples throbbing. Oh no!

Standing by the side, proudly puffing his chest and round stomach, was Qian Duoduo. He minced over, licking his lips with a face that spelled rewards, saying, “Boss, I’ve carefully handpicked them for you this time. These nineteen children before us are crème of the crop, the best of the best…”

A wave of dull anger was already simmering within Yun Yang, but it bubbled even more now that he heard what Qian Duoduo said. Ultimately, he sighed powerlessly and asked, “Fatty, how old is the oldest among these nineteen young ones?”

“The oldest is only nine years old. This is the best time to train and cultivate their meridians and bones, guaranteeing them a bright future.”

“Okay. How old is the oldest among the pupils who were divided away?”

“Fourteen to fifteen years old. Very prodigious as well, but still lacking compared to the group you have here.”

“Fatty… This is the Central Peak…” Yun Yang looked at Little Fatty like he was looking at an idiot. “Do you know this?”

“I know. This is the Central Peak, that’s right,” chorused Fatty in confusion.

“The disciples in the Central Peak… There must be an eldest senior brother of the sect in the future no matter what… You do know this right?” Yun Yang had the sudden impulse to suck the fat out of this rotund fellow and light the lantern with it.

“Of course I do. This is a matter of course - how can I not know about it?” Little Fatty nodded, looking lost, unable to figure out Yun Yang’s reason for mentioning what he did.

“These pupils you’ve chosen for me are obviously younger than the others! How am I supposed to pick the Residence of Nine Supremes’ eldest senior brother?”

Yun Yang rubbed his temples and exploded abruptly. “Can you grow some brains? And some heart, while you’re at it?”

“Oh… I’ve forgotten this…”

“It’s secondary that they’re all so young. There’ll be room to adjust if this isn’t an urgent time but now… do you know what time it is? The Celestial Luck Banner contest is approaching, less than half a year now, and the Central Peak’s students must fight in the match… How else could they lead?”

Yun Yang glowered at Fatty like he was about to eat him. “Are you asking me to take this group of… babies to battle when the competition starts half a year later?”

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