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Chapter 8 - Losing Recognition

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Losing Recognition

I recalled the words the goddess have said a while ago.

[Don’t worry. Even the lowest rank have its uses.]

I gulped my saliva.

What are you trying to do to me?..


Hesitantly, I’ll do it.

The anxiety keeps me from moving forward.


Gui~ tsu

One of the soldiers who were gathered earlier, pushed my back with back of his sword’s sheath.

[Do you want to die?]

No good.

I can’t escape.


Such a thing…

I have a bad feeling about this.

But in this situation, resistance is impossible.

I was taken by the soldiers.

To the center of the magic circle.

I called out to the goddess.

[Um, Goddess-sama.]



I’m still not through yet.

We’re in front of everyone, there’s probably no reason to react like that.

[What’s going to happen? Why am I called first?]

[Touka Mimori. You are the lowest ranked hero in 2-C.]

I’ve heard that a while ago.

You’re the only E-Rank hero, right?

[Even back in the past, the lowest ranked heroes have never been useful… usually they’re the one pulling the legs of the senior heroes. So, the heroes who are E-Ranks, even the ones before–]

The eyes of the goddess drew a mysterious arc.

[-will be disposed of.]



Disposal, is it?

[But, if you were suddenly disposed of on the spot, you would be shocked to see a scene where there are other related summoned ones who would be disposed of too. Unexpectedly, the shock that would happen that time would be dragged for a long time~. To avoid that, I had moved him to a castle person and then killed him… There was even a case where it was leaked to the senior heroes and gave up. So we–]

The goddess of mercy opened her arms wide.

[I’ve decided to give the lowest rank hero a chance to come back!]

Another chance?

[Wh, What do you mean?]

[The transfer magic there, the lowest ranked rank hero will use that to a certain ruin.]


[If you live and managed to go out of the ruins we were transferring you to, we have an agreement that we won’t interfere anymore. Alion gives him the right to live freely.] (T/N: アライオン. not sure about this Alion.)

[I- Is it a dangerous ruins?]

[Dunno? Do I have to answer? Just that, most of the sinners that were judged to be of high risk in the past have been sent to the ruins~]

F**k off!

Isn’t that like the answer have been set already?

In short,

It’s a place where you can’t get out alive.

A disposal site.

No one have to carry out the death penalty by hand.

You don’t have to process the corpse.

They’ll handle everything in the ruins that I’ll go to.

Probably a monster like that three-eyed wolf.

[So, well then~ let me tell you the name of that ruins. It’s name is also known as–]

The goddess’ mouth spoke out the name.

[Disposal Ruins]

I find myself drooping.

I squeezed my fists.

What the heck is that.



It;s a shame.

I noticed.

The hope of a new chance.

Or, just a glimpse of that hope.

That’s right.

This might be helpful.



[I have something to tell!]

[Eh? What happened?]

[Um– I seem to have that <personal skill> that are usable!]

Pori pori~…………….

The goddess who scratches her forehead.



That thin reaction…..

[So what?]

[I have a <personal skill> that are usable in the status menu! Isn’t that amazing!?]

[If it’s a A-Rank skill or better.]

[My skill is <Abnormal State Endownment>! I seem to be able to grant paralysis or poison-]

[Huh…….. so, is that it?]

A goddess with a disgusted face.

[In this world, the skills in the system of state abnormalities is not worth it’s existence.]

My time has stopped.


The worth of existence is none?

[First of all, the overall success rate is too low. Far from intermediate ranked monsters, even on lower ranked monsters , they rarely succeed. Even if it succeeds, the effect is thin and the duration is too short. Even in the past, there are no exceptions.]

[Th- That’s…]

[In other words, that skills of yours is in the failure frame.]

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