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I Am Supreme (Web Novel) - Chapter 986 - This Is All Fated

Chapter 986: This Is All Fated

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“Young Yun, how did you do it? I don’t believe that these children are all geniuses who can absorb everything they’re given instantly!” Dong Qitian’s eyes almost bulged out of their sockets.

“This really isn’t my credit to claim. I have, at most, taught the cultivation methods and forms in as detailed and refined a manner as I possibly could. As for these children being able to improve so speedily and remember everything so well, it’s mainly due to their own hardships in the past and the overly massive pressure I’ve given them just now. This probably caused everyone to focus all their attention to absorb what’s being taught. This way, it’s impossible for them to forget what they are thought.”

Yun Yang spoke plainly like everything was logical and within reason, but he did not speak the entire truth.

The main factor that had contributed to this miracle was Emmie. Yun Yang had asked Emmie to identify each child’s talent and choose the most suitable foundational cultivation method for them in addition to pinpointing their individual characteristics for the skillsets congruous with them.

This alone had halved the effort and doubled the results. Furthermore, Emmie had quietly released psychic energy during the learning process to help the children memorize better. It aided the entire experience, enhancing their capabilities.

However, Emmie was Yun Yang’s biggest secret. It was inconvenient to disclose it to Dong Qitian.

“You can actually use the jade slip to record the information and transmit it directly to their minds. Won’t this save you more effort and time?” asked Dong Qitian.

“Saving time and effort usually means that the effect hardly reaches the optimum level. If I were to do that, their foundation wouldn’t be as secure. There’ll be a breach in their knowledge,” said Yun Yang, “If so, a preceding distinction is already there before they even reach the competitive level. The feeling that I want to give them now is each step forward that they take, they must exert all their strength to complete and achieve it. This way, the children will work harder without looking back.”

“Imprinting the jade slip with my deific consciousness and transferring it to their minds isn’t a suitable method for now. Currently, the most appropriate approach is to make them fight for the opportunity with their own effort…”

Yun Yang continued.

“Nothing comes without work in the Residence of Nine Supremes nor will there be any special attention given. They must get what they want with their own hard work. There’ll only be elimination waiting for those who don’t work for it or don’t work enough for it.”

Dong Qitian was silent.

Yun Yang’s approach was incredibly harsh and extreme, but the disciples who could take this system and survive it would only bear one goal in mind in the near future - to be number one!

In addition, everyone would be competing for the first place. In front of them, behind them, beside them, their peers would be as prideful and resilient as them. Even if one did not want to better himself, it would not be an easy feat under a competitive environment like this.

“Aren’t you worried that they’ll fight amongst themselves?” Dong Qitian asked suddenly, his question pointed directly to the crux of the matter.

“I’m not worried. It’s inevitable that a civil conflict will happen as this goes on, but when it comes to that time, I’ll just beat the dog before the lion!”

Yun Yang said faintly, “Raising the limitations and rules now won’t ever be as effective a warning than punishment during that moment.”

Silence enveloped Dong Qitian again. After a long, long time, he sighed softly. “I’d really like to see what it’ll become of the disciples taught and the sect developed this way ten years or a hundred years from now… whether it’s brilliant or withering…”

“I’d like to know too,” Yun Yang replied with a smile.

The nineteen children had already entered the practice room to concentrate on their training now. Each of them was cultivating and practicing in the most assiduous state; some were meditating, some were deep in thoughts with a frown, and some were running through the sets of techniques taught… There was only one aspect that was similar across the nineteen kids, that was everyone was giving it their all, no one was reserving even a single drop of effort.

This was obvious to anyone who was watching as well.

In less than an hour, the practice room’s floor was flooded with puddles of sweat.

Yun Yang watched them for another moment before he turned to leave without any comment. This action of his further added to the children’s pressure.

Qian Duoduo asked on the side, “Will this be too much? What if there are some… who can’t take this high pressure?”

Yun Yang turned to look at him weirdly and answered, “Then they’ll be eliminated… Why do we want those who can’t even handle this amount of stress? I’m recruiting disciples, I’m not babysitting.”

Chubby cheeks quivering, Qian Duoduo commented, “It’s too cruel… I’m lucky I’m not your pupil…”

Yun Yang snorted and squinted at him. “Majordomo Qian… on the day the Residence of Nine Supremes soars into the clouds and takes the Bound of Universe by storm when the Nine Supremes’ cultivation base has transcended average to become godly… If your cultivation base remains the same and can’t keep up, majordomo, you understand what will happen.”

Little Fatty paled instantly. “Big brother, let’s not joke about this…”

“Joke? Do you think I’m joking with you? When it comes to then, even if I don’t sack you, do you think you can still go on? If the cultivation base of the youngest generation of disciples surpasses yours… what face do you have to be the Residence of Nine Supremes’ majordomo then?”

Yun Yang gave him a withering glance and said no more.

What he said forced Little Fatty to think deeply, so much so that he looked terribly nervous.

“That’s right. When the time does come… how can I still take the position as the majordomo? No way, I must cultivate with whatever time I have now. Even if I can’t become the best, I can’t lag too far behind!”

“Still, even if you train them under this high pressure, the Residence of Nine Supremes simply cannot prepare in time for the Celestial Luck Banner contest half a year later.”

Dong Qitian asked, “Do you have other plans?”

“Why won’t we be in time? I’ve chosen to establish the sect at this time exactly for this flag match and to acquire the Celestial Luck Banner,” Yun Yang sighed gently, looking at the spiritual Qi whirlwinds in the Residence of Nine Supremes that had become more concentrated, “I’ll need Elder Dong to refine the medicinal pills that could elevate one’s cultivation base a month later.”

“Sure,” agreed Dong Qitian easily with interest twinkling in his eyes.

Of course, Yun Yang had won the bet he had made with Jiang Luoluo.

After the meet, Jiang Luoluo actually came personally to Yun Yang to congratulate him.

“Congratulations, big brother. You’ve won our bet.”

The corners of Yun Yang’s lips twitched. He wore a friendly smile. “Win or lose, it’s just a game, but as the first family member of the Residence of Nine Supremes, Luoluo, this big brother has a meeting gift for you…”

“I want the Celestial Amethyst!” Jiang Luoluo was ecstatic.

Yun Yang was speechless. He had wanted to give her the Celestial Amethyst as their meeting gift; it would be her prize if she had won while his present to her if she had lost - why would she specifically ask for it despite losing?

Luo Dajiang, who was standing aside, was quiet.

As Yun Yang gave the crystal away, he could not help sighing, “Dajiang, you’re down to earth and honest, but finding yourself a wife like this, you will never suffer a loss in this lifetime…”

Luo Dajiang hummed and answered, “Boss… this is all fated.”

A bark of laughter escaped Yun Yang, wiping away his frustrations.

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