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Chapter 9 - It was as expected

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It was as expected

The goddess dully rubbed her hair.

[And I think it’s because you’re E-Rank, you’re too low in status… Even if your level goes up,you will not be able to expect a growth to your numbers hopelessly. If you’re not good at it, then the growth rate may even be less than an average person.


What is a hero?

I was summoned without permission,

Being made into a hero without permission,

Then disposing me without permission?

[E- Even so!? It’s too much to suddenly be discarded–]


What interrupted my words was a loud clicking of the tongue.

[You’re one unsightly guy.]

The one clicking his tongue is Kirihara.

[Don’t waste my precious time of my life. Good grief… Even though I usually handle it with care.]

Kirihara sighed with irritation.

[I mean, that’s enough… Just finish this already. Everyone’s waiting for this to end. Especially, the girls looks tired. It looks pitiful.]

One of the girls brightened.

[Ki, Kirihara-kun–]

Another girl follows up.

[Oh my! You’re really kind!]

[That’s right!]

[I mean, I can’t read the air too much, but Kirihara-kun is too caring!]

[On the contrary, you Mimori! What’s your problem!? Read the mood, will you!?]

[He’s the air himself, so he can’t read the air or anything.]

[Pukuku~! Now that’s you’ve said it, you’re right! That’s funny~!]

[Stop your tirivial arguing already!] (T/N: not sure here)

[Just quickly end it!]

[I’m tired already!]

[Annoying! Give it up already!]

The boys started cause a fuss.

Oyamada is grinning.

At that time, a boy walked up.

Yasu Tomohiro.

His face is showing sympathy.

When he came to me, Yasu put his hand on my shoulder.

[Are you all right, Mimori?]

[Ya, Yasu–]


Suddenly, Yasu face looks like he’s hurt.

[Oi Oi Mimori, are you sure you’re okay? What are you talking about? For God’s sake, pull yourself together!]

[Eh? What are you–]

[Yasu– is it? You’re just a lowly E-Rank, you have to be respectful to this A-Rank me.]

The sympathy on Yasu’s face disappeared.

The expression that appeared instead.

That is,

An overwhelming sense of superiority.


When was it?

On that day, I happened to witness Yasu being bashed by Oyamada.

Oyamada spat on Yasu and was just about to leave.

Yasu was covered in dirt.

I thought, it was too much.

That’s why I took the courage and spoke to Yasu.

[With the exception of Zakurogi, you should consult a teacher or someone better than that.]


[I’ll go out with you, too. As expected, Oyamada is already overdoing it. Oyamada is scary, but I’m also irritated with this mess.]

It’s per as usual, it may be bad to retaliate against Oyamada without clearly knowing his faults.

However, we didn’t expect Oyamada’s actions.

I reached out my hand to Yasu.

I wanted to help him stand up.

[Let’s make a decision together, Yasu.]

However, Yasu-

[Why are you!?]

Suddenly, I got indignant and took my hand off.

[You are not looking down at me, Mimori!]

Yasu is raging.


I was bewildered.

[Don’t tell me, you think you’re better than me!? Don’t underestimate me! At least I’m better than you!]

At this time, Yasu told me that.

I’m just air.

A mob.

From the top.

To the bottom.

I thought there was no way.

But it’s not.

Because nothing changes whether you are there or not.

Being disregarded.

Being behind the curtains.

But, Yasu was different.

He was a guy who thought very much about who is at the top and the bottom.

[You’re nothing! You’re not up there! That’s why don’t you dare have sympathy on me without permission! You’re annoying, Mimori! Die! Go away!]

From this time, I might have become a little conscious.

Of the ranking order.


Yasu brought his face closer.

[It was as expected.]

There’s a tinge hidden in Yasu’s voice.

[I knew that, didn’t I? I thought it would turn around someday. The idiots in this class, by the time I got out of a top university, get a job at a top-notch company and my life is on the path to success, I’m sure at least more than half of them should be ranked below me~ Because they’re idiots who can only live at the moment, you know?]

It’s like another person.


Is this the real Yasu Tomohiro?

[ You’re annoying, Mimori! Die! Go away!]

That form that I’ve only seen once in the past.

Was that the true “Yasu Tomohiro” after all?

[Oyamada is as expected, but Kirihara is no good either. Too much tone. Too much confidence. That’s what good people are like, but I just want you to suffer as much as possible~ Well, it’s good that there’s Ayaka, Hijiri and Itsuki. The rest is garbage. Their ranking is too low.]

The way he called Sogou and the Takao sisters have changed.



“Takao elder sister-san” (T/N: Takao no ne-san)

“Takao litter sister-san” (T/N: Takao no imouto-san)

Timidly, he called them as such.

[Ah~ I feel so much better~]

Yasu turns his back to me and flutters his hand.

[Then, live with your hardest in this short time that you’re going to live, Disposal Hero-kun.]

I was speechless.


I wanted to convey them about the joy overflowing of Yasu right now.

But, I can’t tell it to my other classmates.

However, Mimori Touka will die anyway.

The existence that will soon disappear from this place.

There is no problem even if anything is confessed to the E-Rank hero who will soon to be discarded.

It’s no use even if I howl here.

No use saying anything.

It will only be laughed at as the howling of the loser.

I was used.

As an outlet for his low self-esteem.

[What are you trying to say, Yasu~?]

Oyamada listens while looking down on me, a grin right on his face.

[That’s no good… I went to listen to his last words with at least my sympathy, but that Mimori Touka was an idiot who I couldn’t save anymore… Even if he have ears, he won’t hear me.]

Yasu arranged his lies calmly.



What the heck.

What the heck is going on?

What the heck did I do?




Lots of emotions gather within me.

The goddess extends her arms to the magic circle.

[Well then, let’s start the ritual.]

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